Nov 10, 2007

Is it over yet??!!

Finally the weekend is here. Kristofer finally is better! Eli went back to school on Thursday. Kris could have gone on Friday but the kids did not have school. Naturally Mom gets hit hard on Thursday morning! Thankfully Sean was home and could care for Kris and get the twins to school. By Thursday afternoon I felt a bit better but still pretty drained. Although now on Sat night I am not feeling well again. I am hoping its just something that will pass.
Tomorrow will be our church's Thanksgiving Dinner. I believe everyone is looking forward to it. It's hard to tell some times. In the last month our church family has dealt with two deaths. It has taken its toll on a few of the people. SO please keep our small church in prayer. I believe tomorrow will be a great day to worship our Lord and celebrate all of His goodness in our lives.
I will post more about what I wanted to share today about being truely thankful in a few days and something else God has been showing me about His awesome plan for our lives. I am a bit down. I am no longer able to go to PT due to the doctors prescription and insurance issues. I am continueing the exercises that she gave me though! The PT feels like I should have progressed much farther and due to my knee giving out three times last Friday, She feels that I may need to have surgery to correct what ever is wrong with it. UGH! I go back to see the Orthopedic Surgeon the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. I am believing for healing and know God has a plan. Sometimes its hard to see that plan when you are in pain when you try to walk or fearful your knee will give out at any moment.
God does have a plan though! I know He does! In fact I am sure of it! Would be nice to be told a hint of how this situation with my knee will come out though!


Jessica Smith said...

You and your family are in my prayaers!! Know that you are not alone, and despite your struggles, God is faithful!!!!

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Missy said...

Thank you Jessica!