Nov 18, 2008

Under the Weather

Yesterday while shopping at my favorite store....Wal-Mart. I was suddenly hit by the worse stomach bug I have ever been hit by! I had the twins with me and let me tell you something, I am glad I know the layout of the store. I knew exactly how to get to the restroom quick! I truly thought all of my insides were about to explode and come hurling out of my mouth. Seriously though, you know I am sick when I stay in bed for more than 12 hours!
By the time I got home, after stopping several times to relieve my stomach on the side of the road, I walked into the house woke Sean up said "I'm sick," and fell in bed. I only got up to grace the bathroom a few times through out the afternoon and night. It was I must say the worse night of my life...or close to it! I have never had my stomach hurt so badly.
When the sun came up (which btw I was falling into bed at 1:00 PM) I felt much better. I am still really weak and my stomach is still hurting but nothing like yesterday! Now my only prayer is that my kids do not get this. Although last Thursday night Jaron and Sara were up vomiting so maybe I got this nasty bug from them. All I know is I do not care to ever have it visit me again!

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