Jul 7, 2009

Shaving Fun!

Now that we are in full summer time mode things are a bit crazy in our home. Sean works the over night shifts, comes home and hits the pillow. Being that I know how much he needs his sleep I have been VERY lax with bedtime. I know I will probably pay for it when school time rolls around but for now this is working for our family. So its not uncommon for the kids to go to bed late and get up around 10 or as late as noon. At least Sean is getting a few hours of peaceful sleep. Things will change at the end of July when we start enforcing bedtimes again.
Tonight right before Sean left to go to work, Kristofer was in our bathroom and I heard the common sound of shaving cream being dispensed. Funny how a mom knows what that sound is before she even enters the room! LOL! I was surprised to see this: It was so cute I had Sean get the camera and I caught this moment: Naturally as soon as the other three see what is going on they have to get in there too. It was fun watching them practice. I had to remind Sara that she is a girl and she will not be shaving her face when she gets older. It was so cute each one instructing the other as to what to do and not do as if they had done this before! I think the last time Jaron put shaving cream on his face was when he was 2 yr old. My that was long time ago. Anyway, I got these great pictures and had to share. Oh and yes the razor had a shield...always safety first!-

Additionally: After posting this I realized just how remarkable these pictures are and how amazing it is that Kris actually has shaving cream on his face! The one child in our how that can not handle stuff on his face and he is the one that starts this! This in itself is a HUGE accomplishment for him! He really is growing and changing! I am so proud of his accomplishments!

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