Nov 4, 2007


I know what a strange title but today has been one of those days! First let me tell you I am so proud of my boys, they are finally learning to lift the seat and Sara and I do not have to sit on wet seats anymore! But when it's 3 am and you wake cause you drank 24 oz of water before bedtime sitting on a wet seat would be much better than sitting in the toilet! Yes we are starting to master lifting the seat in the Kelly houses but now comes the even harder part...put it back down at least in the middle of the night guys! Yes I ended up in the toilet...not a pretty sight I might add! Needless to say that is how my day started today.
Ok, can someone please tell me what the fascination is of putting objects that do not belong in the toilet?? In the last year here is what we have fished, pulled and snaked out of the toilet....
Play dough
small poly pocket dolls
wash clothes
under wear
a cup
a spoon
army guys
small stuffed bear
today's find a night time pull-up that was way down inside the drain!
What is it with kids and toilets. It takes many kids a long time to even get how you use it and then they start (if they hadn't already) clogging it up...ugh!!!!
To make it worse even if it won't flush they still use it and they don't tell you it won't go down till after they have left a huge mess for, you guessed it, Mom to clean up. UGH!!!
Today is definitely a "Calgon take me away" moment! All day I have fantasized of how I would love to spend a few days or even one day alone just soaking in a tub without little kids banging on the door! Oh how that would be so much fun! It reminds me of a wonderful Women's retreat I went on last year or was it a couple of years ago...nice big spa tub, no kids around, nice time of soaking and lots of bubbles and oh...laughter lots of laughter on my part and a huge mess to clean up with more laughter! Another story I will gladly share another time....

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