Jan 31, 2008

Snow and Gum

First off let me just share that right now it is the quiet before the storm. We are expecting anywhere between 4 -8 inches of snow here tonight. The kids are ready and excited! They are already planning how they are going to bomb their Daddy. If we do get that much it will be the most we have seen since moving here. So far this morning we have a lite dusting and around noon we had freezing rain.
There is something very interesting about snow flakes. Not a single one is thhe same as another. All are unique, different a beautiful. The first time I saw snow falling from the sky I was in awe. I still am every time. I think I get just as excited as the kids do. God is so awesome! He uses snow flakes to show us just how wonderful He is. He also uses them to show us that just like the snow flakes each one of us is unique and He loves us all just the same.

Just a quick note on my progress...

Since my incision is no longer draining and is healing very well I no longer have to have the bandages on it. This helps greatly because I seem to be allergic to the glue on the tape. I just have to watch how the brace effects the staples. My pain level is getting better. In fact I plan to start taking Tylenol during the day and the stronger meds at night so I can sleep through the night. I doubt it will happen cause I have not been able to sleep much. One night since the surgery. Last night I was up most of the night in pain despite the meds. Yesterday Jaron ran right into my leg when I was sitting in the wheel chair and Eli wacked it with a toy. Both were accidents and both the boys were pretty upset about hurting me before I even said anything. The night before that Kris kicked my knee directly on my staples...again a complete accident, he was trying to snuggle with me. All inall the kids have been very helpful and caring. They have been big helpers for Sean and me. They even have been keeping the house cleaned up and have also helped clean up after baths. Probably cause my room is the party room. The kids have set up the Playstation 2 in my room so they have been pretty much in my room where they can play games or be on the computer playing games as well.

I saw this on another blog I read daily and thought it was just
too hysterical not to add to mine. Hope you get a good laugh too!

Government Warning


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