Jan 11, 2008

Visitors from Outside

Ever wonder why God created different things? I do all the time.
Some being spiders, snakes and other poisonous animals. Oh sure
I know from my classes in biology and zoology that all things
have a purpose on this planet. Gee doesn't the Bible basically
tell us that God created everything and in His view
everything was perfect.

So we know that without spiders we would have much more
insects to deal with, without snakes probably more rodents
and other small critters. Everything has a purpose and I am
sure that the purpose of a mouse is to feed the snake and
other predators such as large birds and even cats.
So here is my question if God did not create the snake
then He would not have had to create the mouse right?
Ok some of you may be wondering why I am blogging
about this subject. Well we have "visitors from outside"
captured in my washing machine.
Yes captured! Don't believe me?
Then scroll down and look at the pictures!

Yes those are little mice, little brown field mice captured
in my washing machine! They are scared to death and I
have no idea how to extract them! I found them this
morning. I went to pour in the laundry soup and and saw
something out of the corner of my eye, looked down and
surprise! (I had left the lid open last night after doing a load of wash.)

Now you have to understand, I love mice when they are
pets, in fact I have had many mice as pets. Mice, I say
because I have always started with two and ended up
with a small colony to find homes for. But these are not
pet mice these are wild ones who are terrified at this
moment. Needless to say I will not be getting laundry
done today! I have had bad experiences with wild mice in
my life! When I was a teenager I had gone out to our laundry
room and a few little critters ran across my path. I am sure
my family thought it was hilarious but I rather distinctly
remember screaming and jumping up and down. In my fright I
had jumped on and squished a small mouse. It is funny now
that I am older, I can laugh and I know my family laughs about it.
But when it comes to these in my washing machine or others
that we have had running through our garage and house
(in Nov when we had our first super cold blast we had a small colony
try to take over..they thought our house was the place to find
warmth..not they found mouse traps!).

As for the fate of these two, probably will end the same as the
colony, but how to extract them, I shall leave that to Sean to figure out!

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