Jun 26, 2009

Week happenings

This week has been a definite wake up to summer week! With the heat index at 105 degrees for most of the week and now this weekend at 110 degrees, we have had to come up with some fun ways to spend the day without spending it inside all week. Since the A/C is dead in the van we don't dare head anywhere to far from home with the kids in tow. With a 25 min drive one way into town we have spent all week at home. Sean or I have gone out to the store but that has been about it. Just too hot in the van.
So the kids spent time on the slip n slide and we purchased a new pool because our old one from last year somehow had many pin holes in the bottem...so many we couldnt fix it. So we got a new pool, actually got a great deal at target, it was originally $30 and we got it for $15. Love it when I kind find deals like that! Haven't taken pics yet but I will. We have been enjoying laying in the pool and today I enjoyed laying in the sun while reading my new book. The kids are all starting to look more like little Floridians again instead of Illinoisians. Hmm not sure that is even a word...all well. These kids were born in FL and will forever be Floridians as far as I am concerned. LOL!As for my new book, I had planned to take a week or more to read it but it is so good I just couldn't put it down. I have almost finished reading the whole thing! VERY POWERFUL BOOK! It's called the "Shack" by WM Paul Young. I haven't finished it yet but already it has touched me deeply! I highly recommend this book! I plan to do a blog on it when I am finished so be sure to check back here.
On Wed night after church the kids ran home (we live behind the church in the parsonage) and were running back out to the pool when Eli went jumping into the air screaming "WOW look at that butterfly" Which brought Jaron to a screeching halt almost dropping his big foot down on the largest moth I have ever seen! It was dying and now it is being kept in a zip lock bag in hopes it survives so it can be taken to school with Jaron in the fall.
We measured the wing span and it measured 7 inches long. We believe it is what the woolie worm turns into. It sure was big and very beautiful!
I can not believe that July is upon us this coming week. Gosh in about 6 weeks school will be back in full swing and this house will be super quiet again...actually for the first time all day but I am not going to think about the fall. I want to enjoy the last summer of having the kids all home with me and keeping the twins my babies just a little while longer. Hope you enjoy the fun pictures!

Jun 22, 2009

Father"s Day

Today we spent time as a famiy! Started with worshiping our Lord together, then lunch and then an afternoon of fun. We had planned a picnic but the heat was so terrible we came back and the kids played on the slippin slide. They had a blast! If you can't read the inscription under Sara it said, "Time Out- Look at that pout!" Yes she was in trouble and mad at me because I was enforcing the rules! But ya gotta laugh at the face!Kristofer is always the hesitant one when it comes to new things or things that we haven't done in a while. But today he just jumped right in and had a ball!
Watching Jaron was the funniest thing! He is getting to that age that you start to realize that throwing your self on a slippery surface is gonna hurt so he would wait till he got close to the end of the slide. It was very comical! He even missed once and went sliding off into the grass!

Last but not least is my little man Eli. He was the hesitant one. He wanted to play but was afraid the kids would slide into him and hurt him. He ended up joining the others after about 30 minutes of sideline watching with me. He was all laughter after the first few slides! As you can tell I am learning more and more how to use this new photo program (Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2). Its pretty neat and I can scrap book in a more organized way and that works for me! Now I just have to start getting my creative juices flowing a bit more and have some fun with the kids pictures. I have 8 years of pictures that need to be scrap booked and in that time I acquired 3 children...I have the first year of Jaron's life done...boy do I have my work cut out for me.


Jun 9, 2009

God's Masterpiece...YOU!

I know I have stated I want to keep this blog about my family but being a Christian and in the ministry is who we are. This is a very strong message, it has ministered to me and brought me to my knees this morning. I pray it ministers to you too!

Jun 4, 2009

Mrs Jennifer Lane

This is Kristofer's favorite person at school I would like to finally introduce you to Mrs. Jennifer Lane. She is Kristofer's OTA. She has been a life line for him and for us. Jennifer has gone above and beyond this year with him and has helped him in SO MANY ways. She is the sweetest person and I can't thank her enough...Jennifer if you are reading this...WE LOVE YOU!!!
Jennifer did something for Kristofer that we believe is going to make a difference for him this coming school year. If you remember back in Aug-Oct Kristofer was not transitioning well into 1st grade. He basically was close to having a small break down. He was having problems at school as well as at home. Jennifer stepped up her game and made a difference in his life. I just can't say enough about her. Yes this year has been one of learning and growing for him and us. Finally having an understanding about what's going on with our little guy has helped. But I know that Jennifer's constant help through the week with him and for the teachers working with him made this year a success. We are so proud of Kristofer and all he has accomplished this year. There are many things we still have to work on this summer to keep him on track and possible get him closer to where he needs to be on his reading. He has done well, grown and changed.
Jennifer took Kristofer last week and introduced him to his 2nd grade teacher, even wrote out a social story book for him and Mrs. Van Horn showed him around the classroom. We love Jennifer and know one day soon he will no longer need OT services but we believe we have a friend that will always be there to help if we need him.
Again Jennifer you have been a HUGE blessing to Kris and to us. THANK YOU so much for being exactly what Kristofer has needed as a support this school year and last.

Jun 3, 2009

It's Official...

...I no longer have preschoolers! They did it, they graduated. I am suppose to be all giddy and excited...but I am not! My babies are no longer babies and yes I would love to have another one. No it won't be happening unless God performs a miracle or we adopt one. I can't believe in August I will no longer have any kids at home during the day. They will all be in school...wow!
They recieved their preschool graduation certificates and the teachers were so nice to take a picture of the whole class. Of which half will be in the kindergarden class in the fall.

Jun 2, 2009


Yesterday when the kids were walking to school Kristofer found a baby bird. A hatchling. Poor thing was barely alive. Jaron begged Sean to bring it back to me and as you can see he won. I called a nature reserve and then sent me to a wild animal refuge that rehabilitates and releases. This little thing was about dead, cold and weak. After about 2 hours of warming it up he was ready to eat. Thankfully I was able to get the bird to the right people. Hopefully he/she will make it. We are pretty sure it is a robin. As of this morning when I called, it was doing well.
As a reward, we surprised the boys with the very thing they have been asking us for...their own birds. They love our cockatiel...Baby...and Jaron has begged. I remember being nine and having my first pet...Pete a green parakeet who I raised think it was a male only to find out about 3 years later that Pete was infact a female when my granmother gave me another green parakeet named Petey Boy. Boy was that weird. Anyway, we got the boys the babies today. They love them.
Jaron has named his Clover (green) and Kristofer named his Lightening. Lightening is already tame enough to sit on your finger. Clover had to have Lightening around her to sit on Jaron's finger outside of the cage. Patience! Something Jaron is going to learn through this! It takes patience to build a bond with a bird. This should be fun to watch!

Jun 1, 2009

My Babies are Graduating from Pre-K

Can't believe it! Sara and Eli will be in Kindergarten in the fall. Where has the time flown to?? Their teacher gave me a few pictures from this year I wanted to share. I had to scan and fix them but this is just a few things they were caught doing in pre-K this year. Our schools do not have a special ceremony for graduating pre-schoolers but we think they are pretty special. This year they both learned how to write their names among other things.

So looking forward to next year! Or am I???