Jan 31, 2008

Snow and Gum

First off let me just share that right now it is the quiet before the storm. We are expecting anywhere between 4 -8 inches of snow here tonight. The kids are ready and excited! They are already planning how they are going to bomb their Daddy. If we do get that much it will be the most we have seen since moving here. So far this morning we have a lite dusting and around noon we had freezing rain.
There is something very interesting about snow flakes. Not a single one is thhe same as another. All are unique, different a beautiful. The first time I saw snow falling from the sky I was in awe. I still am every time. I think I get just as excited as the kids do. God is so awesome! He uses snow flakes to show us just how wonderful He is. He also uses them to show us that just like the snow flakes each one of us is unique and He loves us all just the same.

Just a quick note on my progress...

Since my incision is no longer draining and is healing very well I no longer have to have the bandages on it. This helps greatly because I seem to be allergic to the glue on the tape. I just have to watch how the brace effects the staples. My pain level is getting better. In fact I plan to start taking Tylenol during the day and the stronger meds at night so I can sleep through the night. I doubt it will happen cause I have not been able to sleep much. One night since the surgery. Last night I was up most of the night in pain despite the meds. Yesterday Jaron ran right into my leg when I was sitting in the wheel chair and Eli wacked it with a toy. Both were accidents and both the boys were pretty upset about hurting me before I even said anything. The night before that Kris kicked my knee directly on my staples...again a complete accident, he was trying to snuggle with me. All inall the kids have been very helpful and caring. They have been big helpers for Sean and me. They even have been keeping the house cleaned up and have also helped clean up after baths. Probably cause my room is the party room. The kids have set up the Playstation 2 in my room so they have been pretty much in my room where they can play games or be on the computer playing games as well.

I saw this on another blog I read daily and thought it was just
too hysterical not to add to mine. Hope you get a good laugh too!

Government Warning


Jan 30, 2008

Knees .... very important body part!

Did you ever think about how much your knees mean to your body? Your feet too but this is about my knees. With out them you have no ability to stand, sit, climb, walk or run! I know this cause for four long months I have been in pain and now after having a TTT (Fulkerson Procedure) done this past Monday Jan 21, I am in even more pain!

I am looking forward to my goal of mobility so I can go forward in my quest to loose the extra weight my knees do not need to have against them anymore. The surgery was successful and despite the pain (drugs are great!) I know eventually all this shall too pass.
I started this post a few days ago. I just haven't had the energy to complete it so hopefully I will tonight. For those that care, knee surgery like mine HURTS!!! I have spent the last 8 days in pain. Yes I have pain meds and yes I take them religiously but I always end up in pain. I am sure that soon that will change (I HOPE) but let me tell you something...

When you have an extremity hurting and your body doesn't and your head says I want to go do something other than lie here it is an emotional roller coaster!That is what I feel like I am on this past week. One minute I am fine, pain free and happy then next I am crying, in pain and frustrated.

I have had some good progress this week. I reach my one week post op and I no longer have "blood rushes". Blood rushes are when you stand after having your leg elevated for a while and all the blood literally rushes to the incision site. Oh man does it hurt. How to explain it...hmmm...ah I know. Think of when your foot falls asleep after sitting on it for a while. The pins and needles feeling you get well think of that feeling and multiply it like Niagara Falls! It is terrible. I can compare it to the worse contraction you can think of just before delivering a baby! It is so painful!

Thankfully that has dulled and seems to be almost gone. Thankfully! Now I have the aching of my bone where it was chipped and then had screws put in. I know this is all part of surgery so don't write and say you knew this. Cause honestly I didn't know I would have this kind of pain.

Not only am I dealing with pain from inside the leg but the outside is terrible as well. My skin 2-3 inches surrounding the incision is highly sensitive to touch. Which makes it difficult to have the brace on. It feels like a terrible sunburn I had once and had to wear a shirt on. Just plain hurts. Thankfully I can undue the straps on the brace to let my skin breath. My incision is doing well. It is 6 1/2 inches long and has 26 staples that will be coming out on Feb 4th. I am looking forward to that day!

Personally this has been life changing. I completely get that my weight problem is a MAJOR problem. It has effected my life in more ways than one. Although my knee problem is not due to my weight, it is due to mal-tracking patella, my weight does effect my knee and mobility. I have already taken steps to cut my calories and as soon as I am able I plan to get as active as I am able to. Right now I am following my PT's orders and doing what I can to strengthen my leg as well as my opposite leg. I am doing all I can physically to be active. It takes everything I have to just walk around my bed and get into the wheel chair in the hall. No one understand the energy I expend when doing this other than my PT. She fulls appreciates my efforts. She has pushed me to increase the exercises she has given me but let me tell you its not easy.

I am amazed at how much strength I lost in just an hour of surgery. The night before the surgery I was fully able to do 3 reps of 30 per each exercise, now I am working to just hit a 1 rep of 10. It is difficult but I know I will get there and beyond.

Last night was the first in many months that I was actually able to get a good nights sleep. Amazingly I was able to get comfortable and sleep. I would not go as far as saying I was pain free cause had it not been for my pain meds I probably would not of been able to sleep at all. But it was a good nights sleep. I felt good all day till I did my PT. Then the pain started in and was very uncomfortable. Ice packs are my best friend right now.

Oh and I can't go on any farther without saying THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!! Without their help last week I wold never had been able to have the surgery! They once again went above and beyond what needed to be done. Our kids loved having them here! (I will post a picture of all of them tomorrow). Also a huge thankful goes out to my loving and wonderful husband! he has been so loving, gentle and caring despite me biting his head off and yelling at him. He understands that I am in a great deal of pain. He is so good with the kids! He is doing a great job of caring for me and the kids as well as staying on top of the house work. I love him more every day and I can't thank God enough for placing such a wonderful man in my life! Without him I would not be able to handle any of this! I love you Seany!

So I hope to stay on top of the blogging from now on. I will try to post how I am doing daily and how I have improved or not daily. Please keep me in your prayers if you are reading this but also keep Sean in prayer just as much!

Jan 22, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Eli & Sara

Happy Birthday Eli & Sara

Their 1st birthday!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to Eli & Sara!
Happy Birthday to you!

Four years ago at 12:04 am & 12:12 am
on Jan 22, 2004
Eli and Sara came bursting into this world,
naturally (no c-section).Eli came first with his small
little cry weighing 5 lbs 1 ounce & 16.5 inches long.
Sara came came behind him, small and quiet.
Sara was born with her sac intact and Dr Doyle-Vallery
had to break it open. Sara weighed 4 lbs 8 ounces
& 16 inches long. It took her a while and a lot of work by
the nurses but she finally squeaked out a small cry.

Both were rushed to the NICU where they would
spend their first 3 weeks of life.

Little Ms Sara

Little Master Eli

Those first few days were long and tiring for everyone!

You can tell them apart from the beginning not bcause one was a boy
and the other a girl but because Eli had a bunch of hair and Sara didn't.
The pictures above - First time I got to hold Sara...she was 4 days old
and Eli's first open eyed picture. He was 8 days old here.

They have grown so fast! The first year was pretty
much a blur! I cherished each moment I had with them I just
remember every moment. Having twins is a wild and exciting
adventure. I have learned more, laughed and cried more having
these two wonderful kids in my life! My (gran) Mom aways told
me she wanted one of her granchildren to have twins. Had she lived
long enough she would have gotten her wish.
These two are so much fun!

Part of the Diaper head crew!
Big Stuff here!

Our favorite time of day!

Bath Time!

So Sweet..sharing Mommies drink!

Aha! It's mine!! (Both were giggling!)

Dec 2007

So today we celebrated and the kids were so excited to see their bikes! I do not have pictures of that but let me tell you Eli screamed for Sara to come see the bikes. Too funny how they alwasy call for each other! Here are just a few more pictures of today's celebration!

Jan 16, 2008

Barking Dog

Yesterday afternoon I took time to go over to the church and pray. I highly recommend going to the prayer time your church has to offer or take a lunch or dinner break and go spend time at your church at the altar and pray. There is just something about being at the altar and praying that makes a difference for me when I pray. Don't get me wrong praying during my quiet time is always good when I am not being interrupted by the kids, my husband or just family life stuff. Being at the altar is a special place for me. Anyway on Tuesday nights we have designated it as Praise n Prayer. Occasionally we have one other person that shows up besides ourselves. Yes that sounds bad and yes it does upset us that no one comes out. Does it shock us, not really we generally only have 10 people come out for mid week services. Our largest services are our Sunday morning and evening services.

Anyway, the last few months have been rather difficult on me personally. With my gall bladder surgery and my knee problems and now my surgery coming up on Monday I have just been in a funk mentally. So I went to spend time alone with God, just Him and me at the altar. It was so good. In fact I plan to go this afternoon before our midweek service just to pray and give God the praise He so deserves. But I have to tell you sometimes when you are at the altar its not always a nice feel good situation. Sometimes you get rebuked by the Lord and that doesn't always feel so good! That is what happened to me yesterday.

You see behind the parsonage and next to the church is another home and a caged, mean pit bull. Now please don't write me and tell me you own a pit bull and its a sweet loving dog. I know that all pits are not mean. But this one is and has attacked other dogs and has bitten at least one child. Why it has not been put down I don't know, but we are constantly stressing to our kids to stay away from the cage and they are basically scared to even be on that side of the back yard anyway. This dog does nothing but bark mostly at his shadow but he is always barking at something usually at 3 in the morning or some other odd hour of the night. Anyway, what God showed me was rather hard to accept but I realized He was right. You see while I was praying the dog started barking again. It was a distraction to me and it really was bothering me.

That is when the Lord showed me that my focus has not been on Him the last few months. I wanted to argue but realized it was the truth. He showed me that satan is just like that barking dog. He barks and barks and barks and instead of believing on the promises of God, praying and reading His word I have been letting the barking of satan dictate my life. You see satan does all he can to distract us by barking. Those barks (noise) can come in any form he can imagine and he is not that imaginative he uses the same tactics all the time. His favorites to distract me are: financial problems, health related problems, self esteem issues, my weight, past hurts, ect.

What God showed me is this: satan is going to keep barking!

We have to decide if we are going to listen to his lies
or are we going to listen to God's promises?

As for me I am taking a stand and plan to use God's word as ear muffs to block the barking of satan. I plan to stand on God's promises and not satan's lies. I am a child of the King of Kings, the Creator of all things, The Alpha and Omega. His Word tells me that the steps of a righteous man/woman are order by Him and as long as we are following Him and seeking after Him for direction then whatever comes our way is not a surprise to Him and we can rest assure that He has a plan to get us around, over or through the difficult times. Sometimes you have to walk through the fire - He will be there, you'll not be burned! Sometimes you have to walk through the waters (floods) - He will be there, you'll not be drowned! For He is always with His children!
There is a song we use to sing in church it goes a little like this:

Whose report will you believe?
I will believe the report of the Lord.
His report says I am healed,
His report says I am free,
His report says victory!
So who do you plan to believe today?
Do you plan to listen to the barking dog?
Or like me do you plan to listen to God's
promises and make your stand?

Jan 13, 2008

One week and counting

Well the official count down has started. The kids are counting down the days till Granma Dee-Dee and Grampy Mac-Mac get here. I am counting down the days till the surgery. Honestly I never thought the last 6 weeks would fly by so fast! It was the week after Thanksgiving that we made the decision to go forward with the surgery and now we are a week away. Just seems so fast! There have been many days lately that I think maybe we should cancel the surgery or postpone it. But then I have days like I have had the last few days and realize I have to do this to get my life back! The last 4 days have been nothing but constant pain and my knee giving out on me. It's not a pleasant feeling when you can literally touch your knee cap and can feel it go back in place (or in my case back to where it started but not in place completely due to
I have been working hard at getting things organized and such for my mom and for Sean. Thankfully Mom has already been here once before after I had gall bladder surgery and she knows the basic routine of the house. Sean does to but it is usually me that says, ok Sean this has to be done or its time for this when it comes to the kids. Now I have posted up on my wall a Helping Hands chart so the kids as well as Sean knows what chores they are responsible for. I also have a chart with the usual activities for the afternoon such as homework starts at 4:30 and the bedtime routine. It should make the week my parents are here go smoother for Sean. This way he has something to look at instead of asking me. Specially since I will be in the hospital for a few days.
I think I have gotten everything ready. We have purchased the wood for the ramp my father will make so it is easier to get in the house, will be picking up the wheel chair on Sat, have a bunch of gel ice packs ready (been advised to have a bunch!), got a few puzzle books for me to do since tv is not that great during the day and I probably won't get much access to the computer. Trying to think ahead and stay ahead of the game. Should prove to be interesting that much I can say!
This week 4 years ago, I was in the hospital trying desperately to stop our twins from coming too soon. The little boogers just wanted to make sure they debuted much sooner than they needed to. Those days I wasn't counting down I was trying to keep counting forward in how many days they stayed in gestation. They made it to 33 weeks 4 days. It's amazing how much a day can make in the womb to a little preemie. I can't believe my "babies" are going to be 4 on Tuesday. My goodness the days go by so fast! It's hard to not think of them as my babies and then Eli will say things like, "I'm not a baby anymore Mom!" Normally it's "Mommy this and Mommy that" today it was "Mom (Eli -giggle) I can do it myself!" Once they were born then it became the count down to when we could bring them home. For us thankfully it was only 3 weeks later (the longest 3 weeks of my life!). They came home Feb 13...our Valentine's Day gifts!
Boy I remember so much from then, not much from the first year just the first weeks. But that is another blog I plan to do later in the week for their birthday. I can tell you that we plan to celebrate their birthday on Sunday, instead of their actually day the 22nd due to my surgery. So I will make sure to post pictures of them opening gifts and blowing out candles as well.
Good night all!

Jan 11, 2008

Visitors from Outside

Ever wonder why God created different things? I do all the time.
Some being spiders, snakes and other poisonous animals. Oh sure
I know from my classes in biology and zoology that all things
have a purpose on this planet. Gee doesn't the Bible basically
tell us that God created everything and in His view
everything was perfect.

So we know that without spiders we would have much more
insects to deal with, without snakes probably more rodents
and other small critters. Everything has a purpose and I am
sure that the purpose of a mouse is to feed the snake and
other predators such as large birds and even cats.
So here is my question if God did not create the snake
then He would not have had to create the mouse right?
Ok some of you may be wondering why I am blogging
about this subject. Well we have "visitors from outside"
captured in my washing machine.
Yes captured! Don't believe me?
Then scroll down and look at the pictures!

Yes those are little mice, little brown field mice captured
in my washing machine! They are scared to death and I
have no idea how to extract them! I found them this
morning. I went to pour in the laundry soup and and saw
something out of the corner of my eye, looked down and
surprise! (I had left the lid open last night after doing a load of wash.)

Now you have to understand, I love mice when they are
pets, in fact I have had many mice as pets. Mice, I say
because I have always started with two and ended up
with a small colony to find homes for. But these are not
pet mice these are wild ones who are terrified at this
moment. Needless to say I will not be getting laundry
done today! I have had bad experiences with wild mice in
my life! When I was a teenager I had gone out to our laundry
room and a few little critters ran across my path. I am sure
my family thought it was hilarious but I rather distinctly
remember screaming and jumping up and down. In my fright I
had jumped on and squished a small mouse. It is funny now
that I am older, I can laugh and I know my family laughs about it.
But when it comes to these in my washing machine or others
that we have had running through our garage and house
(in Nov when we had our first super cold blast we had a small colony
try to take over..they thought our house was the place to find
warmth..not they found mouse traps!).

As for the fate of these two, probably will end the same as the
colony, but how to extract them, I shall leave that to Sean to figure out!

Jan 7, 2008

So they call it puppy love!

My little man when he was 3!

My little man, Kristofer is in love. Ok yes he is only 5 1/2 yrs old.

But to him he is in love. I wrote on this previously about him

declaring he was going to marry Koreena and have some kids.

Love You

Every first Monday of the month we take the kids from our

church skating. They look forward to it and have to earn the right

to go through attendance. If they come no less than twice a month

the church pays their way, otherwise they have to pay their own

way. Well tonight Jaron and Kristofer went and had a ball. They

are so excited and worn out when they come in from skating for 2 hours.

He directed them straightto the bath and that is when we learn that

our little Kristofer has not only skated all night with his girlfriend,

as he calls her, but he was seen hugging and "kissing" her on the

cheek and lips. UGH!!!!!

So here we are thinking oh we have at least another 10 years

before we talk about kissing girls with the boys and now we are

sitting in the bathroom discussing what is and isn't allowed.

Now we could just let itpass and say nothing. BUT these two sit together

in school, play togetherat recess and see each other at church.

They already get each other in trouble as it is.

So here I am telling Kris, "Yes I know you really like her and I

know she likes you too, but you are not old enough to kiss a girl."

Sure I am! "Well Kris our rules are no kissing the girls until

you are older." But I am older I am almost 6.

Jaron just laughs...he thinks this is so funny!

So I am hoping that with our talk and with Sean's talk we will not

be getting a call or a note home about inappropriate behavior in class.

I think I will just fall over if we do....

And everyone says, Wait till they are teenagers....

Beating Heart

Jan 6, 2008

Thoughts on Surgery


Well I guess this says it all!
Actually this is as close as I could get to
what I will be looking like in two weeks.
In reality I have been on crutches for 4 months now,
since Aug 30, 2007 to be exact. It looks like I will
continue to be on crutches for at least another
10-12 weeks. UGH! Although the first 6-8 weeks I
will not be allowed to even put my toe down, which
should definitely make life interesting to say the least!
Let alone the pain I have been told to expect. Good
thing there are pain medicines in our world today!

So what have I learned so far about
my journey through knee pain...

1. Don't take your knees for granted.
2. Your knees are your mobility...the biggest part!

3. Sitting down and standing up is controlled by your knees!

4. Being over weight your whole life truly does affect

more than just yourself....it affects your family too!

Oh I am sure there are a lot more points I have learned

in the last 4 months and am about to learn in the next 4.
I am busy preparing my family and my house for
a huge change. God is definitely teaching me humility,
dependence on Him and others, and that I have no control
over anything. I can not control my environment and I can
not control the out come. What I can do is trust in the
Creator of the Universe and know that as long as I
live for Him and trust He knows what is best that I am
going to be fine. Peace comes from the Father above!

Yes I will be honest I am scared! Not really of the surgery,
but yes I'll admit it, what if I don't wake up...what if something
bad is found...what if the surgery doesn't help...what if....
I am nervous about the weeks following the surgery,
the pain, the rehab & the pain that comes with it.
I am nervous about how Sean will maintain our
household, work and still Pastor our church efficiently.
I am nervous about the kids and them not understanding
why Mommy can't get in bed "with them" or let them
sit on my lap, or that I can't give them their baths.

Well instead of concentrating on the "what ifs" I am going
to trust my judgement that I have been lead to and
I have chosen the best Doctor for this surgery and for me.
I am going to concentrate on getting better as soon as I can,
so I can start my new healthy life.
This has already changed my life!

I am going to concentrate this year on getting to a healthier weight
for my knees but mainly for my life. I want to be around when my
grandchildren are growing up. I truly do want to live my life
to its fullest and I have not done so in the last 37 years.
God is a God of mercy, grace, strength, and HE is my all in all!
Through Him I can and will accomplish my life goals,
be at a healthy weight and look fabulous!

I declare:
"This shall surely not be me in a year!"

Jan 4, 2008

Face Plant

Earlier this afternoon the kids and I took a trip into town...to Wal Mart.
Sean has to work today, a double....6 am - 10 pm which means he will be home around 11pm. We celebrated our anniversary last night. One of the dear ladies in our church called me last week and offered to watch them so we could have a date! It is the first dinner date we have had since we moved here 14 months ago. Oh we have had grocery dates where we go shopping for groceries while the kids are in school and usually we have to grab lunch on the way. So last night was a treat!!! We ate at Applebee's and thoroughly enjoyed just couple time.We had a great conversation and dinner and we ended our evening by going to Starbucks and having a deliciously warm mocha latte. AHHHH!!!

Anyway, today after we had a relatively good shopping trip...remember I am on crutches with 4 kids walking through a super busy Super Wal-Mart. There was no fighting, no screaming or hitting and no one ran off! YEA! Needless to say we never can make it out of Wal Mart without something interesting happening. Poor Eli! He decided he wanted to walk so he and Kris traded places in the riding cart. We were a few cars away from the van when Eli made a face plant into the black top. No arms to stop him, all I heard was a loud thud and looked down and there was Eli on the ground in front of the cart next to me. I scooped him up as he was trying to catch his breath. Poor baby has a really nice goose egg on his forehead and a scrapped upper lip. his first words were "I just wanted to walk" through tears. Just broke my heart! Poor Jaron he was the one pushing the cart and he thought he caused it. It was partially his fault cause he ran his foot over but it was really Eli's because he knows not to walk in front of the cart when Jaron is pushing!

Anyway wanted to show off Eli's bump... oh, he is fine by the way, he has been playing just fine this afternoon but I will continue to keep my eye on him...this stuff always scares me...

Poor Eli
Side view...see how far it sticks out!

11 Wonderful Years!

Today is our 11th Anniversary! YEA We made it! Honestly each year we make it is like giving satan a black eye. With so many marriages ending in divorce or separation I feel like
we have accomplished something each year!

So let me share a few things about my love. Sean is the most gentlest man I know. He is quiet spoken and most would say he seems to be in his own world alot. Always in his thoughts I guess you could say! He is the smartest man I have ever met. You want to know something about history ~ ask Sean, want to know something about other religions ~ ask Sean, want to know something about the Bible ~ ask Sean, music? ~ ask Sean! Getting the theme ~ JUST ASK SEAN! He has passion for Christ and wants other people to really "get it!"

He is a writer at heart and writes beautiful pieces...in fact he has his own blog... http://www.matthew16-3.blogspot.com/

When it comes to being a dad he is great! He does his best to get involved with the kids. Last year was the first time I saw him take the boys to sporting events. Sean loves football, baseball and basketball. Last year he took Jaron and Kristofer the the school basketball games. The first time either had experienced this game. Last spring you could find Sean and Jaron playing catch. Jaron listening to every word of encouragement. At night Sean always tells the boys and Sara bunny stories. He brings Tido our bunny in their bedrooms and uses the poor bunny as a prop and tells them stories. I am never allowed in by the request of the kids. It's Daddy time!
Sean is my best friend, lover, and husband. He is my knight in shining armor!
He is my everything! With out him my life would be empty. He knows my deepest secrets, thoughts and desires. He is my biggest supporter and I know just as I am his biggest fan he is mine. I love him deeply! I am still just as crazy about him now as I was 12 years ago. Actually it will be 14 years that we have known each other in Aug. We have gone through the death of our son, three of my grandparents, the halting of an adoption, all super hard on us. But we also have walked through victory after victory! The birth of Jaron, Kristofer and the much to our surprise twins ~ Eli and Sara! I will never forget the look on his face and his reaction when the ultra sound tech said "So what do you think about twins?" He asked for smelling salts!
What is even funnier is we had talked about what if we are having twins on the ride to the ultrasound that day!
We have laughed and cried and laughed some more!
I am looking forward to the next 30 years and what it may bring our way.
Life is a journey and I could never imagine taking this journey without him in my life.
Thank you Sean for 11 wonderful years of commitment!
YES I'd marry you again even knowing all we would go through.
I love you baby!

Jan 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!

My prayer for all of you is that God would richly and

abundantly bless you and yours with good health,

strength and a harvest too big to contain,

may your barns be full of provision for you so that

your overflow may bless a multitude of others!

Our New Year's Eve Party...

Basically the kids and I made homemade pizzas tonight and they watched a smorgage board of movies ranging from "Cars" to cartoons of "The Hulk". Sean spent time praying at the church when we were making dinner and I spent time searching for more info on my impending knee surgery.

Let me tell you something about this impending knee surgery...I am a little uneasy to be honest. I found a great site called http://www.kneeguru.co.uk/KNEEtalk/index.php
it has message boards and general info. I love the message boards because there are real people sharing their experiences with the surgery and post-op about the same surgery I am having. There are so many different experiences. Some leave the same day of the surgery and others leave 3 days after. Some are able to have weight bearing and others not for 6wks to 6 mo. All have said the first 2-3 weeks are the worse for pain and mobility and I do not look forward to that! Thankfully my parents will be here the first week and Sean has asked for the next two weeks off. He may end up using all of his sick time and vacation time up just to help me and that bothers me. We have been hoping and planning to take a week vacation to NY in the spring and a week to Florida late summer/early fall. This may put a bit of a damper on our plans. The surgery and my thoughts are worth a blog of their own....

Later close to midnight eastern time, Sara and I could be found in her room cleaning and rearranging. She did more playing and rearranging her doll house furniture while I did most of the cleaning and rearranging of her furniture and toy houses. The boys could be heard playing super heroes in the living room. All waiting for midnight here Southern Illinois. Right now all of them are watching Santa Clause 3 for the umpteenth time while I am trying to get my knee to relax as I type this. Sean is working. Although we are grateful that he is working it is the first time in 12 years that we are not together on New Years Eve. (Sean you own me a dance and a kiss! ~ Love you honey!)

I do hope you all are having a safe and happy new year's celebration! I also hope that one your your resolutions this year is to draw closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
Be blessed!