Jul 20, 2009

Family Fun

This past week I have been helping with VBS. It has been a blast working alongside another church to minister to the kids of our community. God is always amazing me! All week the kids have been singing this song... GADGET...

God's always doing great exciting things,
Creates new life in what Jesus brings,
He give me joy, my heart shouts and sings,
God's always doing great exciting things!

It's been lot's of fun and lot's of work. We averaged about 50 children every day and they seemed to have a blast! On Friday one of the other teachers came up to me and shared that God had spoke to her heart and she blessed us with a small financial gift. We do not take gifts like this for granted and when we are blessed like this we try to do things with it other than the typical pay bills. We try to use it to bless our kids either with things they need or want but always by doing a special activity with them. This weekend we did the later. On Friday we enjoyed a family picnic at the park. The kids love going to one specific park because it has a duck/goose pond. So we headed to that park. It was so much fun and just a great time to relax and talk. The kids played and Sean and I were able to talk of which we do not get much time to do.
Then on Saturday we headed to Ft Massac in Metropolis Illinois and also to the Superman Museum. We have already gone to the museum but the last time we went I didn't have a good camera so we went and just took pictures of the kids with the largest Superman statue I have ever seen. The kids had a great time as did we. We had never been to the Fort and I am so happy the kids are now getting old enough to enjoy those types of outtings. The kids thought the Fort was pretty cool. In a few of the buildings they were allowed to climb up a ladder and check out the second floor.
That was pretty neat. I naturally did NOT go up. I protect my knees as much as possible so going up a steep ladder just was not something I wanted to do. But let me tell you, Kris has no fear of heights or new things, never has which doesn't surprise us. He was so funny, once he was up there he shouted down..."this is so awesome...ya don't call me monkey boy for nothin!" We have always lovingly called him monkey boy just because he has been such a climber. Just a fun loving nick name. Anyway, he was the first and then was Eli. Jaron refused to go up but did finally make it up. Even Sean went up to check it out, such a great daddy!
The day was such a beautiful day. We ended it with a picnic dinner in the park and again the kids played and Sean and I were able to talk. So hard to do sometimes with his crazy work schedule and having four very active children under foot. BUt it always works out that we are able to spend time talking about family stuff, ministry and just our daily lives. I love my man! He is a hard working, devoted man of God and not many can claim they have that. I can! YAY ME! I do miss him terribly when he is working the 3rd shift and I do feel guilty that he is working and pastoring a church, he is always reasuring me he is doing what he wants to do and I can't take that away from him. We decided a long time ago that he would work and I would care for our kids. Now that they are all going to be in school, this hasn't changed. Although I do plan to apply to be a substitute teacher for the schools. That should be an interesting adventure.
In a few weeks we are going on a short get away. We are all excited about it and are praying for good weather so that we can enjoy the time away. It's late had a great day in the house of God and just wanted to update what's been going on.
So many things are moving and changing here. Soon I will have all four in school. I have considered homeschool them but have decided for this year we will send them to public school. Each year presents different challenges and one day I may homeschool. But for now we are happy with the education our kids are getting. That may change ya never know.

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