Jan 29, 2010

Parents You Are Not Alone

One of my BFFs, Michele Danielson, has just started a new website/blog for parents who are dealing with children that have emotional and behavioral problems. Michele deals daily with her adopted son Marcus who has RAD as well as other things. She is a real trooper! The things she has endured, experienced and lived through with her son is amazing.
To say she has gone to hell and back is an understatement to put it bluntly. But through it all her faith in Christ has grown. She has seen many miracles in Marcus and knows there are more to come.
She has started this wonderful place that parents can go and get the support they need. She wants to help those families. So if you know of someone or a family who is struggling with a child that has emotional or behavioral problems and needs a place to vent, find hope and help please go check out Parents You are Not Alone!

Jan 22, 2010

Birthday continued...

Happy Birthday Sara and Eli

My tiny little babies are not so tiny any more! Today is thier 6th birthday! YAY!!! Just posting a few pictures of the early days and then ending with pictures of this afternoon as we celebrated their wonderful day!

Holding Sara for the first time!

Even in the NICU Sara refused to keep her feet in her sleepers!

Sara with her first doll!

Eli reaching for his sissy!

Oh so tiny Eli!

Valentine's Day - the day after they finally came home from the hospital!
For those of you looking for pictures of today's events...
I am having great difficulty getting blogger to upload them :(

Jan 14, 2010

Pants on the Ground

I don't normally watch American Idol. Not that I am not a fan of it but up till this past year we weren't able to get Fox. Well last night I watched and laughed my bum off! Oh my goodness this guy was great! I think his song does have a bit of a message to it but it was soo funny I just had to share it today!

Jan 12, 2010

Snow Days

Izzy and Bentley loved the snow....Mister and SugarBaby not so much!

Armed and ready...

Sara's target....She laughed and laughed : )

All thumbs up despite the neg. wind chill!
Kristofer named his snowball "Snowy"
My twin Angels!

Jan 6, 2010

Date Night

YAY! Sean and I had a date night! One to celebrate our anniversary. 13 years! I still can't believe it's been that long! It is so important for couples to celebrate these milestones in their marriage. I hear too often people say, "Oh, he/she knows I love her" or "It's just another day when you get this old"! NOT! NOT! NOT! In today's society people enter marriage with the thought...if it's too hard I will just get a divorce. Never taking the covenant of marriage seriously! We have a couple in our church that just celebrated 50 years of marriage and another couple that is about to do the same thing in Feb. 50 years of marriage! Can you imagine your 50th? I hope and pray that Sean and I live long enough to celebrate our 50th!!! He will be 86 and I 76. I truly hope we get to celebrate that awesome amount of time! But even so no one should look at another year of marriage as "just another day/year" It should be celebrated. Even if you are only able make peanutbutter sandwiches and go sit at a park. Celebrate your marriage!!
We did and had a fantastic time! We went out to see a movie, "Blindside"

and then to dinner at Applebee's. We haven't gone on an official "date" in a long time. We had such a great time. The movie, "Blindside" was AWESOME! I highly recommend everyone going to see it! I don't normally make the statement..."I want to buy it when it comes out on dvd" very often but that was one of the first statements I made when the movie ended.
Then it was off to dinner. We had to wait 40 minutes to be seated but it was well worth it. I can't tell you how nice it was to just sit and talk without the diaperheads interrupting us. We needed this night so much! More than anyone could ever know. We talked about the past 13 year and more importantly talked about our future. We made some important decision that I am not at liberty to discuss here but when I finally am free to talk about it you know I will. Some of you may already know becuase we are BFs but publicly I can not discuss some of it.
We are excited about what our future holds for us and for our family. It's amazing...this year Sean will turn 50, I will turn 40 ~ yes I said it, 40 wow I can't believe its that number. But what is even more scary is our oldest is going to turn 10 this year! : ( Where does the time go??
I cherish these days so much. I know one day our house will be quiet all the time but for now I cherish the quietness of my house while the kids are at school. We are expecting a big snow storm later tonight. Which means the kids will more than likely be home for the next few days due to the roads being bad. It has been SO COLD! We have not reached 32 degrees in over a week. I am a FLORIDA girl and I am so longing to be back in that warm area! Even if they have been having some cold snaps too!
The kids are so excited about the snow! Honestly so am I! I love the first snow fall but after that it can go away. I love snow flakes. They are so beautiful. I hope we get BIG FAT ones so I can take some pictures of them as they fall and the intricate way they are formed. We shall see. If I succeed I will most definitely post them.

Jan 1, 2010

Fondue New Year's Eve Party...for the Diaperheads & friends

We had a little party for the kids and they invited two of their friends over. They had such a great time. I had from corn dogs to popcorn chicken to marshmellows and pretzels with cheese and chocolate to dip in. What caught me by surprise is that I figured they would dig into the chocolate but instead they went for the cheese. At midnight we had sparkling grape juice as a special toast to the new year. We pulled out the mattresses and they all camped out in the livingroom. The playstation 2 has never been played with so much in one night as last night!
I was ready for bed at 7pm but was up till 2:30am...where do these kids get their energy...WITHOUT chocolate! Anyway...here are a few pics...not many my batteries were dying.

Found this really funny clip today skipping through the blog world. Thought I would share it now before the holidays leave us...

BTW Happy New Year! Hope your 2010 is fruitful and thriving!