Jan 7, 2008

So they call it puppy love!

My little man when he was 3!

My little man, Kristofer is in love. Ok yes he is only 5 1/2 yrs old.

But to him he is in love. I wrote on this previously about him

declaring he was going to marry Koreena and have some kids.

Love You

Every first Monday of the month we take the kids from our

church skating. They look forward to it and have to earn the right

to go through attendance. If they come no less than twice a month

the church pays their way, otherwise they have to pay their own

way. Well tonight Jaron and Kristofer went and had a ball. They

are so excited and worn out when they come in from skating for 2 hours.

He directed them straightto the bath and that is when we learn that

our little Kristofer has not only skated all night with his girlfriend,

as he calls her, but he was seen hugging and "kissing" her on the

cheek and lips. UGH!!!!!

So here we are thinking oh we have at least another 10 years

before we talk about kissing girls with the boys and now we are

sitting in the bathroom discussing what is and isn't allowed.

Now we could just let itpass and say nothing. BUT these two sit together

in school, play togetherat recess and see each other at church.

They already get each other in trouble as it is.

So here I am telling Kris, "Yes I know you really like her and I

know she likes you too, but you are not old enough to kiss a girl."

Sure I am! "Well Kris our rules are no kissing the girls until

you are older." But I am older I am almost 6.

Jaron just laughs...he thinks this is so funny!

So I am hoping that with our talk and with Sean's talk we will not

be getting a call or a note home about inappropriate behavior in class.

I think I will just fall over if we do....

And everyone says, Wait till they are teenagers....

Beating Heart

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