Dec 29, 2007

The Honeymoon Package - Chonda Pierce

Three Little Pigs...a lesson

I found this YouTube video by Chonda Pierce. All of her comedy is funny but I really thought this one was great! You have to watch the other video titled "My Mother Scares Me" before watching the following one. You can find both of these videos by clicking on the following link. Good stuff, funny stuff! Hope it lifts your spirit!

Dec 27, 2007

Jaron's toothless smile!

If you read my last post then you know
that on Christmas Eve Jaron lost
his 2nd top front tooth.

Just wanted to share Jaron's toothless smile!
Do you remember your toothless smile?
A proud moment for him and a sign that
things are beginning to change...

Dec 26, 2007

T'was the day after Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse...(better not be). AHHH quiet....the last 3 days have been nonstop activity in the Kelly house! It started Christmas eve..actually a few weeks before but it got worse that night. The anticipation of Santa coming...yes we do Santa but our kids know that Christmas is about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

The boys played games of all sorts that night while Sara crashed at 6:30 pm. I baked out birthday cake for Jesus while we enjoyed watching the Christmas Eve service at Venice A/G ( ). What a blessing it was to be able to worship from afar with cherished friends in Venice from here in Illinois via the internet! What a blessing the internet can be! When Sean finally got home from working we got the boys in bed and just as "Santa" began unpacking the gifts who should appear in the doorway...nope it wasn't 8 tiny was our Sara who thought she heard Santa come in the door.

Needless to say we finally convinced her to head back to bed and we finished playing Santa by 2:30 am. Sean in his pj's (t-shirt) and I in my gown had just settled down for a short winters nap when what do my tired ears hear....two little boys trying to sneak into the living room! Ahh mom has great ears...go back to bed boys...(4:00am) by 6 am the boys were back to so tired was finally able to get to that shorter winters nap.

At 7:30 I hear two little boys plea but, "The sun is up can we please!" I just chuckle and say go wake your dad and by 8 all 4 were ready to to see all that Santa had left under our tree. But before we do Daddy gets his Bible and we read the true Christmas story of Jesus' birth. Then the kids tear into the gifts. Smiles, laughter, screaming "look what I got!" was heard through the mom and dad wished for our soft pillows and heavy quilt to take us back to that winter's nap.

The kids had a great time. The boys room has been officially "Transformed" with Transformer posters and bedding as well has many Transformer toys...thank you Granma Dede and MacMac. Sara now has a beautiful pink plaid comforter and lots of dollies, ponies and things to go with, oh and her Princess dress up clothes (thank you Dede & MacMac). They were showered with gifts from Florida and NY (thank you Nannie and Aunt Michele& Uncle Joe). They got everything they asked for and then some. Thankfully they all only really wanted one special gift.... Sara - a new baby, Eli - Yellowbee (Bumblebee Transformer), Kris - a orange robot, and Jaron - UB Funkeys game set. Made our Christmas shopping so much easier!

As for Sean and I, we didn't ask for gifts. Sean purchased us a nice camera and that was to be it. But naturally we gave each other a few small things. The kids and I gave Sean a large thermos for work...he needs his coffee when he does those overnight shifts, and a Work Hard Pray Harder t-shirt. Sean and the kids gave me some nice perfume and some much needed make up. Good job Honey! Sean and I will celebrate 11 yrs of marriage on Jan 4th. His wedding band has broken too many times and I have wanted to get him a new one.

Thanks to my Mom and Dad, I have been able to do that this Christmas as well. I planned to wait till our anniversary but I just couldn't hold out. My grandma had a boyfriend of over 25 years, he went to be with the Lord in 1998. He is the only "grandfather" I knew from my mom's side. Anyway, mom knew how much I wanted to get Sean a ring and she just happened to have Bob's father's ring. She graciously got it sized and sent it to me to give to Sean. Sean I know will cherish it. It looks so good on his hand. I know he will wear it with pride and honor just as he has the ring I placed on his hand so many years ago. Thank you Mom and Dad! We love you!

The rest of the day on Christmas was spent burning the wrapping and making the dinner. Oh and we were so blessed by the church. They took up a Christmas offering for us. It was enough to take our kids to the movies and spend time doing something different as a family.

We do not go to the movies that often. Just to go to a matinee as we did yesterday (saw "Waterhorse"-great movie!) cost us $35 and that was without including any concessions. Sure wish we had a $2 movie place like we did in Morehead, KY! The movie was worth the money we spent, definately worth it! It's not a cartoon either and the twins, Eli and Sara who are only 3 loved it! They all did fantastic, it made us proud to take them out and they behaved so well!

Dec 21, 2007

Fashions by Sara

Today I just want to share some of Sara's favorite fashion outfits.
Yes she would go shopping in them and to school.
Sara's favorite past times are:
changing her outfits no less than 8 times a day
(sounds like Aunt Jeanette when she was little),
shopping for clothes or shoes,
playing dollies,
aggravating her brothers
and her latest fascination is learning how to cook
or helping mommy cook.

Enjoy the pictures!

Dec 18, 2007

Christmas Break starts early!

Today was suppose to be "my" big day! My day to just relax, get some much needed quiet time for me, a day of gift wrapping, studying for my big "preaching" moment on Sunday with Sean and talking with someone from the National Office about my ideas for clubs type activities for smaller churches.
No instead Sean and I were up at 3 am with Sara, she was burning up and crying her head & tummy hurts. Take her temp to find its at 102.1 UGH! Why does she have a fever?? She just finished her antibiotics of Zithromax??!! Not no more than 10 mins. later I find myself sitting in the bath room with the hot water on full steam ahead! Eli is up coughing uncontrollably. I immediately think croup and there
we sat for 15 minutes. I had to open a window and the door a few times. The moisture was just too much. But it helped, he stopped coughing and was able to breath better. After giving him some cough medicine so he could rest I was back to Sara. I ended up sleeping with her and Sean was with Eli in our bed.

Needless to say I barely got anything done. Thankfully they both slept in and Sara continued to run a low grade fever. Eli has not coughed all day well until tonight. No fever just a runny nose...he has gotten Sara's cold...just in time for Christmas! Sara on the other hand played all day like nothing was wrong but once again her temp went up tonight. I know enough that this must be viral cause she has some strong antibiotics in her system right now. We will see how she is and I may have to call the doctor tomorrow again.

I am proud to say I did get my part of the sermon for our Christmas Candle Light Service done!!! YEA! Or at least the rough draft. Now I can go back and fine tune it with the Holy Spirit's help! Maybe tomorrow I can get some wrapping done....yea right!

I was not able to talk with the Nat. Office person due to her illness. It has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Which is better for me, now I can spend the morning fine tuning what I want to share with them...hopefully.

This weekend will be busy for us. Not only has the kids Christmas break officially started tonight but so has the last minute Christmas rush events for church. Today our church assisted the school with their Christmas Basket give away. Sean made some great contacts with some needy families in our community. We hope that we can continue to minister to them this coming year! It is an honor that the school would allow us to help them with this endeavour. Friday we have our "Christmas Blessings Baskets" to assembly at church and then deliver on Sat. morning. We have as of right now 10 families we intend to bless but it seems like the list keeps growing. I believe we are prepared for at least 2 more families for a total of 12 this Christmas. Sunday is our main Christmas service. Both Sean and I will be preaching that morning. I am looking forward to it. I don't normally get to share in the main service and for Sean to allow me this honor is exciting and a bit nerve wracking. I believe I have a message from the Lord for our congregation, I only hope they receive what I bring forth with the Lord's help. Then of course we have any final preparations for our family Christmas. Sean has to work Sunday over night and then also Christmas eve. Thankfully he does get Christmas off so we will have fun that morning.

We so wanted to be in Florida for Christmas. We even were planning to surprise my family....surprise family!!! BUT with my impending knee surgery we decided it would be better to use Sean's paid vacation and sick days for that time. SORRY GUYS!

There are so many thoughts going through my head. So much has changed this past year. Last year was the first Christmas break we have spent with out my neice and nephew! It was so crazy last year, we were still unpacking and getting things moving around here that we didn't have time to really think about it. This year is different. Even Jaron asked me today what Kaelyn and Brock were doing for Christmas break. I always enjoyed having them with us. I will miss that a lot this year!

Then of course we have the New Year approaching. Can you believe its actually going to be 2008?! Man I remember when I was a teen and would think when its 2008 I will be turning ..... ok I am proud to say I will be turning 38 this next year. But where has time flown?? I mean honestly Sean I will celebrate 11 yrs of marriage Jan 4th. So much has happened since we got married. It's just mind boggling!

New Year's resolutions......another blog I think all in itself. If you have started thinking about yours...I hope at the top of your list is this:

1. Got to Church more
2. Make a real commitment to Christ
3. Draw closer to Him

As for me the third on this short list is my top priority as for the rest....I am still contemplating that. I'll get back to you on that!

Dec 16, 2007

It's beginning to look like Christmas...

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

We woke this morning to a beautiful
blanket of snow! Just over an inch an
most has already melted away.

Most Sunday mornings it takes us

forever to wake the kids and get them

ready for church. But this morning as

soon as we said "SNOW!" They were up and

getting dressed! They all enjoyed throwing

snow balls before heading to church.

For 4 Florida kids snow is better than an

ice cold popcicle on a hot day!

I took a few pictures before it started melting,


Ferret Fanatics

We have two wonderful little guys~even if they are theives!


These two are so much fun!

Woody and Uno.

Woody is 2 years old and is the dark one and Uno is 1 yrs
old and is the white. They have completely different
personalities. Woody is a rambunctious adventurer who

isn't afraid of anything or anyone. He loves to play hide and

seek with anything he can steal as well as play chase

with the kids. Many times the kids will chase him

and as soon as they stop he turns and attacks chasing

them right back down the hall.

Uno, is the more loving and quiet type. He loves to be held

and loved on. He also loves to play and hide under covers

or in my cabinets or under anything he can squeeze

his fat little body under. He too likes to play chase

with the kids but would much rather lay in your arms.

The other night we let them run free in the house and we

had so much fun watching and laughing at them. I am a

animal lover. If I could I would have two of everything; cats,

dogs, turtles, ferrets, birds, rabbits, ect... But I have to say

besides my love for dogs & cats, ferrets are my absolute favorite!

I would love to have another one to add to our family if I

only had a cage big enough to keep them from getting hurt.

Dec 4, 2007

Laughter and fun

Today was our women's ministries luncheon. We had a blast! Last year the ladies kidnapped me and took me to lunch with them. We had just moved from Florida and had only been here in IL for 3 days but here I was climbing into a van as snowflurries whirled around my head and I was freezing because I had no coat! This year was much different. Oh, I was still climbing into a van, literally, my poor knee was screaming the whole time. But as I looked up into the van that had 12 other women waiting for me I realized, "Wow, It's been a year!" Someone who had gone last year made that same comment as I was thinking it. Or at least a comment close to it.

So off we went 13 ladies, me sitting in the middle of the van able to hear and try to be part of the conversations going on in the back and in the front. The funny thing being a pastor's wife is that the women often times get real quiet when talking about the previous pastor or if they plan to attend another churches Christmas programs. I did my best to reassure them that Sean and I support what other churches are doing and that they should not be afraid to say they plan to attend another church for this program or whatever. We know they are faithful to our church and more importantly faithful to God.
So off we went, driving east towards KY. Yes, these ladies drive 1 1/2 hrs away for food. But boy is the fellowship fun. I brought along a Christmas song game, "Thanks Mom- It was hit!" We laughed and they were really good at getting me to slip and give them the answers! All well we still had fun.

Our destination was Patty's Settlement in Grand Rivers, KY. .

Each room is decorated in a different theme for Christmas. Beautiful!!!! I mean out of this world beautiful! I mean better than Disney at Christmas beautiful. Did I say it is beautiful?? Even better it is owned by a Christian family so there are lots of rooms centered around Christ! Plus the fun candy room, the Christmas fairy room and the Santa room. They have out of this world food and to die for desserts! They have this lemon merange pie (or lime, chocolate or cococut) and the merange stands 6 - 8 inches high! I am not kidding! You know the old Wendy's commerial, "Where's the Beef?" well with this pie you can say, "where's the custard?"

One of the women wanted to cut part of the topping off the pie and as she did it landed in her lap. Well if that wasn't funny enough, she then went to pick it up and it landed in/on her daughters purse! Oh we laughed so hard!!! We really had a good time talking and laughing at and with each other. As I sat with the ladies around this large oval shaped table I began to realize just how many of the m were related, whether by marriage or directly (mom/daughter, sisters, cousins) and I realized how much I wished my Mom or Sister could have been with us. Last year I felt like an outsider, I knew no one, had no idea what they expected of me as the PW and I was so full of emotions just from moving, the holiday season and honestly just plain tired. This year to be honest I still felt like an outsider. These women have either known each other all their lives, grown up together, went to school together or are family. Here I am the PW and I still don't feel like I click with these women as much as I wish I did. I am sure as time goes on that will change....or so I hope. Small towns like ours are tight knit and the women in those small town churches are even tighter. I do my best to be honest, open and giving. Maybe too much but that is who I am.
All in all we had a great time and everyone said they wished we had more time. The plan is to go out and do this more this coming year. I think the more we do it the more I might fit in...and if I don't that's ok too.

Nov 30, 2007


Have you ever had times when it seems like a million
thoughts go through your head and then you can't seem
to focus on anything. That has been my week.
So many things to think about, plan, wonder about.
Being a pastor's wife can be sometimes just overwhelming.
Not only do I have to pressures of being a wife and mom but
then you throw in all that comes with ministry and it
can become overwhelming. Thankfully I have a wonderful
husband who understands that.
The week after Thanksgiving and already it seems like
we are on the count down, which by the way if you want
to know exactly how much time we have till Christmas
is here check this out:
Thankfully I am done shopping for the kids and Sean.
Just have to get a few stocking stuffers and wrapping paper.
So now I can focus or so I thought earlier this week.
I am now faced with the impending knee surgery that will
inevitably take away my freedom to go anywhere. Thankfully
our church sits right next to our home. Otherwise I might go stir crazy.
I still might! There are numerous scriptures that say, Rest in the Lord.
Maybe just maybe this is His way of getting me to do that! focus this season is all about my family...celebrating
the real reason of Christmas and enjoying the freedom I am blessed with
right now, despite how limited that may be. What is your focus on this season?

Nov 26, 2007


Ahhh its good to be home! I love going on little getaway adventures! Specially when I get to visit my best friends! Thanksgiving day when Sean got home from work we packed up the kids and the dog and head to KY. I love KY! I do I admit it! I long to have a home in the country with at least 2 acres of land and a small little farm. I would love to be able to raise chickens and get fresh eggs every day. I know it sounds crazy me being a Florida beach girl but I do long to have this for my family.

We traveled 5 hours to Mt Sterling to visit our dear friends Mike, Marty, and their kids Jay and Lucy. Our kids love to play with them. Kris and Jay are best buddies and both will say when can we see each other as soon as they are apart. Sara loves to play with Lucy! The girls love to play dress up and play ponies together. What is neat about this is that Jay and Lucy both are special kids with special needs. They both deal with Sensory Issues just like our Kris.

Then it was off to release balloons for SeanPatrick. It was nice to do this once again from the cemetery. For our kids to understand that they have an older brother is important to us. What is neat is that this week has been a week of being grateful for what God has blessed us with. Jaron and I realized this week for the first time while looking at pictures of his big brother that he and SeanPatrick have the same ears. Jaron was so excited about this fact. It seemed to make his brother real to him.

From there we went out to see my uncles. My aunts had gone to Bingo...a favorite past time with them. It was so good to see my Uncle Dale and Uncle Bob. Although my Uncle Bob was a bit over taken by the kids. My kids get so excited about visiting new place. It's really hard on Kristofer because he doesn't know how to calm himself in new places. He really has a difficult time and this one wasn't any easier. We didn't stay long but they sure did fall in love with Uncle Dale. My Aunt Linda raises chickens. She has some beautiful ones. The kids fell in love with them and begged me to let them have some chickens of their own.

We stayed over night with some dear friends, Earl & Carla. They got to see Kris as well as the other 3 in their full hyperactive mode. I was so stressed and Carla was so calm. I know they had to drive her crazy. We had a great time visiting with them. The kids enjoyed getting to see all of the different things Earl has caught during his hunting trips. Earl even blessed us with a nice pancake, eggs and deer loaf for breakfast. What is deer loaf you might ask?! Well it deer meat, cheese, mushrooms all wrapped in biscuits baked in the oven. It was really good! I personally have a hard time eating deer, they are too beautiful. But I think cows are just as beautiful but I can eat a nice cheeseburger or steak anytime! I know its a mental thing....or at least I think it is.

Then we took the scenic route but eventually ended our trip at Elaine and Tim's place. It was such a nice treat to get to spend time with them! I think the next time we will make our trip start at their place! I wanted to spend more time with them than we could. They blessed us with dinner and the kids had a grand time playing with Josiah and Sam. Sara was taken with Kayla. She asked if we could have a baby sister as we drove home..... nice thought but not possible.

I love my friends! I love that we live so much closer now! Marty, Mike and Elaine are all college friends. Elaine and Marty were college roomies with me. We had so much fun living together. Not always, I remember Elaine and I really getting into a heated argument. But when it came time to decide who would stand up for us on our wedding day these three were at the top of the list! My sister was always at the top and not because she is my sister! I would not have it any other way. We also had my baby brother Bryan, Sean's brother Eugene, and my other best friend, Leah. Leah was my first roommate! Boy do we have memories! Then she became my sister n law. Not sure how that happened, God had plans I never even thought of but I sure am glad she is part of my family!

Nov 22, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday My Little Angel!

SeanPatrick Eugene Kelly
Nov 22, 1997
Born Quietly

Ten years ago today we were blessed with a precious little angel. For 9 months he kept us on our toes. Growing strong in the safety of his womb.
Laying gently in God's hands. He was a very energetic baby. We remember how he would respond to Sean's voice. It didn't matter if Daddy was singing praises to God or preaching to college students, if SeanPatrick heard his Daddy's voice he would start dancing and my bladder was the brunt of the attack. I remember distinctly one night while at Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship on the campus of Morehead State University, during our weekly service that He was very active.
It was almost as if he was shouting "amen, you go dad!"
He was a surprise to us not an accident as many would say! He surprised us with his presence just 3 months after we got married. Nine months later on a cold early morning my water broke startling me awake. I called Mom to let them know that my water broke and that I was waking up Sean and would be on our way to the hospital. I felt something was wrong but wasn't sure what. I just asked God to help me calm my fears, I thought it was just nerves. I remember as clear as day God ask me, "Do you trust Me?" I naturally said, "Yes!" Little did I know how my life would change that day. When we got to the hospital the nurse could not find his heart beat, something that had happened before. But the ultra sound confirmed our greatest fears. SeanPatrick was born quiet, with all ten toes and fingers and a head full of hair. His hair was so long we could make a pony tail with it and his hair was past his little sleeper collar. He was a beautiful baby. Whole and perfect! We learned later, that SeanPatrick was a gymnast. He had gotten tied up, around his small neck with the cord. I was told the cord was extremely short. When Kristofer was born he also had the cord wrapped around his neck and I was told then that it was a long cord.
The days that followed were a blur of emotion. Our dear friends, Pastor Gary & Rhonda Gray and Christy Cain wrote a special song for us to play at the funeral. Here is a copy of the lyrics from that song:

We Place You in His Hands

Tiny life so fragile, sent to earth from heaven's gate
Blessed our lives for just a little while,
a testimony of His grace
No harsh words were ever spoken, to dim your precious brow
We know you're in the safest place, in the arms of Jesus now
We give you back to God, we place you in His hands

We place you in the hands of the Father above
Knowing He will keep you safe within His love
We place you in the hands that calms the raging waves
Knowing that He is still able to save
We give you back to God, we place you in His hands

Ten years later and the pain is still as raw and fresh every year his birthday rolls around. His life touched many and forever changed ours. Because of his death we know of at least 2 people that accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. His funeral was beautiful and all those in attendance will say God was there with us and so were His angels. The day of SeanPatrick's funeral was a cold dreary fall day. When we were at the grave site sitting up on a hill in Eastern Kentucky, we sat under a tent and under that tent the presence of God was so strong! When we played, " We Place You in His Hands" the clouds broke and the sun shined down on us and SeanPatrick. The wind stopped and all was quiet for the brief moment the song played. At the end of the song "We give you back to God, We place you in His hands" a mighty wind came and almost took the tent. It was like the rush of angels wings as they took flight! The clouds closed and the sun disappeared. Those in attendance talked about what took place for weeks afterwards. We have no doubt that God sent His angels to be with us and our family as we released our precious son into Jesus' hands!

We hang these pictures I have posted on our family wall along with his brothers and sister. Our other children know that they have a big brother in heaven watching out for them and one day, when Jesus returns we will be reunited with SeanPatrick.

Nov 18, 2007

What we are thankful for...

This week many families will gather together, eat lots of turkey and pumpkin pie and then either clean dishes, watch football or fall asleep on the couch. Many may go through the day and never stop and thank our Heavenly Father for what He has blessed them with. Not us! Thanksgiving is not about turkey or pumpkin pie. It's about being thankful for how God has blessed our family and being thankful that we live in America! This year we have alot to be thankful for here in our house. Last year at this time we were packing to move from Florida to Illinois. We really were not able to concentrate on being thankful, just packing and trying to spend our last moments making memories for our kids with their cousins, Aunts & Uncles and Grandparents. This year will be our first Thanksgiving alone as a family. It will be a little different for us this year. We will celebrate on Wed. night, eat turkey and celebrate Thanksgiving. Why Wed you might ask...well Sean has to work that morning and as soon as he gets home we will load up the van and travel to KY for a few days to spend time with family and friends. Mostly to go place flowers and release balloons to thank God for giving us our little angel SeanPatrick ten years ago.
Each year we have asked the kids to tell us what they are thankful for. This year is no different...

Sara is thankful for: Judah (our dog), her dollies, princess pillow and good food

Eli is thankful for: his toys and lollipops

Kristofer is thankful for: His dinosaurs, cookies, kitties,
his girlfriend ~ Koreena, his toy duck and soda pop

Jaron is thankful for: A supportive family, his bunny, for food in our cabinets, for the toys and bike God blessed him with this year and for all of his cousins

Top 10 things I am thankful for this year!
1. I am very thankful for my salvation and the freedom that comes from God!
2. I am very thankful to serve a loving God who knows where I
need to be and when!
3. For my wonderful and loving Husband~Sean
4. My kids~ Jaron, Kristofer, Eli, Sara and my angel SeanPatrick
5. A home to live in, food to eat and clothes to wear.
6. Having medical insurance that paid for my gall bladder surgery and that
same insurance that has paid for my PT for my knee.
7. For my family, my parents and siblings and their spouses
8. For my friends, far and near
9. For the freedom we have in America to worship my Heavenly Father
10. For my kids who love to sing praises to God
What are you thankful for this year?? Take time to thank God for all that He has blessed you with this year!

Nov 10, 2007

Is it over yet??!!

Finally the weekend is here. Kristofer finally is better! Eli went back to school on Thursday. Kris could have gone on Friday but the kids did not have school. Naturally Mom gets hit hard on Thursday morning! Thankfully Sean was home and could care for Kris and get the twins to school. By Thursday afternoon I felt a bit better but still pretty drained. Although now on Sat night I am not feeling well again. I am hoping its just something that will pass.
Tomorrow will be our church's Thanksgiving Dinner. I believe everyone is looking forward to it. It's hard to tell some times. In the last month our church family has dealt with two deaths. It has taken its toll on a few of the people. SO please keep our small church in prayer. I believe tomorrow will be a great day to worship our Lord and celebrate all of His goodness in our lives.
I will post more about what I wanted to share today about being truely thankful in a few days and something else God has been showing me about His awesome plan for our lives. I am a bit down. I am no longer able to go to PT due to the doctors prescription and insurance issues. I am continueing the exercises that she gave me though! The PT feels like I should have progressed much farther and due to my knee giving out three times last Friday, She feels that I may need to have surgery to correct what ever is wrong with it. UGH! I go back to see the Orthopedic Surgeon the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. I am believing for healing and know God has a plan. Sometimes its hard to see that plan when you are in pain when you try to walk or fearful your knee will give out at any moment.
God does have a plan though! I know He does! In fact I am sure of it! Would be nice to be told a hint of how this situation with my knee will come out though!

Nov 6, 2007

Tummy Troubles

Our house has been hit by tummy troubles. Last week Sara woke and was so sick. She couldn't keep anything donw or in. When you have 4 kids things pass through them quickly. So later that week Eli and Jaron came down with a tummy bug. Well poor Kristofer, who already has issues with pottying is now sick with the tummy bug and Eli has it to. I have bleached and lysoled every door knob, cleaned all sheets and have done everything I can to get the "bug" out of the house. Hopefully thistoo shall pass. I feel so helpless when the kids are sick. I would rather it be me than them.

Nov 4, 2007


I know what a strange title but today has been one of those days! First let me tell you I am so proud of my boys, they are finally learning to lift the seat and Sara and I do not have to sit on wet seats anymore! But when it's 3 am and you wake cause you drank 24 oz of water before bedtime sitting on a wet seat would be much better than sitting in the toilet! Yes we are starting to master lifting the seat in the Kelly houses but now comes the even harder part...put it back down at least in the middle of the night guys! Yes I ended up in the toilet...not a pretty sight I might add! Needless to say that is how my day started today.
Ok, can someone please tell me what the fascination is of putting objects that do not belong in the toilet?? In the last year here is what we have fished, pulled and snaked out of the toilet....
Play dough
small poly pocket dolls
wash clothes
under wear
a cup
a spoon
army guys
small stuffed bear
today's find a night time pull-up that was way down inside the drain!
What is it with kids and toilets. It takes many kids a long time to even get how you use it and then they start (if they hadn't already) clogging it up...ugh!!!!
To make it worse even if it won't flush they still use it and they don't tell you it won't go down till after they have left a huge mess for, you guessed it, Mom to clean up. UGH!!!
Today is definitely a "Calgon take me away" moment! All day I have fantasized of how I would love to spend a few days or even one day alone just soaking in a tub without little kids banging on the door! Oh how that would be so much fun! It reminds me of a wonderful Women's retreat I went on last year or was it a couple of years ago...nice big spa tub, no kids around, nice time of soaking and lots of bubbles and oh...laughter lots of laughter on my part and a huge mess to clean up with more laughter! Another story I will gladly share another time....

Nov 1, 2007

Man's Best Friend

Today is dedicated to the best dog in the world.

Katie Joy

Nov 1997 – Nov 2006

Katie was and will always be my dog! I do not believe in cloning of any thing but this is one friend I would love to have back. Just mentioning her name brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. She was my friend. She always knew if I wasn’t feeling well. She also seemed to know when I was pregnant with the kids. She would lay on or near my stomach as much as she could as if she protect the babies. I remember the day we brought her home from the pound. She was so small that she could sit in my palm. We had no idea who big or small she would be but we fell in love with her instantly. Katie became my baby and stayed my baby till she died. She filled a place that was left empty when our first son was stillborn.
In the years that followed she became the protector of our children and playmate as well. When we brought Jaron home for the first time she jumped into my lap and smelled him, licked his nose and would laid down next to him on our bed. She never left his side. She loved him as much as we did. She loves all the kids. When we brought Kristofer home she was the same way and when the twins came home for the first time she would go from one to the other smelling them. I think it confused her as much as it confused the boys as to why we had two babies instead of just one. Katie was a true friend, protector and companion. If I could have her here with us today it would make everything perfect. Instead she is, I believe, in heaven keeping SeanPatrick company like she kept us company.

Oct 31, 2007

Migraines.....Can anyone spell relief....

Ahhhh it is quiet and peaceful in my house right now...finally!
All I hear is the fan and the fish tank. Everyone (the kids) is sleeping. Thank goodness. I have had a terrible headache today and my knee well its in so much pain that Tylenol has not helped! The PT says its all part of the strengthen and healing process...I am beginning to wonder though. I know I did way to much today! To many flights of stair climbing getting ready for our big party tonight!
Sean got called in to work tonight and tomorrow night. I know he was
looking forward to the extra time off this week but we are grateful
too that God is supplying for our needs! Honey if you are reading this tonight or tomorrow, I just want to publicly say once again
"I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU for working so hard for us!"
Today is Halloween. It is a tough day for most Christian parents. Do you let your children trick or treat or not. If you grew up following the traditions of dressing up and going out for candy this night brings back happy childhood memories for many. I know it does for me. But as a Christian and as a Mom I find it hard to allow my children to go through the neighborhood asking for handouts. Since we know for sure there are some drug dealers and addicts in our neighborhood we have no problem saying NO! But even still if our neighborhood was the safest in the world I am not sure I would let them go out.
There are so many myths out there about Halloween. In fact if you write me I can send you info on the truth of Halloween via the research my husband has. Some people call this night satan's night. Honestly NO night is his because he did not create day and night. The Bible clearly states God created day and night! No, satan owns nothing and as far as I am concerned Halloween is just another night to celebrate my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
So tonight instead of going door to door we held an alternative party at the church. "Light Night - Jesus is the light of the World" party. The kids that came had a grand time playing a variety of games. We watched "The Roach Approach ~ The Mane Event!" Lesson on standing up for what you believe in. We have a TON of candy! We have enough candy in our house now to fill 4 shopping bags! Then we went on a hay ride through town, out in the country and past an old abandoned log cabin. The kids loved it!
Eli was the most excited! He thought it was fantastic to be sitting on the hay looking up at the stars. It was chilly but oh so much fun! It's been a long time since I have been on a hay ride. The first time for the kids! We are considering doing it again at Christmas time if the weather permits and go caroling.
So now it is quiet, my head is still pounding but not nearly as bad. I did take pictures of my kids all dressed up(but my camera stinks and they turned out all fuzzy)....We had King Eli (dressed in his tux from my sisters wedding), Queen Sara (in her flower girl dress), MnM Boy-Kris was dressed as a bag of MM's and had a yellow MnM as a mask, and GB-Jaron has Godly Boy. He created his own costume. They had a blast, ate way too much candy and are now crashed out in their beds.
So tonight we celebrated Jesus and the freedom we have in Him.

Oct 28, 2007

How to Eat Fried Worms

If you ever read the book in school you have to
get the movie! It is one of the best kid/family
friendly movies. We all love watching it!
There are not too many kid movies that I like
to watch over and over again, but this is one
that qualifies as one of my favorites.
My kids love digging for worms.
Something they were never able to
really do in Florida but here in IL we have
a plethora of night crawlers. These things
are huge! Well they kids love this movie.
Naturally they do not want to eat the worms
but if theycan keep them as pets it makes
them even happier! You want a great family
movie, go to your localmovie rental
place and rent it! It's great!
Oh and don't forget the popcorn!

Oct 27, 2007

The Astroid that Got to close to Earth by Kristofer age 5 1/2

Ok, the kids got out of school yesterday at 11:30 and did not have school today either. Teachers training days or something like that. needless to say it has rained here all week and has been dull, cold (high of 60 was the highest all week), and rainy. Does not produce a great time for the kids to be home. Specially Kristofer cause it means I have to get really creative on how to keep him from coming unglued.
But today has been a relatively quiet day today. Tonight we carved out a pumpkin and added cross ears. The kids love the smells, I always add Cinnamon inside the pumpkin and on the lid, it smells like pumpkin pie in our house right now. Kris has been quiet and calm most of the day and then at at 10 pm (Friday night is the only night they get to stay up late) he became a wild talking man! He did not stop talking for 1/2 an hour! Honestly I didn't think I would ever get him to stop talking! It was actually very funny!
Needless to say during all the talking he was drawing pictures as well. That is when he began telling Jaron and I his story! Hope you love it as much as we did! It's the first time he has talked so much, so clear and had a purpose in the talking. He wasn't rambling just retelling us the story over and over again!

The Asteroid that Got to Close to Earth
by Kristofer age 5 1/2
One day two spacemen went into space. They saw the sun, all the beautiful planets, the starts and the big dipper. They saw 100 thousand asteroids, they were going around the planets. Then the spacemen traveled around the planets. There was a huge asteroid and it was heading to earth to crush it. They used the magnets and pulled it to the sun. They saved the earth. They were the biggest heroes in the universe. Then their spaceship ran out of power and they were heading to Pluto. They landed on Pluto and fixed their spaceship. Then they hurried back to home on earth. They were happy to be home and to be super heroes. They were given $10,000 million dollars so they could buy a bunny.
The bunny talked to them and they screamed, "ah ah ah!" and the bunny said to stop screaming and then he went to outer space.
The END!

Oct 25, 2007

PT...Physical Torture....

Just an example of some of the exercises!

PT is killing me! Ok, honestly this is what I know...I have prayed that God would help me lose weight and would help me be committed to exercising. SO what does He do, He lets me experience pain (gall bladder) that I have never in this world, had ever experienced before and never want to again! Wakes me up...I change my eating habits! Then what does He do? He allows me to not only find a mole trail a few weeks earlier but also a stupid gumball nut!
I am thankful that He did not let me injure myself more than I did but He allows this to happen. With the full intent to use it to "help" me get committed to exercising!

Now if I don't do the exercises 2xs a day I have a really high probability of having knee surgery. I DO NOT WANT SURGERY AGAIN! So, I am committed to exercising twice a day and have included workouts for my arms. I don't have to add anything for my stomach yet. At least 3 of the movements already include my stomach muscles. The PT has added 3 new exercises for me to add to the first 9. Plus I go to the "gym" and work out with my PT's help. Not only do I do the "now" 12 exercises but also have started riding a stationary bike. Right now it’s to just loosen up my knee 7-10 mins. But in 2 weeks I will be riding to gain more strength. Plus there are a few other exercises that we do at PT that I have been told not to do at home just yet. Which means when she does instruct me to do them at home I will have almost 15 and she says there are at least a total of 20 that I will be doing in total. She told me today that we will be adding weights to these exercises possibly next week...yea!
Here is what I also is working! Each week she has to measure the strength and the joint movement/flexibility in my knee. Last week when we started I was in the negatives for the movement. Now I am in the 100's. Not sure what that means completely but from her reaction and smiles I know it is good. She said it was really good so what does she do...she increases my sets to 2 sets of 10 and for a few of the exercise moves increases them to 3 sets of 10. Gotta love it! I am seeing a difference in the stability and the time I am able to stand. Before last week I could only stand maybe 5 to a max of 10 minutes at a time. Now its at least 10 to 20 mins. Makes being a mom a lot easier! That's for sure.

I am still extremely sore and even more so on the days of PT. But there is purpose behind the pain and I have committed to continuing these exercises until I get to a healthy weight. If my knees benefit fantastic! Thank you God for using the measures, You see fit, to get my attention and "help" me like I asked!

Oct 21, 2007

House Cleaning

I think we all as mother's sturggle with the idea of a clean house and time to play with the kids. This article from Hearts at Home I think states the best advice ever!
~ Melissa

I have to admit, when I saw the topic that I was assigned to write about for this newsletter- homemaking-I chuckled more than a bit. Homemaking-or cleaning as I was thinking about it- is the part of the stay-at-home-mom job where I am at my worst! I excel at the nursing duties, homework help, and snack making, but cleaning is just not my thing. It just seems like the one task that falls to the bottom of my priority list in our busy household.However, one day, a little girl freed me to be at peace with my clutter. She had come over for dinner and an evening of play. During dinner, I told her not to worry about spilling. Thankfully, our house has all brown least I think it was that color when we bought it!Then, she and my son went off to play, and I told her not to worry about messing anything up. After all, if most things in the house are already out of place, who would notice one thing more?At the end of the evening, I took her home. I have to admit, when I saw her mom in their spotless living room, I felt a bit inadequate. I tried not to feel insecure when the little girl recounted her evening with glee, and told her mom about my housekeeping standards. Then with a serious face, she asked her mom, "Why can't we live in a house like that?"I'm sure she really didn't mean that. After all, I'm sure she really doesn't want to have to spend six weeks looking for a lost library book. (true story) But, it reassured me that the things I did do that night, like joining in a game of hide-and-seek, were important, too. While homemaking might include washing jelly hand-prints off the walls, making a house a home also includes the things we do for our families while they are inside those walls. I still aspire to having a house that looks like it came out of magazine, and I do continue to work toward that goal. However, I also realize that I can call myself a good homemaker, even if housekeeping isn't one of my top priorities.

Keeping hearts at home,
Patti Welander
Wife to Jim
Mom to James, Sam, Sarah, and Sarina
Hearts at Home Online Newsletter Editor

Oct 20, 2007


Just an update for those of you that I did not write. I saw the doctor thisweek for my knee. I have dislocated the knee cap and it is now traveling. In other words it does not track right and is not in its correct position. So I am going to PT (physical therapy) or maybe it should be called PT (physical torture). Now don't get me wrong the exercises I have to do are easy BUT due to the lack of strength and the kind of injury I have they are extremely painful.
I am suppose to excerise twice a day and on the days I go to therapy the PT pushes me for more reps and will eventually add more exercises and weights. Right now it takes everything I got to do 12 reps of each movement and by Tuesday I have to be up to 15 because the PT wants me to do 20 with her. I have 9 different movements that I had to do and she told me she plans to add one new one every appointment. In total I will eventually have 15 different exercises to do with my knee and since my other is not in the best of shape either I am doing the same exercises with that leg.
Anyway just say a prayer that all of this works so that I do not end up having surgery and having to start all of this again!

Grades continued...

Well we found out that Kristofer does not get a report card this grading period. Apparently here in IL the kinder gardeners only get two report cards during the year. We did how ever get his reports from his speech therapist and OT. He is doing well. Progressing in some areas and in other still struggling. He'll get there we know he will. Behaviorally he is doing great in class!
Which is a real encouragement since we have the problems at home. His OT is great! Jen really helps and listens and offers suggestions on how to help with the transitions from school to home. She gave us a very long list of activities for him to "get the fix" he needs sensory wise and another long list of calm activities that should help him transition into doing homework, eating dinner ect... Thank you Ms Jen!

Oct 17, 2007


Just want to brag on Jaron tonight. He is such a great creative kiddo! He is a great big brother though at times he still says he wishes he was an only child. A few weeks ago we got his mid term grades. All A's except penmanship which was a failing grade. He just didn't want to take the time to write slowly...
too many pressing things to do outside you see. Well we took his bike away from him and told him he had to start taking the time to do his work neatly. Well he got his grades today and I am pleased to announce he got straight A's and turned that failing grade into a B! I told him he did fantastic! He was pretty hard on himself wanted it to be an A. We reassured him that we are very proud of him and next time he can strive for that A.
Honestly I want him to succeed in school and if he does his best and only gets a C that is fine with us as long as he has done his best! Jaron is a great kid, brother, son and student. So YEA JARON! WAY TO GO BUDDY!

We haven't gotten Kristofer's yet will let you know how he did for his first grading period of kindergarden!

Oct 14, 2007


Sensory Integration Disorder....that was the diagnosis just 2 years ago.
Had I known how our lives were about to change for the better I would have pushed for evaluations much sooner. Had it not been for our close friends, Mike and Marty I may never had even pushed for the evaluations.
So what does living with a child that has SID look like....well it depends on each child and family. The spectrum for SID is very wide just like autism. Each child deals with sensory experiences differently.
For Kristofer it varies from day to day and moment to moment. We have some days like Thursday that he is off the wall wild. Nonstop activity. Constantly jumping, climbing, running into people, pacing, humming, screaming just to scream and then screaming because everything is too loud, screaming because everyone is too close to him or they are touching him. Then the very next moment he is crying cause he can't get close enough to I cradle him as he nestles into my arms with his face pressed into my neck. Occasionally I have to cradle him like I use to when he was a baby breast feeding. It gets harder to hold him like a swaddled baby with his legs hanging off the other side of the chair. Days like this day it is hard to bathe him. He hates his hair washed and screams the whole time..."it're killing me!" On days like this one all he wants to do is eat. Great you might think but all he eats on any given day is apples, Tyson chicken crispy strips, hard sliced cheese, and right now his favorite is Doritos. Nothing else! No soft foods at all and definitely no veggies! Just fruit, chicken and cheese usually! oh and a must is chocolate milk.
Then we have days like yesterday. Days it takes everything we have to get him to pay attention, stay in the moment and come out of his little world. He gets immersed in his world, plays quietly (meaning not constantly moving) and doesn't want to be disturbed. He will play for hours at one thing; usually with his dinosaurs or with his legos. He lays around, wants to just watch TV or a movie and is at peace or should I say we are at peace because he is quiet (not constantly moving). On days like yesterday we have to repeat his name many times at varying levels of volume to get his attention. Usually we have to touch his shoulder or even tickle him to get his attention. On days like this we can bathe him and wash his hair without too much argument and on days like this he barely eats. Just wants "chocolate milk and that is all."
When he is at school I am not sure how he is acting. His teacher has not complained of nonstop activity but when he comes home he is a wild man. Guess I should be thankful that he is not a wild man at school. The biggest problem is that he has once again lost 5 lbs. He is not very heavy as it is. He is at a very healthy weight according to his doctor but he doesn't need to loose weight either. So when he is on the starving to death mode we feed him as much as his tummy wants. Right now we may have to increase his calories again with Carnation Breakfast drinks instead of just choc. milk. Anything to get him the extra calories his growing body needs.
So when it comes to SID everyday presents a different challenge at home and more than likely at school too. He receives OT, Speech and has Resource help. He seems to be learning alot and he is very smart. Once he sees it and hears it he knows it. Somethings take a bit longer to learn but he pretty much gets it quickly. Kristofer is such a blessing to our family. There are times when he completely wears us meaning all of us including his sibs. But without him our family is not complete. God blessed us when He gave us Kristofer and although I wish things were easier for him I could never imagine my life without him in it!

Oct 12, 2007

Friends from home and then some...

Yesterday we were blessed to have some friends from home come to visit us!
Tammy and Tim came and it was like a breath of fresh air all the way from Florida. It was great to see how God has been moving in and changing Tim. He was a very struggling teen who desperately needed God. He found Him in a real sense in a program through Teen Challenge. Thank God there are programs out there that can reach these struggling teens!
It was great to have time to talk with Tammy. She is a dear friend and prayer warrior! She is a true blessing to Sean & I.
Then today out of the blue (ok so they called Monday to let us know they were coming) our dear friends, Mike and Marty came to visit us for a couple of days!
They are our best friends! I went to college with them and they were in our wedding. They have to wonderful kids who also struggle with some issues such as SID and PDD-NOS. Their kids have made such strides! They are a blessing to us! If it had not been for them we probably would not be were we are today with Kristofer. They encouraged us to seek help for Kris and get an accurate diagnosis. Mike is a special ed teacher on top of that! It's so cool how God orchestrated that one! God knew Mike was going to need his special ed training for his own kids!
Watching the kids playing together...Lucy with Sara and Jay with Kris. It was especially nice to watch Mike and Sean playing kick ball with all the boys while Marty and I were watching the girls and talking! I am so glad we live so close to them now. Just 5 1/2 hrs away! YEA!

Oct 10, 2007

Fall is in the air!!!

We awoke this morning to wonderful crisp fall air!
The temp was 50 degrees and the high is only
suppose to reach 70 today. Later this week we are
suppose to have highs in the low 60's!
AHHH fall is here!
The leaves are starting to change. Some have
actually lost all of their leaves. The picture above
is from last year. It was taken just down the road
from where we live now.
I love fall! I love the crisp air, the falling leaves,
the variety of colors all around and of course all of
the pumpkin patches! Fall is one of my favorite seasons.
It is why I love the northern states. Florida can not
compete when it comes to fall!
In a few weeks Sara and Eli's pre-K class has a
pumpkin patch field trip that is open to the whole family.
It is actually on a pumpkin and apple farm which
will be lost of fun for the kids. When we lived in
Florida we would go to a local church that sold
pumpkins for missions. It was so much fun to go
and take pictures of the kids sitting in the midst
of the pumpkins. This year shall prove to be even
better. I have been told that it is a wonderful
farm and the kids will have a great time!
So be looking for those pictures at
the end of the month!

Oct 7, 2007

We're gonna get married and have some kids!

On the first Sunday of every month we have a fellowship dinner after the first service. It is always fun and full of good food. Tonight Kristofer showed interest in one of the little girls at church. Yes our 5 yr old has fallen madly in love with a little blond named Koreena. She is a cute blond haired brown eyed 5 yr old. She is in his kindergarten class as well. He was a sweet gentleman with her. He pulled her chair out so she could sit down and then he went and got her and himself a piece of cake. It was like watching teenagers trying to impress each other! Just on a smaller and much younger scale!
Tonight the older boys were teasing him. He didn't care he stated matter of factly that "Yes I love her! I think she is beautiful!" Then later that night after she had left Jaron asked her do you really love Koreena and he said very boldly with a HUGE smile, "Yes I love her. Some day when we get older we will get married and have us some kids!" Just smiling away. Every adult in the room just lost it. The way he said it was too funny! So proud and full of smiles!
Now the night would not be complete without Sara trying to kiss Jordan, another 5 yr old little boy who comes to the church and is also in Kris' class. Sara has a small crush on Jordan, she bats her eyes at him and tries to sit close to him all the time. It's sweet!
Now Mom and Dad are thinking slow down you two! Sean said he we wanted to pass out when Kris said what he said. Had he seen Sara try to kiss Jordan he might have! I am just really happy to see Kris reaching out to others! Sometimes because of his SID he seems to be in his own world most of the time. Sometimes so much so that it takes us a while to pull him out of his world and into ours. So to see him actually showing an interest in someone else other than family is GREAT!

Oct 5, 2007

Sing Praises to God!

God is so good!
God is so good!
God is so good!
He's so good to us!
He loves us so!
He loves us so!
He loves us so!
He's so good to us!

Just have to sing His praise tonight!

How can I How can I keep from Praising Your name
How can I ever say enough
How amazing is Your love,
How can I keep shouting Your praise
I know I am loved by the King and it
Makes me want to sing....

God has been blessing our socks off this week!
We always tithe! God always provides. Sometimes not
how we want Him to but He does provide!
But this week we received "two" not expected blessings!
Actually it was 3 blessings not expected...

1. Sean got a 25 cent raise!
(not expected!)

2. Sean received a retro active
check associated with the raise
(not expected!)

3. Sean received another check today based
on no workman comp claims for the quarter
(not expected!)

How can we not say thank-you Lord for
all He does for us!

Oh another blessing my children have received!
Today we received a play climber for outside.
Plus we were told this same couple
(a daughter of one of our deacons)
will be bring us a large swing set!

So you tell me:
How can we keep from praising His name??
How can we ever say enough
how amazing is His love!
How can we keep from shouting His name
We know we are loved by the King and
It makes us want to sing!!!

You can't have my friend!

Yesterday I heard the best statement from Eli when I went to pick him up at school. "You can't have my friend!" he said to Sara. Why you might ask do I think its a great statement...Well because Sara and Eli are twins! They have shared everything from the start of life. Eli has always been passive to Sara's dominate personality. Yesterday he asserted himself without hitting, biting or kicking his sister! YEA ELI! You use those words!
I learned from their teachers that they behave so well at school now. Sara plays with the girls in the home center, art center and book center. She loves playing house, cooking and doing art projects. In fact they have to usher her out of the art center so other children can have a turn. Which doesn't surprise me! She has been the one out of 4 kids to color on almost every wall we have. Thank God for Clorox Color Erasers! Right now her favorite thing to draw is teddy bears and mice and self portraits.
Eli has been playing with just the boys. He has so good buddies, Mick Jagger (yes that is his first name!) he comes to play with the kids 2-3 days a week. He lives down the street. Eli also likes playing with Andrew and a few other little boys. He truly loves going to school. He primarily plays with the cars, trucks, trains and planes in the block center, book center and listening center. He likes art but its not his favorite thing. In fact Eli is the 1st of our three boys that truly enjoys cars and toys of the like.
I am proud of them that they have separated themselves and have found their own sets of friends. Sometimes twins tend to stick to each other and that is what they did for the first month of school. I am so happy that they have become individuals and can play with others without needing each other exclusively. The teachers shared the only time they even look for each other is when they are on the play ground. That is when the kids are being picked up at the end of the day.

Oct 2, 2007

From Golfballs to crutches

Today was my follow up with the surgeon today. I learned a few things. First of all God has been protecting me and kept me from serious injury. He also kept me from having a terrible infection! THANK YOU JESUS!
My gall bladder was holding two large stones. One was just over an inch and the other stone was 2.8 inches almost 3 inches in diameter! He said my gall bladder was in terrible shape and reiterated to me how amazed he was that I was not in more pain and more sick. He just kept saying how bad it looked and how enflamed it was. He also said the pressure it was putting on my liver was not good but I have NO damage to the liver. I told him it was due to God's healing power and all the people that were praying for me! Thank you for your prayers! I do feel so much better! I don't have the constant pain after eating now although my system is a mess. I am sure in time it will get better!
As for my knee...I was suppose to see the Orthopedic doc today but he had an emergency and had to cancel all appointments this week so I go to see him on the 16th. My knee is feeling better. The ligament pain is no longer there when I sit down or stand up! YEA! BUT I do still have pressure and pain insdie the knee. It feels like it is always ready to let go and it often times goes backwards on me. It is not pleasant and it hurts every time it does it. So keep praying for that!
God is a big God and He can do anything! Even heal my knee completely before I see the doc in 2 weeks!!

"It slipped out of my teeth and went down to my tummy!"

The title says it all! Last night Kristofer came to me and said those exact words. I just looked at him, my initial response was "What?" He then handed me one of two of my wrist watch batteries! I had put them in a cup in my craft closet at the top! I thought they were safe there...I was wrong!
All kinds of things went through my head as I tried to get him to tell me when this happened. The story of when and where changed with each question the only thing that stayed the same was how the battery slipped down and is in his tummy. I just kept thinking about a friend's little boy, Jonathan. Jonathan was 3 and got into his mommy's medicine. I watched this little boy go into seizures while holding a newborn kitten in my home. His mom took off to get his dad and I was left with this small little boy who was literally close to death. It scared me so bad. It was just a year after we lost our little boy Sean Patrick. I swore I would never go through something like that! Thankfully and his parents will give all the glory to God he is alive and well and a very smart young man now.
So I being a calm parent...not! Called Sean and then called poison control. Ok Poison control was of no use! The guy just kept saying is he choking...well no! Kris at the time was laughing and screaming in delight as he and his brothers had a pillow fight! Trying to get him to just sit and not move is like trying to tame a wild mustang! So after many different phone calls we finally talked to the pediatrician and was told not to worry. It will pass. We just have to check the stool! Oh yea! Can we just say "GROSS!"
Sean told Kristofer this morning that he was going to have electric poop. Which he and Eli thought was funny. Tonight we took our family to church for prayer night. Usually its just Sean at church for prayer of Tuesday night. Actually he always says "there was 4 of us, The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit and me." We have decided that from now on he and I will go to prayer and the kids can join us at the end. They play in the nursery. Eventually we are praying that other members of the church will join us!
Anyway, we had all the kids come and we prayed for each child and they prayed for each other. It was soo sweet to see them really praying for each other. We prayed for Kris and we prayed he would "poop" out the battery. Which sent Eli and Sara into giggles! If there is one thing I have learned from this it is this: NEVER under estimate your kids and their curiosity! Kris told me he just wanted to see if it was hard!

Sep 28, 2007

Mom's know everything...yea right!!!

Before you read any farther please check this out
This site has some beautiful pictures and I am
unable to produce with my camera!
Then read the rest of this little tidbit!

What is that thing???
EWE! It looks like a roasted marshmallow!
It's gross maybe it's poop!
No it can't be poop!
Mom what the heck is that thing!

Like how am I suppose to know???
My children always seem to think that I am the
genius in this family! They really need to go to
their father! He is a genius!

But I am not sure he would even know what this
thing is! So what is a Mom to do...
well a modern Mom that is computer savy gets on the
internet and does searches till we figure it out!
Now I have to be honest, I had help, you see in the, what has a habitat
for four toads and a tree frog is now the lone inhabitant....

So I figured it had to be something to do with the bug!
I was right! Its a Praying Mantis egg sac! It is suppose to hatch in the spring I believe is what I have learned so far!
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The eggs are produced in an eggcase called an ootheca this may produce 30 to 300 young mantids depending on the species. The ootheca is a frothy mass created by the female, the froth hardens to form a tough case for the eggs. Hatching usually takes between 3 and 6 months. The young may hatch all at once or in batches over a period of several weeks.

My goodness what have we gotten into! Last summer and the summer before that we had hundreds of monarch caterpillars, from eggs to butterflies. We watched as the caterpillars grew and then formed its beautiful green crystalis and then watched as the butterflies emerged! It was an awesome sight!! One I had never experienced until I had my kids...especially Jaron our budding biologist or bug scientist! And now we have this...oh my goodness! My son is teaching me more about bugs than I really care to know and learn! Just give me a can of Raid! I love do love it though! My kids are teaching me isn't it suppose to be the other way around!

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My camera could not take pictures of our egg sac but this is what it looks like!