Jan 4, 2008

Face Plant

Earlier this afternoon the kids and I took a trip into town...to Wal Mart.
Sean has to work today, a double....6 am - 10 pm which means he will be home around 11pm. We celebrated our anniversary last night. One of the dear ladies in our church called me last week and offered to watch them so we could have a date! It is the first dinner date we have had since we moved here 14 months ago. Oh we have had grocery dates where we go shopping for groceries while the kids are in school and usually we have to grab lunch on the way. So last night was a treat!!! We ate at Applebee's and thoroughly enjoyed just couple time.We had a great conversation and dinner and we ended our evening by going to Starbucks and having a deliciously warm mocha latte. AHHHH!!!

Anyway, today after we had a relatively good shopping trip...remember I am on crutches with 4 kids walking through a super busy Super Wal-Mart. There was no fighting, no screaming or hitting and no one ran off! YEA! Needless to say we never can make it out of Wal Mart without something interesting happening. Poor Eli! He decided he wanted to walk so he and Kris traded places in the riding cart. We were a few cars away from the van when Eli made a face plant into the black top. No arms to stop him, all I heard was a loud thud and looked down and there was Eli on the ground in front of the cart next to me. I scooped him up as he was trying to catch his breath. Poor baby has a really nice goose egg on his forehead and a scrapped upper lip. his first words were "I just wanted to walk" through tears. Just broke my heart! Poor Jaron he was the one pushing the cart and he thought he caused it. It was partially his fault cause he ran his foot over but it was really Eli's because he knows not to walk in front of the cart when Jaron is pushing!

Anyway wanted to show off Eli's bump... oh, he is fine by the way, he has been playing just fine this afternoon but I will continue to keep my eye on him...this stuff always scares me...

Poor Eli
Side view...see how far it sticks out!

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