Nov 17, 2008

Teddies are best!

My three growing boys all love their teddies. Jaron got Boggie when he as one. It was a birthday present from his Granma Dede. Boggie has been there through vaccinations, hospital visits, bedtimes,any time Jaron needed his little friend. Boggie still plays an important part of his life when he is sad or sick.
Kristofer has his Rexie. Kristofer has never been attached to stuffed animals. His dinosaurs yes but not stuffed animals. His Granma Dede also gave him a teddy bear named Boris but Boris never sparked that much interest in Kris. Until this year! For Kristofer's birthday he kept asking for a nice loving teddy bear. So we got him one, picked out a cute outfit with a dinosaur on him and we surprised him. Rexie has not left his side! He wants Rexie to go with him to school but it's not allowed. So we decided today that w should take a picture and later we will print it out and he can take Rexi with him to school. A comforter when he is stressed and overwhelmed.
This morning before the boys went to school we took these pictures. Eli was still sleeping so when he got up I took his picture with his bear named Teddy. Eli named his bear all by himself. He loves him a bunch and a few weeks ago Teddy got an x-ray with Eli when we had to take Eli to the hospital due to his breathing difficulties...croup.

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