Nov 30, 2007


Have you ever had times when it seems like a million
thoughts go through your head and then you can't seem
to focus on anything. That has been my week.
So many things to think about, plan, wonder about.
Being a pastor's wife can be sometimes just overwhelming.
Not only do I have to pressures of being a wife and mom but
then you throw in all that comes with ministry and it
can become overwhelming. Thankfully I have a wonderful
husband who understands that.
The week after Thanksgiving and already it seems like
we are on the count down, which by the way if you want
to know exactly how much time we have till Christmas
is here check this out:
Thankfully I am done shopping for the kids and Sean.
Just have to get a few stocking stuffers and wrapping paper.
So now I can focus or so I thought earlier this week.
I am now faced with the impending knee surgery that will
inevitably take away my freedom to go anywhere. Thankfully
our church sits right next to our home. Otherwise I might go stir crazy.
I still might! There are numerous scriptures that say, Rest in the Lord.
Maybe just maybe this is His way of getting me to do that! focus this season is all about my family...celebrating
the real reason of Christmas and enjoying the freedom I am blessed with
right now, despite how limited that may be. What is your focus on this season?

Nov 26, 2007


Ahhh its good to be home! I love going on little getaway adventures! Specially when I get to visit my best friends! Thanksgiving day when Sean got home from work we packed up the kids and the dog and head to KY. I love KY! I do I admit it! I long to have a home in the country with at least 2 acres of land and a small little farm. I would love to be able to raise chickens and get fresh eggs every day. I know it sounds crazy me being a Florida beach girl but I do long to have this for my family.

We traveled 5 hours to Mt Sterling to visit our dear friends Mike, Marty, and their kids Jay and Lucy. Our kids love to play with them. Kris and Jay are best buddies and both will say when can we see each other as soon as they are apart. Sara loves to play with Lucy! The girls love to play dress up and play ponies together. What is neat about this is that Jay and Lucy both are special kids with special needs. They both deal with Sensory Issues just like our Kris.

Then it was off to release balloons for SeanPatrick. It was nice to do this once again from the cemetery. For our kids to understand that they have an older brother is important to us. What is neat is that this week has been a week of being grateful for what God has blessed us with. Jaron and I realized this week for the first time while looking at pictures of his big brother that he and SeanPatrick have the same ears. Jaron was so excited about this fact. It seemed to make his brother real to him.

From there we went out to see my uncles. My aunts had gone to Bingo...a favorite past time with them. It was so good to see my Uncle Dale and Uncle Bob. Although my Uncle Bob was a bit over taken by the kids. My kids get so excited about visiting new place. It's really hard on Kristofer because he doesn't know how to calm himself in new places. He really has a difficult time and this one wasn't any easier. We didn't stay long but they sure did fall in love with Uncle Dale. My Aunt Linda raises chickens. She has some beautiful ones. The kids fell in love with them and begged me to let them have some chickens of their own.

We stayed over night with some dear friends, Earl & Carla. They got to see Kris as well as the other 3 in their full hyperactive mode. I was so stressed and Carla was so calm. I know they had to drive her crazy. We had a great time visiting with them. The kids enjoyed getting to see all of the different things Earl has caught during his hunting trips. Earl even blessed us with a nice pancake, eggs and deer loaf for breakfast. What is deer loaf you might ask?! Well it deer meat, cheese, mushrooms all wrapped in biscuits baked in the oven. It was really good! I personally have a hard time eating deer, they are too beautiful. But I think cows are just as beautiful but I can eat a nice cheeseburger or steak anytime! I know its a mental thing....or at least I think it is.

Then we took the scenic route but eventually ended our trip at Elaine and Tim's place. It was such a nice treat to get to spend time with them! I think the next time we will make our trip start at their place! I wanted to spend more time with them than we could. They blessed us with dinner and the kids had a grand time playing with Josiah and Sam. Sara was taken with Kayla. She asked if we could have a baby sister as we drove home..... nice thought but not possible.

I love my friends! I love that we live so much closer now! Marty, Mike and Elaine are all college friends. Elaine and Marty were college roomies with me. We had so much fun living together. Not always, I remember Elaine and I really getting into a heated argument. But when it came time to decide who would stand up for us on our wedding day these three were at the top of the list! My sister was always at the top and not because she is my sister! I would not have it any other way. We also had my baby brother Bryan, Sean's brother Eugene, and my other best friend, Leah. Leah was my first roommate! Boy do we have memories! Then she became my sister n law. Not sure how that happened, God had plans I never even thought of but I sure am glad she is part of my family!

Nov 22, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday My Little Angel!

SeanPatrick Eugene Kelly
Nov 22, 1997
Born Quietly

Ten years ago today we were blessed with a precious little angel. For 9 months he kept us on our toes. Growing strong in the safety of his womb.
Laying gently in God's hands. He was a very energetic baby. We remember how he would respond to Sean's voice. It didn't matter if Daddy was singing praises to God or preaching to college students, if SeanPatrick heard his Daddy's voice he would start dancing and my bladder was the brunt of the attack. I remember distinctly one night while at Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship on the campus of Morehead State University, during our weekly service that He was very active.
It was almost as if he was shouting "amen, you go dad!"
He was a surprise to us not an accident as many would say! He surprised us with his presence just 3 months after we got married. Nine months later on a cold early morning my water broke startling me awake. I called Mom to let them know that my water broke and that I was waking up Sean and would be on our way to the hospital. I felt something was wrong but wasn't sure what. I just asked God to help me calm my fears, I thought it was just nerves. I remember as clear as day God ask me, "Do you trust Me?" I naturally said, "Yes!" Little did I know how my life would change that day. When we got to the hospital the nurse could not find his heart beat, something that had happened before. But the ultra sound confirmed our greatest fears. SeanPatrick was born quiet, with all ten toes and fingers and a head full of hair. His hair was so long we could make a pony tail with it and his hair was past his little sleeper collar. He was a beautiful baby. Whole and perfect! We learned later, that SeanPatrick was a gymnast. He had gotten tied up, around his small neck with the cord. I was told the cord was extremely short. When Kristofer was born he also had the cord wrapped around his neck and I was told then that it was a long cord.
The days that followed were a blur of emotion. Our dear friends, Pastor Gary & Rhonda Gray and Christy Cain wrote a special song for us to play at the funeral. Here is a copy of the lyrics from that song:

We Place You in His Hands

Tiny life so fragile, sent to earth from heaven's gate
Blessed our lives for just a little while,
a testimony of His grace
No harsh words were ever spoken, to dim your precious brow
We know you're in the safest place, in the arms of Jesus now
We give you back to God, we place you in His hands

We place you in the hands of the Father above
Knowing He will keep you safe within His love
We place you in the hands that calms the raging waves
Knowing that He is still able to save
We give you back to God, we place you in His hands

Ten years later and the pain is still as raw and fresh every year his birthday rolls around. His life touched many and forever changed ours. Because of his death we know of at least 2 people that accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. His funeral was beautiful and all those in attendance will say God was there with us and so were His angels. The day of SeanPatrick's funeral was a cold dreary fall day. When we were at the grave site sitting up on a hill in Eastern Kentucky, we sat under a tent and under that tent the presence of God was so strong! When we played, " We Place You in His Hands" the clouds broke and the sun shined down on us and SeanPatrick. The wind stopped and all was quiet for the brief moment the song played. At the end of the song "We give you back to God, We place you in His hands" a mighty wind came and almost took the tent. It was like the rush of angels wings as they took flight! The clouds closed and the sun disappeared. Those in attendance talked about what took place for weeks afterwards. We have no doubt that God sent His angels to be with us and our family as we released our precious son into Jesus' hands!

We hang these pictures I have posted on our family wall along with his brothers and sister. Our other children know that they have a big brother in heaven watching out for them and one day, when Jesus returns we will be reunited with SeanPatrick.

Nov 18, 2007

What we are thankful for...

This week many families will gather together, eat lots of turkey and pumpkin pie and then either clean dishes, watch football or fall asleep on the couch. Many may go through the day and never stop and thank our Heavenly Father for what He has blessed them with. Not us! Thanksgiving is not about turkey or pumpkin pie. It's about being thankful for how God has blessed our family and being thankful that we live in America! This year we have alot to be thankful for here in our house. Last year at this time we were packing to move from Florida to Illinois. We really were not able to concentrate on being thankful, just packing and trying to spend our last moments making memories for our kids with their cousins, Aunts & Uncles and Grandparents. This year will be our first Thanksgiving alone as a family. It will be a little different for us this year. We will celebrate on Wed. night, eat turkey and celebrate Thanksgiving. Why Wed you might ask...well Sean has to work that morning and as soon as he gets home we will load up the van and travel to KY for a few days to spend time with family and friends. Mostly to go place flowers and release balloons to thank God for giving us our little angel SeanPatrick ten years ago.
Each year we have asked the kids to tell us what they are thankful for. This year is no different...

Sara is thankful for: Judah (our dog), her dollies, princess pillow and good food

Eli is thankful for: his toys and lollipops

Kristofer is thankful for: His dinosaurs, cookies, kitties,
his girlfriend ~ Koreena, his toy duck and soda pop

Jaron is thankful for: A supportive family, his bunny, for food in our cabinets, for the toys and bike God blessed him with this year and for all of his cousins

Top 10 things I am thankful for this year!
1. I am very thankful for my salvation and the freedom that comes from God!
2. I am very thankful to serve a loving God who knows where I
need to be and when!
3. For my wonderful and loving Husband~Sean
4. My kids~ Jaron, Kristofer, Eli, Sara and my angel SeanPatrick
5. A home to live in, food to eat and clothes to wear.
6. Having medical insurance that paid for my gall bladder surgery and that
same insurance that has paid for my PT for my knee.
7. For my family, my parents and siblings and their spouses
8. For my friends, far and near
9. For the freedom we have in America to worship my Heavenly Father
10. For my kids who love to sing praises to God
What are you thankful for this year?? Take time to thank God for all that He has blessed you with this year!

Nov 10, 2007

Is it over yet??!!

Finally the weekend is here. Kristofer finally is better! Eli went back to school on Thursday. Kris could have gone on Friday but the kids did not have school. Naturally Mom gets hit hard on Thursday morning! Thankfully Sean was home and could care for Kris and get the twins to school. By Thursday afternoon I felt a bit better but still pretty drained. Although now on Sat night I am not feeling well again. I am hoping its just something that will pass.
Tomorrow will be our church's Thanksgiving Dinner. I believe everyone is looking forward to it. It's hard to tell some times. In the last month our church family has dealt with two deaths. It has taken its toll on a few of the people. SO please keep our small church in prayer. I believe tomorrow will be a great day to worship our Lord and celebrate all of His goodness in our lives.
I will post more about what I wanted to share today about being truely thankful in a few days and something else God has been showing me about His awesome plan for our lives. I am a bit down. I am no longer able to go to PT due to the doctors prescription and insurance issues. I am continueing the exercises that she gave me though! The PT feels like I should have progressed much farther and due to my knee giving out three times last Friday, She feels that I may need to have surgery to correct what ever is wrong with it. UGH! I go back to see the Orthopedic Surgeon the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. I am believing for healing and know God has a plan. Sometimes its hard to see that plan when you are in pain when you try to walk or fearful your knee will give out at any moment.
God does have a plan though! I know He does! In fact I am sure of it! Would be nice to be told a hint of how this situation with my knee will come out though!

Nov 6, 2007

Tummy Troubles

Our house has been hit by tummy troubles. Last week Sara woke and was so sick. She couldn't keep anything donw or in. When you have 4 kids things pass through them quickly. So later that week Eli and Jaron came down with a tummy bug. Well poor Kristofer, who already has issues with pottying is now sick with the tummy bug and Eli has it to. I have bleached and lysoled every door knob, cleaned all sheets and have done everything I can to get the "bug" out of the house. Hopefully thistoo shall pass. I feel so helpless when the kids are sick. I would rather it be me than them.

Nov 4, 2007


I know what a strange title but today has been one of those days! First let me tell you I am so proud of my boys, they are finally learning to lift the seat and Sara and I do not have to sit on wet seats anymore! But when it's 3 am and you wake cause you drank 24 oz of water before bedtime sitting on a wet seat would be much better than sitting in the toilet! Yes we are starting to master lifting the seat in the Kelly houses but now comes the even harder part...put it back down at least in the middle of the night guys! Yes I ended up in the toilet...not a pretty sight I might add! Needless to say that is how my day started today.
Ok, can someone please tell me what the fascination is of putting objects that do not belong in the toilet?? In the last year here is what we have fished, pulled and snaked out of the toilet....
Play dough
small poly pocket dolls
wash clothes
under wear
a cup
a spoon
army guys
small stuffed bear
today's find a night time pull-up that was way down inside the drain!
What is it with kids and toilets. It takes many kids a long time to even get how you use it and then they start (if they hadn't already) clogging it up...ugh!!!!
To make it worse even if it won't flush they still use it and they don't tell you it won't go down till after they have left a huge mess for, you guessed it, Mom to clean up. UGH!!!
Today is definitely a "Calgon take me away" moment! All day I have fantasized of how I would love to spend a few days or even one day alone just soaking in a tub without little kids banging on the door! Oh how that would be so much fun! It reminds me of a wonderful Women's retreat I went on last year or was it a couple of years ago...nice big spa tub, no kids around, nice time of soaking and lots of bubbles and oh...laughter lots of laughter on my part and a huge mess to clean up with more laughter! Another story I will gladly share another time....

Nov 1, 2007

Man's Best Friend

Today is dedicated to the best dog in the world.

Katie Joy

Nov 1997 – Nov 2006

Katie was and will always be my dog! I do not believe in cloning of any thing but this is one friend I would love to have back. Just mentioning her name brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. She was my friend. She always knew if I wasn’t feeling well. She also seemed to know when I was pregnant with the kids. She would lay on or near my stomach as much as she could as if she protect the babies. I remember the day we brought her home from the pound. She was so small that she could sit in my palm. We had no idea who big or small she would be but we fell in love with her instantly. Katie became my baby and stayed my baby till she died. She filled a place that was left empty when our first son was stillborn.
In the years that followed she became the protector of our children and playmate as well. When we brought Jaron home for the first time she jumped into my lap and smelled him, licked his nose and would laid down next to him on our bed. She never left his side. She loved him as much as we did. She loves all the kids. When we brought Kristofer home she was the same way and when the twins came home for the first time she would go from one to the other smelling them. I think it confused her as much as it confused the boys as to why we had two babies instead of just one. Katie was a true friend, protector and companion. If I could have her here with us today it would make everything perfect. Instead she is, I believe, in heaven keeping SeanPatrick company like she kept us company.