Jun 4, 2009

Mrs Jennifer Lane

This is Kristofer's favorite person at school I would like to finally introduce you to Mrs. Jennifer Lane. She is Kristofer's OTA. She has been a life line for him and for us. Jennifer has gone above and beyond this year with him and has helped him in SO MANY ways. She is the sweetest person and I can't thank her enough...Jennifer if you are reading this...WE LOVE YOU!!!
Jennifer did something for Kristofer that we believe is going to make a difference for him this coming school year. If you remember back in Aug-Oct Kristofer was not transitioning well into 1st grade. He basically was close to having a small break down. He was having problems at school as well as at home. Jennifer stepped up her game and made a difference in his life. I just can't say enough about her. Yes this year has been one of learning and growing for him and us. Finally having an understanding about what's going on with our little guy has helped. But I know that Jennifer's constant help through the week with him and for the teachers working with him made this year a success. We are so proud of Kristofer and all he has accomplished this year. There are many things we still have to work on this summer to keep him on track and possible get him closer to where he needs to be on his reading. He has done well, grown and changed.
Jennifer took Kristofer last week and introduced him to his 2nd grade teacher, even wrote out a social story book for him and Mrs. Van Horn showed him around the classroom. We love Jennifer and know one day soon he will no longer need OT services but we believe we have a friend that will always be there to help if we need him.
Again Jennifer you have been a HUGE blessing to Kris and to us. THANK YOU so much for being exactly what Kristofer has needed as a support this school year and last.

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