Jun 26, 2009

Week happenings

This week has been a definite wake up to summer week! With the heat index at 105 degrees for most of the week and now this weekend at 110 degrees, we have had to come up with some fun ways to spend the day without spending it inside all week. Since the A/C is dead in the van we don't dare head anywhere to far from home with the kids in tow. With a 25 min drive one way into town we have spent all week at home. Sean or I have gone out to the store but that has been about it. Just too hot in the van.
So the kids spent time on the slip n slide and we purchased a new pool because our old one from last year somehow had many pin holes in the bottem...so many we couldnt fix it. So we got a new pool, actually got a great deal at target, it was originally $30 and we got it for $15. Love it when I kind find deals like that! Haven't taken pics yet but I will. We have been enjoying laying in the pool and today I enjoyed laying in the sun while reading my new book. The kids are all starting to look more like little Floridians again instead of Illinoisians. Hmm not sure that is even a word...all well. These kids were born in FL and will forever be Floridians as far as I am concerned. LOL!As for my new book, I had planned to take a week or more to read it but it is so good I just couldn't put it down. I have almost finished reading the whole thing! VERY POWERFUL BOOK! It's called the "Shack" by WM Paul Young. I haven't finished it yet but already it has touched me deeply! I highly recommend this book! I plan to do a blog on it when I am finished so be sure to check back here.
On Wed night after church the kids ran home (we live behind the church in the parsonage) and were running back out to the pool when Eli went jumping into the air screaming "WOW look at that butterfly" Which brought Jaron to a screeching halt almost dropping his big foot down on the largest moth I have ever seen! It was dying and now it is being kept in a zip lock bag in hopes it survives so it can be taken to school with Jaron in the fall.
We measured the wing span and it measured 7 inches long. We believe it is what the woolie worm turns into. It sure was big and very beautiful!
I can not believe that July is upon us this coming week. Gosh in about 6 weeks school will be back in full swing and this house will be super quiet again...actually for the first time all day but I am not going to think about the fall. I want to enjoy the last summer of having the kids all home with me and keeping the twins my babies just a little while longer. Hope you enjoy the fun pictures!

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