Jan 22, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Eli & Sara

Happy Birthday Eli & Sara

Their 1st birthday!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to Eli & Sara!
Happy Birthday to you!

Four years ago at 12:04 am & 12:12 am
on Jan 22, 2004
Eli and Sara came bursting into this world,
naturally (no c-section).Eli came first with his small
little cry weighing 5 lbs 1 ounce & 16.5 inches long.
Sara came came behind him, small and quiet.
Sara was born with her sac intact and Dr Doyle-Vallery
had to break it open. Sara weighed 4 lbs 8 ounces
& 16 inches long. It took her a while and a lot of work by
the nurses but she finally squeaked out a small cry.

Both were rushed to the NICU where they would
spend their first 3 weeks of life.

Little Ms Sara

Little Master Eli

Those first few days were long and tiring for everyone!

You can tell them apart from the beginning not bcause one was a boy
and the other a girl but because Eli had a bunch of hair and Sara didn't.
The pictures above - First time I got to hold Sara...she was 4 days old
and Eli's first open eyed picture. He was 8 days old here.

They have grown so fast! The first year was pretty
much a blur! I cherished each moment I had with them I just
remember every moment. Having twins is a wild and exciting
adventure. I have learned more, laughed and cried more having
these two wonderful kids in my life! My (gran) Mom aways told
me she wanted one of her granchildren to have twins. Had she lived
long enough she would have gotten her wish.
These two are so much fun!

Part of the Diaper head crew!
Big Stuff here!

Our favorite time of day!

Bath Time!

So Sweet..sharing Mommies drink!

Aha! It's mine!! (Both were giggling!)

Dec 2007

So today we celebrated and the kids were so excited to see their bikes! I do not have pictures of that but let me tell you Eli screamed for Sara to come see the bikes. Too funny how they alwasy call for each other! Here are just a few more pictures of today's celebration!

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jen said...

Gosh how time goes by so fast. I can't believe that they turned 4 already. I remember walking into the nicu and was amazed at how small they were. Sara came out quiet cause she holding on to every last breath so she could yell and scream when she got older. hahahaha!