Nov 26, 2008

What I've been up to.

ok so earlier today I said I wasn't going to post here and for you to check out Broken Potterie (my other blog). Well I finally finished my two projects. One being the tye-dye tshirts for the kids at church. ( which this picture is not the best was one of my first)

Also, the kids have been asking for bed tents. So I worked for 3 hours creating these fun areas complete with Christmas lights. I am exhausted!

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving! All of us have so many things to be thankful for this year. Even if its been a tough year for you, you can be thankful for another day to give God you best! I am not writing here today, I have a great message at my other blog today...hec it out by following the link to Broken Potterie.

Nov 25, 2008

Jaron is in the News!!

Creal Springs students celebrate Great American Smokeout

(Click on title to be take to the actual article, click on small picture under the main picture and you can see a pic of Jaron!)

By Matt Hawkins
Marion Daily Republican
Fri Nov 21, 2008, 11:07 AM CST
Creal Springs, Ill. -

Creal Springs School celebrated Thursday in style. Posters adorned one wall of the gym, while the cheerleaders and band pumped up the student body with a message — don't smoke.A pep rally culminated Thursday's Great American Smokeout, an annual anti-smoking event sponsored by the American Cancer Society.Students competed in a poster-design contest, one student wrote a book about the dangers of smoking and another made a t-shirt for the day. As of Thursday, 50 students turned in pledges promising to avoid smoking or tobacco products."It's become quite the deal," Creal Springs nurse Jessica Lennon said. "I didn't expect such a turnout."Cameron Stephens' shirt warned of smoking's dangers."My parents try to tell me not to smoke," he said. "I thought this would be a smart way to show people to not smoke."Several students got red-faced in a workout demonstrating smoking's effects on lungs. They tried to jog in place while breathing through a straw."It was hard," Chelsa Simmons said. "It feels like your lungs are small. It was hard to breathe."In the poster contest, Brad Rodriguez and Ryan James received top honors. Semi-finalists included Clayton Caplinger, Tayvin Robinson, Jaron Kelly, Damien Smith, Duncan Jornlin, Kyle Boaz, Dakotah Quertermous, Seth Hamilton, Kaylee Condoulis and Lecsee Akers.

Nov 24, 2008

A great little find!

Ok so today I have been trying to catch up on all my blog reading. Honestly I don't follow that many just those I have linked on the right. But I happened to take a trip over the The Preacher's Wife and she listed a link to a new site that she had been introduced to. So I thought hey why not could be new, fun, interesting... WHAT A GREAT BLOG! If you are like us and try to be good stewards of every penny God blesses you with this blog will be right up your alley! The "Cent"sible Sawyer gives all kinds of links to coupons, free-bees ideas on how to save. If anyone else knows of a great site or blog you want to pass along, send it my way!

Nov 22, 2008

Not just another day for us!

I am still under the weather. I thought I was better but then I was hit yesterday again. I think this time may be food poison but I am not sure. All I know is I hurt and I am so tired o being sick. I have offically lost 10 lbs over night just from beingsick. Dont worry I am making sure to stay hydrated.
On another note, 11 years ago today our first born son was born. SeanPatrick is in heaven having a grand time with Jesus and is great grandparents and grandpa. Each yer I think this year will be different, th pain will not be there, but it is. The ache to hold him one more time is always there. The what ifs, the wondering what his personality would have been like. The why it had to happen. All still there, never goes away.

SO today I say Happy Brithday SeanPatrick Egene Kelly, my precious little angel! We love you baby boy! We will always love you! Want to read more about our baby boy? Click here.

Nov 18, 2008

Under the Weather

Yesterday while shopping at my favorite store....Wal-Mart. I was suddenly hit by the worse stomach bug I have ever been hit by! I had the twins with me and let me tell you something, I am glad I know the layout of the store. I knew exactly how to get to the restroom quick! I truly thought all of my insides were about to explode and come hurling out of my mouth. Seriously though, you know I am sick when I stay in bed for more than 12 hours!
By the time I got home, after stopping several times to relieve my stomach on the side of the road, I walked into the house woke Sean up said "I'm sick," and fell in bed. I only got up to grace the bathroom a few times through out the afternoon and night. It was I must say the worse night of my life...or close to it! I have never had my stomach hurt so badly.
When the sun came up (which btw I was falling into bed at 1:00 PM) I felt much better. I am still really weak and my stomach is still hurting but nothing like yesterday! Now my only prayer is that my kids do not get this. Although last Thursday night Jaron and Sara were up vomiting so maybe I got this nasty bug from them. All I know is I do not care to ever have it visit me again!

Nov 17, 2008

Teddies are best!

My three growing boys all love their teddies. Jaron got Boggie when he as one. It was a birthday present from his Granma Dede. Boggie has been there through vaccinations, hospital visits, bedtimes,any time Jaron needed his little friend. Boggie still plays an important part of his life when he is sad or sick.
Kristofer has his Rexie. Kristofer has never been attached to stuffed animals. His dinosaurs yes but not stuffed animals. His Granma Dede also gave him a teddy bear named Boris but Boris never sparked that much interest in Kris. Until this year! For Kristofer's birthday he kept asking for a nice loving teddy bear. So we got him one, picked out a cute outfit with a dinosaur on him and we surprised him. Rexie has not left his side! He wants Rexie to go with him to school but it's not allowed. So we decided today that w should take a picture and later we will print it out and he can take Rexi with him to school. A comforter when he is stressed and overwhelmed.
This morning before the boys went to school we took these pictures. Eli was still sleeping so when he got up I took his picture with his bear named Teddy. Eli named his bear all by himself. He loves him a bunch and a few weeks ago Teddy got an x-ray with Eli when we had to take Eli to the hospital due to his breathing difficulties...croup.

Nov 12, 2008

The boys

Just wanted to share a couple of pictures today. Over the weekend Kristofer lost one of the top front teeth and today he brought home the other. Now I guess he could sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" lol! He looks to cute with them out. We had a hard time understanding him before, now it is truly difficult!
Then we have the teenager wanna be! Jaron found my prescription sunglasses and loves them. I think he looks mighty handsome with them on. He is such a great kid! Been such a helper lately around the house and with the kids. He has started reading the younger ones stories before bedtime. Normally I do it but lately he as wanted to do it. The other kids love it. He is growing up so fast. It's hard to believe he will be 9 in March.
My boys. I love all three! They are great kids!

Nov 9, 2008

Not here today..over here.

If you came here to read something today....sorry I am blogging over here. Come read what the Lord laid on my heart this week and today! It is powerful! So come chck it out at Broken other blog.

Nov 7, 2008

Playing in the Leaves

Today I took my camera with me to pick up the kids from school. Enjoy these wonderful pictures!
Eli's nice goose egg on his forehead. He fell head first down two steps out of the school bleachers.
As you can see the kids had a blast today playing in our neighbors leaves. Yesterday the trees were full but over night the wind from the cold front that came in blew them all off. Much to the joy of the kids!

Nov 4, 2008

Teacher Conferences

Yesterday afternoon was the dreaded teacher conferences. No it wasn't really dreaded. Our kids are great kids and do well in school and have never been in trouble. So for that am SO THANKFUL! I met with Jaron's teacher first. She is an interesting person. I will lave it at that! Although I know she is a good teacher and Jaron is enjoying the class she is different. It was good to know that Jaron is doing well. His teacher stressed what a positive influence he is on his peers and how well behaved he is in class. That makes a Momma's heart soar with pride!
Then it was off to talk with Kristofer's teacher and special ed teacher. Honestly I talk with them so much that last night was a recap basically. But I did learn some things that really encouraged me! The biggest question I had was, "how much work is Kris doing in the classroom compared to the resource room?" YAY! Kris is doing 98% of his work in the classroom! This is HUGE! It means that once or twice a week other than tests, he may take a worksheet to finish with the special ed teacher. Otherwise when he spends time with her he is actually doing other things to increase his reading skills. Which he is very low on but they are seeing improvements and that is very encouraging too!

Oh Something I wanted to let my readers know...I have a new blog. It's called Broken Potterie. When I first started this blog my intentions were to use it to update our extended family on the goings on of our family. This way family members from Florida to NY to Colorado could keep up to date and feel a part of our lives from afar. Since starting it I have realized I have a desire to write more about spiritual things, devotions that truly touch my heart, a journal so to speak. An honest open discussion of the struggles and valleys an the mountain top experiences. So I have started a new blog. I hope to write daily there but I can't promise that. I have been writing on another site under the same title but decided to bring it here close the other site and let my faithful readers know about it. On the other site I kept it private but that doesn't encourage anyone and I want Broken Potterie to do just that, encourage others to know;
1. You are not alone in your struggles!
2. Even Pastors and Pastor's wives struggle!
3. There is hope when you trust in Jesus!
4. We are all human and have flaws!
There is a link to Broken Potterie on the right under the blogs I follow. Come by check it out and let me know what you think!

Nov 3, 2008


The other night we went to the church fall fellowship dinner and I tried to use the night setting on my camera. Well I have no idea how to use it but let me tell you it wasn't pretty at all! But the picture below is one of my favorite from the few I took and that actually came out. It's pretty neat don't you think!
I love the fact that despite the confusion surrounding Kristofer you still see his beautiful face! Just like this picture you have to stay focused on God through the storms, turmoil and confusion that may surround you! When you stay focused you are more apt to see Him working amidst the confusion.

Nov 2, 2008

More Fall Colors!

As promised here are some more fall colors for my friends and family in Florida who do not get to see such beautiful colors. This week we had our first frost of the year and the very next day the colors seemed to POP! This is a tree on the side of the house.

This tree sits in our neighbors front yard. This picture does NOT give it justice!

This little tree sits in our front yard, the church is sitting next to it.(white building)

This is the view from our front porch. This picture again does not give this tree justice. It is absolutely gorgeous! Here right now. The leaves are really starting to fall.
Tonight we had a Fall Fellowship out at the lake. It is so much fun! Everyone brings their favorite soup and dessert to share and we roast hot dogs over a camp fire. We had a great turn out with two new families that showed up! It was great fun! I made a blueberry cake. SO simple!!! Just a white cake (boxed) then when it is cooled use frozen blueberries (thawed) add them to a blueberry pie filling and spread over the top of the cake. Then to top it off I spread a whole tub of cool whip over the blueberry stuff. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS! Everyone seemed to really like it! Just Yummy and simple to make! I am all about simple!!!