Nov 4, 2008

Teacher Conferences

Yesterday afternoon was the dreaded teacher conferences. No it wasn't really dreaded. Our kids are great kids and do well in school and have never been in trouble. So for that am SO THANKFUL! I met with Jaron's teacher first. She is an interesting person. I will lave it at that! Although I know she is a good teacher and Jaron is enjoying the class she is different. It was good to know that Jaron is doing well. His teacher stressed what a positive influence he is on his peers and how well behaved he is in class. That makes a Momma's heart soar with pride!
Then it was off to talk with Kristofer's teacher and special ed teacher. Honestly I talk with them so much that last night was a recap basically. But I did learn some things that really encouraged me! The biggest question I had was, "how much work is Kris doing in the classroom compared to the resource room?" YAY! Kris is doing 98% of his work in the classroom! This is HUGE! It means that once or twice a week other than tests, he may take a worksheet to finish with the special ed teacher. Otherwise when he spends time with her he is actually doing other things to increase his reading skills. Which he is very low on but they are seeing improvements and that is very encouraging too!

Oh Something I wanted to let my readers know...I have a new blog. It's called Broken Potterie. When I first started this blog my intentions were to use it to update our extended family on the goings on of our family. This way family members from Florida to NY to Colorado could keep up to date and feel a part of our lives from afar. Since starting it I have realized I have a desire to write more about spiritual things, devotions that truly touch my heart, a journal so to speak. An honest open discussion of the struggles and valleys an the mountain top experiences. So I have started a new blog. I hope to write daily there but I can't promise that. I have been writing on another site under the same title but decided to bring it here close the other site and let my faithful readers know about it. On the other site I kept it private but that doesn't encourage anyone and I want Broken Potterie to do just that, encourage others to know;
1. You are not alone in your struggles!
2. Even Pastors and Pastor's wives struggle!
3. There is hope when you trust in Jesus!
4. We are all human and have flaws!
There is a link to Broken Potterie on the right under the blogs I follow. Come by check it out and let me know what you think!

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Jessica Smith said...

Hey...I feel like a broken pot right now...*smiles*

Thanks for who you are and what GOd does in you!