Jul 24, 2009

Boys night vs girls night

Last night was a boys vs girls night. Actually Sean won tickets at work for a local baseball team called the Miners. We had planned to get two extra tickets for Sara and I to go as well but Sara didn't want to go. So instead Sean took the boys to the game and Sara and I stayed home. We had a good time. Sara and I watched girl movies...Barbie and Hotel for Dogs (her currant favorite movie). We painted her nails and toes and she painted a couple of my fingers. I need to redo them but she had fun. While we were enjoying the quiet house she says to me, "Mommy w/out the boys we can have all the popcicles, watch our girl movies, paint our nails," leaning back in her chair..." I LOVE THIS!" I believe she had a good time.
By the time Sean returned with the boys Sara was just about past out. She fell asleep a few minutes after they returned. The boys seemed to have a great time as well. From the stories I have heard over night and all day today they seemed to be more excited about some purple mascot than they were about the game. But all in all I believe the time they spent with their dad alone was a great thing. I was so excited for them to spend some quality fun guy stuff together.

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