Jan 4, 2008

11 Wonderful Years!

Today is our 11th Anniversary! YEA We made it! Honestly each year we make it is like giving satan a black eye. With so many marriages ending in divorce or separation I feel like
we have accomplished something each year!

So let me share a few things about my love. Sean is the most gentlest man I know. He is quiet spoken and most would say he seems to be in his own world alot. Always in his thoughts I guess you could say! He is the smartest man I have ever met. You want to know something about history ~ ask Sean, want to know something about other religions ~ ask Sean, want to know something about the Bible ~ ask Sean, music? ~ ask Sean! Getting the theme ~ JUST ASK SEAN! He has passion for Christ and wants other people to really "get it!"

He is a writer at heart and writes beautiful pieces...in fact he has his own blog... http://www.matthew16-3.blogspot.com/

When it comes to being a dad he is great! He does his best to get involved with the kids. Last year was the first time I saw him take the boys to sporting events. Sean loves football, baseball and basketball. Last year he took Jaron and Kristofer the the school basketball games. The first time either had experienced this game. Last spring you could find Sean and Jaron playing catch. Jaron listening to every word of encouragement. At night Sean always tells the boys and Sara bunny stories. He brings Tido our bunny in their bedrooms and uses the poor bunny as a prop and tells them stories. I am never allowed in by the request of the kids. It's Daddy time!
Sean is my best friend, lover, and husband. He is my knight in shining armor!
He is my everything! With out him my life would be empty. He knows my deepest secrets, thoughts and desires. He is my biggest supporter and I know just as I am his biggest fan he is mine. I love him deeply! I am still just as crazy about him now as I was 12 years ago. Actually it will be 14 years that we have known each other in Aug. We have gone through the death of our son, three of my grandparents, the halting of an adoption, all super hard on us. But we also have walked through victory after victory! The birth of Jaron, Kristofer and the much to our surprise twins ~ Eli and Sara! I will never forget the look on his face and his reaction when the ultra sound tech said "So what do you think about twins?" He asked for smelling salts!
What is even funnier is we had talked about what if we are having twins on the ride to the ultrasound that day!
We have laughed and cried and laughed some more!
I am looking forward to the next 30 years and what it may bring our way.
Life is a journey and I could never imagine taking this journey without him in my life.
Thank you Sean for 11 wonderful years of commitment!
YES I'd marry you again even knowing all we would go through.
I love you baby!

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Jeanette said...

Hey Happy Anniversary.