Sep 28, 2007

Mom's know everything...yea right!!!

Before you read any farther please check this out
This site has some beautiful pictures and I am
unable to produce with my camera!
Then read the rest of this little tidbit!

What is that thing???
EWE! It looks like a roasted marshmallow!
It's gross maybe it's poop!
No it can't be poop!
Mom what the heck is that thing!

Like how am I suppose to know???
My children always seem to think that I am the
genius in this family! They really need to go to
their father! He is a genius!

But I am not sure he would even know what this
thing is! So what is a Mom to do...
well a modern Mom that is computer savy gets on the
internet and does searches till we figure it out!
Now I have to be honest, I had help, you see in the, what has a habitat
for four toads and a tree frog is now the lone inhabitant....

So I figured it had to be something to do with the bug!
I was right! Its a Praying Mantis egg sac! It is suppose to hatch in the spring I believe is what I have learned so far!
This info is from

The eggs are produced in an eggcase called an ootheca this may produce 30 to 300 young mantids depending on the species. The ootheca is a frothy mass created by the female, the froth hardens to form a tough case for the eggs. Hatching usually takes between 3 and 6 months. The young may hatch all at once or in batches over a period of several weeks.

My goodness what have we gotten into! Last summer and the summer before that we had hundreds of monarch caterpillars, from eggs to butterflies. We watched as the caterpillars grew and then formed its beautiful green crystalis and then watched as the butterflies emerged! It was an awesome sight!! One I had never experienced until I had my kids...especially Jaron our budding biologist or bug scientist! And now we have this...oh my goodness! My son is teaching me more about bugs than I really care to know and learn! Just give me a can of Raid! I love do love it though! My kids are teaching me isn't it suppose to be the other way around!

The above picture is from:

My camera could not take pictures of our egg sac but this is what it looks like!

Kristofer's self made costume

Kristofer as the white ghost!

In our house we do not celebrate Halloween.
We do how ever allow our kids to dress up
and attend the festivities at the church
that night. They get just as much candy, have
more safe fun and celebrate Jesus! So the talk
around the house has been "what are we wearing
for Light Night?" Well Kris decided to make his
own costume. He will not be wearing it to
Light Night but it was fun to
see how his imagination works!
Enjoy the pictures!

Sep 26, 2007

Good news!

Today I got a call from Kristofer's OT, Jennifer. She wanted to let me know that Kris has not been receiving individual therapy due to not have the prescription from the doctor's office yet. Isn't that nice! I called the doctors office twice in within the last month. Both times being told they did send it out. Well Jennifer and I both agreed that if she doesn't get it by Friday she would call me. All I have to say is the doctor's secretaries (they have 3) had better get it done this time!
Needless to say though Kris has been benefiting from group therapy in the class because another child recieves therapy. She told me Kris is doing well. She has seen a few things other than his fine motor skills that he needs to work on though. But over all he seems to be adjusting. I shared a bit about what he does at home and how or what we do to help him get what he needs. She was very encouraged about that. She wants to talk with me at lesat once every two weeks to let me know what is going on in school and so she knows what is going on at home.
Thank you God for placing an OT in Kristofer's life that cares about him both at school and at home! YEA! That is great news! Also from the way she talked she thinks he will probably continue to recieve OT till at least 3rd grade but it depends on how he improves this year and next. I am so happy that we have a system here that does help! I know it is God moving on his behalf and I also know it's because we push every button and knock on every door to get him what he needs!
Just like I told my friend Michele, God knows what kind of Mom our kids need that is why He gave them to us! Thank you God for Kristofer and having the confidence in me to do what is best for him!


I want to share a little bit about my grandmother “Mom” ~ Virginia Mills
Of all the people in this world that I admire she is one of the top!
Her birthday just past last week and she would have been 86 years old.
Mom impacted my life in a way that no one else has.
Her philosophy for life seemed to be, “Let the past stay in the past.”
I remember talking to her once about something that had happened to her as well as me and she said to me, “Melissa sometimes you just have to let it stay in the past. Not think about it and get over it. You can’t change what happened but you can change who you are.” At the time I surely did not want to hear that kind of advice. But you know it has some truth to it. There are so many people in this world that want to blame their parents, teachers, bosses, or anyone that has hurt them; for how they live their life or how it has turned out. Mom is right, get over it! You can’t change the past, but you can learn from your mistakes or the mistakes of others.
In her life she lived through many wars. In the last few months of her life she watch as the events of 9/11 emerged. Thankfully she thought it was a terrible movie. She lived through the deaths of her twin boys. I remember once talking to her about it right after we lost our first son. She told me, that the pain dulls but the date will always be one that would bring tears to her eyes. At the time I couldn’t image the pain dulling. It does though in time. It will be 10 years ago in Nov that we lost our first son. The fall season is my favorite time, the leaves changing the air gets crisper there is just something about fall. But I agree with Mom, when the day comes the pain is very real and it has brought tears to my eyes each time.
She wore many hats; foster mom, career woman- at a jelly jar factory, and government typist during the war, cashier, hair stylist- mom, grandma and great grandma. She never wanted to be called grandma. I started calling her Mom probably from birth and that is what stayed! I remember telling her that I was pregnant with Kristofer; which I found out the same week of 9/11. She was happy and hoped it would either be a girl or twins. She talked a lot about wanting one of her grand kids to have twins. She died that Nov. Never knowing what I was having. Amazingly just a few years later she got her wish…twins! She would have been so excited about having twin great grand kids!
My grandma, Mom, may not have been perfect –no one is- but she made the best grand ma out there to her grand kids and to her great grand kids. She leaves a legacy behind her of a daughter, Delight Mills Peyton, grand kids, Melissa (me), Ronnie, Chris, Jeanette and Bryan, great grand kids Kurtis, Anna, Kaelyn, Brock, SeanPatrick(our 1st son who died), Madison, Jaron, Kristofer, Timmy, Eli, Sara, Lexi, Aiden and Kamya.

Mom, if you are watching from heaven know we love and miss you!

Sep 25, 2007

Super Star Kid

Today Kristofer came home excited! He was wearing a Super Star
Crown and was carrying his Kristofer book. You see in his
class for the last 24 days each child has been a Super Star.
At the beginning of the year Kris had to fill out a couple
of fact sheets about himself.

What his favorite color is: Orange
Favorite Pet: Ferret ~ "Uno"
Who his best friend is: Jaron
How old he is: 5
What his favorite activities are:
swimming and making mud balls
Then on his day he gets to share it with the class.
Each child practices writing his name on the dry
erase board and then they write his name on a piece
of paper and draw a picture of Kristofer
hence the name "Kristofer Book!"
Let me tell you something, Kristofer was so excited
about his book! He was so happy to share it with us
today! He tells me;
"I'm a Super Star cause
I am super just the way I am!"
He was beaming from ear to ear!
So today I have to thank Ms Robertson for
creating a wonderful way to lift up my son and
his classmates! He seemed to walk with his chin
lifted a little bit higher today!
Thank you Ms Robertson!
Teachers do make a world
of difference in a child's life!

Sep 24, 2007

Autumn Resolutions by Becky Wiese

This is an exert from Hearts at Home Newsletter

Autumn Resolutions
by Becky Wiese

I love autumn. I'm not sure exactly why. It could be that I was destined to be a fall lover because my birthday occurs during this season. Or it could be the changing of the seasons and the dramatic color scheme. What's not to love about crimson and gold leaves shining against a crisp blue sky? I lived once in a place that did not have dramatic seasonal changes. I had to keep close tabs on the calendar since it was difficult to tell the season by looking outside. Thankfully, my mom framed a bright red maple leaf and sent it to me as a reminder of autumn. Perhaps the thing I love most about the fall is the feeling of newness. I know that in reality everything is dying a gloriously colorful death, and much of nature is preparing to hibernate through the long, cold winter months. But something about fall, probably the kids starting a fresh school year, makes it easier to start fresh with new strategies, theories, and ideas. We already face a new schedule, new teacher, new clothes, new pencils, new alarm routines. We might as well take advantage of the "newness" and make some resolutions to keep the year going well.Here's what I mean: I resolve to listen with my eyes. My kids and my husband deserve my full attention when they're sharing the details of their day. I resolve to love with my actions and words. Including a note in their lunch, helping with a field trip, or making a special effort to "be there" by listening to them speaks volumes to kids. You can never say "I love you," or show it through your actions too many times. I resolve to maintain balance. This one is a little tougher. But it is so important to keep balance not only in my life, but in our family's life as well. If we're over committed, life gets stressful. There are a lot of good activities, but we don't have to be involved in all of them. I resolve to plan specific times to just be together as a family. As our children get older, they get more involved in outside activities. Honestly, sometimes it's hard to just make sure we eat dinner together periodically. On the other hand, our children need to know and be reminded that their family is the one thing they will be able to count on for support, love, friendship, fun, and security--no matter what their age. Doing things together as a family helps to reinforce and strengthen the bonds between children and parents, as well as between siblings. I resolve to spend quality and quantity time with my husband. It's easy to let days go by without having a real conversation with our spouse. But parents need to be on the same page. We need to keep the communication lines open and fully operational. A lot can fly in our face in a short amount of time; knowing we're united about the things going on in our family's life makes decisions easier and less likely to cause conflict. Even before I had school-age children, the fall months seemed to be the time when it was easier to start and/or finish projects, begin a new routine,or set goals. Resolutions seem to be easier to handle in the fall than in January, when we traditionally talk about making changes for the better. After all, who wants to start something in the middle of the winter? I'd rather curl up in front of the fireplace!

Pushing Buttons

Why? Why? Why?
Please, can someone enlighten me as to why
children seem to enjoy pushing buttons??
Not just computer buttons...
Sara loves pushing and clicking on every button
she can on the computer causing the computer
to almost shut down on me! I think it is as
stressed as I am today!
No....they know when Mama is hurt
and can't catch them! They know how,
when and what buttons to push!
They know what limits to break
and if they have the opportunity ~ they do.
Let me tell you something, just because our
kids are PKs (pastor's kids) they are not perfect!
We don't expect them to be and thankfully our
church body doesn't expect them to be either!
But today I sure would have appreciated it
if my children would have obeyed me a little
bit more. I guess to be honest they were
just being kids, having fun and enjoying the
last days of summer. They had a grand time
playing in the hose, making mud puddles
and spraying each other.
Then it started ~ mud fights.
There was mud flying everywhere. Now
understand, I was outside enjoying the fresh
cool air and sunshine while they were playing.
It was ok, I don't mind the mud. They are
kids and a bit of dirt comes with the territory!
There are too many parents out there that
do not allow their children to enjoy
sensory fun such has dirt, mud and even
finger painting! But that is another
tangent I will address at a later time!
Nope what started as fun turned into a battle.
Not just against each other!! No Sara & Eli
decide to include Mama into the fun against
my will! Now on any other day I would have
joined in ~ but lets remember it has only been
6 days since my surgery, I am wobbling around
on crutches (due to strong pain killers last week I did
not use crutches & now that I'm only taking Advil
I realize just how much my knee hurts again~ouch!! )
Anyway, my wonderful, loving, sweet, energy pack,
double mint twins began throwing mud at Mama all
the while giggling. The more I yelled the more they
threw. Then came the hose! By the time I got into
the house and away from them I was covered in mud
and was soaked to the bone. Thank goodness I had
sense enough to hide my stomach from direct hits!
I sent Kris and Jaron out to stop the madness.
Then it was to the showers for all 4 of them.
My stomach is screaming, my back is swearing
and my knee is past forgiveness!
Oh, JFYI ~ Sean is at work and my Mommy
flew back home today.....
With out you here I would never had gotten
through the last week and Sean would never
had been able to take those extra shifts!
Those extra shifts will help us out greatly!
And Thank you God for giving me the chance to
be a mom even if I am not perfect!

Sep 22, 2007

Ponies and robots

This week has been a great week for the kids. They have really enjoyed having Granma Dede here to play with them and take care of them. Today Sara created a big pony party and the boys created their robot houses outside. Enjoy the pictures!

Sep 19, 2007

He cut you tummy, Mommy

It is sooo good to be home! I am so glad that my surgery went as planned. I have to tell you, if your doctor asks you if you want a happy shot say "YES!" It took the edge off of me as I went in for surgery. There are two things that throat is super sore from the "soft" tube the anethesisologist put in for breathing and my tummy naturally. Thank you Jesus for being with me and healing me through my doctors hands!

When I got home the kids surrounded me, all except Kris. He seemed to be upset with me. Eli's first words were I want to see your cut! So once I was able to lie down I showed the kids. They were so funny! Eli said, "wow he cut you tummy Mommy and you didn't die!" Sara gave me a hug and wanted to kiss my booboos. Jaron wanted to know if it hurt when they cut me and said he was glad I didn't die and then got tears in his eyes. Kristofer later came in and laid down with me to watch a movie. I asked him why it took him 4 hours to come in and see me. He told me, "I don't every want you to go away like that again! I missed you and thought you died." When I showed him the incisions he said, "Cool, gross and does it ouch!?" He then said, "Ok Mommy I pray for you and put his hand on my tummy and prayed, " Jesus thank you that Mommy didn't die and make her boo boos get better so she can take me to Mc Donalds."

This surgery has been a life changing event. God created my body whole, healthy and perfect. Now, despite the fact that you can live with out the gall bladder I am no long whole and it is my fault for not taking better care of the only body He has blessed me with. Sean and I have already made changes to our diet with more to come. As soon as my knee is healed (and that might mean more surgery) then there will be more changes in our exercise life styles. I believe there are reasons for everything I think this is the biggest wake up call for me I have ever had. Guess surgery of any kind will do that too you....

Sep 14, 2007

Things I know..

Here are a few things I know for sure...

There is power in prayer!

There is even more power in praise!

How do I know this?
Ever time I lift my voice in praise
and worship to my Lord and Savior
He hears and moves!

I just wanted to share my favorite song of the year!

" How Can I Keep From Singing "

There is an endless song
Echoes in my soul
I hear the music ring

And though the storms may come
I am holding on
To the rock I cling


How can I keep from singing Your praise
How can I ever say enough
How amazing is Your love
How can I keep from shouting Your name
I know I am loved by the King
And it makes my heart want to sing

I will lift my eyes
In the darkest night
For I know my Savior lives

And I will walk with You Knowing
You'll see me through
And sing the songs You give

I can sing in the troubled times
Sing when I win
I can sing when I lose my step
And fall down again
I can sing 'cause You pick me up
Sing 'cause You're there
I can sing 'cause You hear me, Lord
When I call to You in prayer
I can sing with my last breath
Sing for I know That I'll sing with the angels
And the saints around the throne

This is one of the best praise
songs I have heard in a while!

Sep 12, 2007

by Maya Angelou

'A woman's heart should
be so hidden in Christ
that a man should have to
seek Him first to find her.'
When I say... 'I am a Christian'
I'm not shouting 'I'm clean livin'.'
I'm whispering 'I was lost,
Now I'm found and forgiven.'
When I say... 'I am a Christian'
I don't speak of this with pride.
I'm confessing that I stumble
and need Christ to be my guide.
When I say... 'I am a Christian'
I'm not trying to be strong.
I'm professing that I'm weak
and need His strength to carry on.
When I say... 'I am a Christian'
I'm not bragging of success.
I'm admitting I have failed
and need God to clean my mess.
When I say... 'I am a Christian'
I'm not claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are far too visible but,
God believes I am worth it.
When I say... 'I am a Christian'
I still feel the sting of pain.
I have my share of heartaches,
so I call upon His name.
When I say... 'I am a Christian'
I'm not holier than thou,
I'm just a simple sinner Who received
God's good grace, somehow!

Sep 11, 2007

Thoughts about 9-11

Today marks 6 years that terrorists attacked our nation. I know exactly where I was and what I was doing. I was at my grandmother's "Mom" with Jaron. We were watching Katie, Matt, Al and Ann on NBC's Today Show. I remember my sister n law, Leah calling me saying, "What is going on?" We sat glued to the tv at different houses. The whole time Mom was asking me what was wrong. I am so thankful that God took her comprehension of that day completely away. She lived through the time when our nation was attacked by Japan and Pearl Harbor was hit. I remember as a teen her sharing with me how it made her feel so unsafe after that time. She was very ill and I am glad that she had no idea what was happening...she thought it was just a tv show.
I remember calling Sean, he didn't believe me at first. I remember that he immediately started calling his sister in NY she worked next to the World Trade Center. Later we found that she was fine as well as Sean's nephew Joey and other family members that worked either in the buildings or near there. What was even stranger was that a few of the terrorists had lived in our town and in a friend's rental home and had also lived just down the street from Leah and my brother Chris.
I remember how numb I felt and scared. I remember holding Jaron, 17 months old, very close and holding my stomach, I had just found out that I was pregnant with Kris. I kept thinking how is this going to affect my children.
Today Jaron asked me if I was alive when 9-11 happened. He asked me a lot of questions that I just didn't know how to answer. I think what really surprised me was that despite what happened and how the media makes it sound like we are always at threat for another attack, Jaron feels safe. I am thankful that he feels that way. I would never want my children to feel fearful that America is not safe. We talked a little bit about the service men/women that are fighting in Iraq.
I may not understand why our troops are still there but I do know that if we did not have these men/women serving our country and fighting to protect the rights of not just our country but the rights of others, that we would not be able to feel free and safe in our country. God bless and protect all of the service men and women that are fighting for freedom!

Sep 10, 2007

What is Church?

Today I was playing with Eli and Sara with a sock
puppet I made for children's church. "Sid" asked him
this question and so I asked the rest of the kids.
Here are there responses:
What is church?
Eli age 3
a big house building
Sara age 3
where you sing to Jesus
Kristofer age 5
where you play
Jaron age 7
A place you go to learn about God and
where you worship and praise Him

Sep 8, 2007

Nervous...frustrated...just plan ole bored!

Ok, I am so tired of having all these crazy things happening to our family...ME!
First off I why did God make moles??? Honestly what do they do but feed the local cats or let me restate that, all they do is give the local cats things to play with and leave on my back porch. I hate moles. It was due to a hidden mole hole that I first injured my right knee. Just a sprain but I haven't taken time to let it heal. Instead, me being a know it all, decideits fine take some tylenol and ace it, it'll be fine. Should have gone to the doctor! That was in June!

On Aug 4th I have a gall bladder attack that was so severe that I head to the ER. Later to learn that it is full of gall stones and then I head to the surgeon. The surgeon says, "It is too full to let go, could cause major problems, it has to come out." Ok surgery! I really don't care what anyone says that this is a simple routine surgery. To me any time a doctor has to put you a sleep to cut you open is not routine! Anything can go wrong! I never do anything simple...never! I always have to do things the hard way..why is that?? So yes, I am scared and fearful that either I won't wake up or I will wake up with a major incision. I am not scared to die...I know I will be with Jesus and my son in heaven should htat happen. I am just not ready to, I have so much more I want to do in my life plus I have 4 kids and a husband that desperately need me here. I do not want a big incision it means more healing time! And I have 4 little kids at home and Sean works mostly at night!

Then naturally as things would have it I decide to be cute and walk over some stupid nut called a gumball. Gum...sticky..this nut is not sticky! I slip and mess up my right leg only this time bad! Thank you Jesus that I do not have a chipped bone! I can't thank Him enough for protecting me from that. But the CAT scan did show extensive arthritis damage. Ok, no surprise there, I have aches and pains, in all of my joints I figured it was arthritis and take aleve or tylenol arthritis when needed. So now I have to go to a orthopedic doc. I have no idea what he is going to suggest. I am hoping just strong meds and or a cortisone shot in both knees. Remember I have bursitus and probably arthritis in the left knee too!

In anycase I have this lovely brace on my leg that keeps my knee from bending. YEA! If you have ever had to wear one you understand if not try strapping a stick to your leg so you can't bend it and then try going to the restroom...if you are lucky you won't fall in and if you are really lucky then you won't be stuck sitting there till someone can come help you up! Do you get the picture... It's not a pretty picture either way!

"Time keeps on ticking ticking ticking into the future" who was it that sang that? All I know is that surgery is coming faster than I want it too.

Sep 7, 2007

Milestones met today!

Today Jaron reached a milestone in his young life! He not only lost one tooth but in a matter of seconds he lost two of his bottom teeth! YEA JARON!
He has been waiting and waiting to loose one of his teeth. What is really funny is that he had just read the book, "Parts" by Tedd Arnold. The story is about a little boy who is fearful of everything and he is fearful that his body is falling apart and it leads up to this....


You forgot?

To tell me teeth fall out??

And when they do, some brand-new teeth

Will soon begin to sprout?

My hair, my skin, and everything-

There's nothing I should fear?

So all of me is normal. Whew!

That's really good to hear!"

If you haven't read this one to your kids you should! It's really funny.

What's even funnier is "Even More Parts" By Tedd Arnold.

So now Jaron is waiting for the tooth fairy to leave a reward behind for reaching this milestone!


Will add pictures later!

Sep 5, 2007

My little girl....

I have been reading my posts and I have said
so many things about the boys that I feel as if I
have neglected myprecious little girl. She calls herself
the princess, the boys call her the beast. She may only
be 3 but her PMS modes are already working.
She is a princess of drama. Everything
turns into a dramatic experience with her.
Sometimes her actions are just like her
Aunt Nennie in Fl! Then other times Sean
says she is just like her Auntie Caitlin in NY.
All we know is that she is a
promise from God fulfilled.

You see in January of 2003 Sean and I were
praying aboutwhether we would have any more kids.
We were happy with just the two boys. I will be honest
we did want a little girl but what we wanted more was
God's will for our lives. So we started praying for an
answer. It was during a revival service we were having
at our church that God showed me a pictured of
Sean holdinga baby girl and I distictly
heard her name...Sara. It reminded me of
another time right after loosing our first born son,
SeanPatrick, of a vision of ourfuture family.
Of Sean playing horsey with 3 boys and I
was holding a little girl all arounda
Christmas tree. That dream came true
just a year later.

So when we found out I was pregnant I just
knew we had a girl. At that time I never dreamed
that there would be two babies growing inside
of me. I should have known though, I had numerous
dreams of having two babies aeach time a boy
and a girl. When I would look at pregnancy books
I always looked at books for multiples.The whole 4
months before we had the ultra sound God was
trying to show me to prepare me and
I didn't listen. I guess that is why I laughed
when the ultra sound tech said,
"How do you feel about twins?"

Here she is sunning herself under the lights
in the NICU at Sarasota Memorial Hospital
We should have known that she would be so
head strong!She was that way in the womb, refused
to turn aroundand came bottom first - she was so
anxious to come that she practically pushed Eli out.
Well maybe that is not exactly what happened
but they were born 7 weeks and 5 days too early.

Mommy holds Sara for 1st time, all 3 1/2 lbs of her!

Sara is a bright, confident, amazing little girl
that loves her brothers, animals, ponies
and dollies. She loves to play in the mud
while wearingher prettiest dress and
riding her bike with the boys.

She likes to aggrivate her brothers
just as much as she likes playing with them.
She brings us all joy and without her our family
would not be complete.

Sep 3, 2007

A Great Man!

Today I just want to take time to tell you about a
great man! That man is loving, strong, faithful,
honest, caring, he's a good provider, a gifted writer,
a fantastic father & husband, my best friend.
If you truly get to know this man, you will know
his love for history-specifically WW2history,
his wacky sense of humor and his love for God.
You'll learn more in 30 minutes about the Bible
than spending time reading the Bible on your own.
He is called, "the Bible scholar" by some,
Pastor by others, Seany by his family,
Daddy by his children and Honey by me.

Let me introduce you to my husband..Sean.

You see I am very proud of him. He is such a
strong man of faith. When I have doubts he is
there to listen and encourage me the
best he can. He does his best as a father too.
He plays with the kids and tries to
spend time with each one.

Which with his crazy schedule is very hard
to do. He has two primary jobs, one and
the most important is his position as Pastor
of our church. The 2nd is a secular job.
But he also is a substitute teacher and also
subs for the janitorial and grounds keeping
dept. of the local schools. He has gone
above and beyond to provide for our family.
No one can accuse him of
being lazy or not trying!

Sean has two different honors. The first is a
Masters degree in Communications and has
over 25 years of experience as a reporter for
newspapers and a magazine. The other honor
he has is being a licensed Pastor through
the Assemblies of God.
You might ask - well why not get a job at a newspaper?!
Let me tell you he has tried!
It has been difficult because when we moved here
3 major factories closed with the first 2 months.
Jobs here are extremely hard to find unless you are
willing to be a truck driver.
There are high demands for that type of job here.

Sean does a fantastic job as a pastor! With all
pastoring positions you sometimes meet opposition
against change but we are seeing many
strides in that area. Sean is a gifted writer.
He has his own blog...
called The Observer's Desk. He writes his own
newsletter called The Observer as well.
He has a wealth of info. stored in his head.
If he reads it he retains it. I only pray my
children get that gift! He is so smart you want him
on your team when playing Trivial Pursuit!
Now don't get me wrong no one is perfect! I am far
from perfection and so is he. But you know what
even if I could go back 10 1/2 years ago knowing all
that I know today I would stand at that alter
in Venice Assembly of God and confess my
undying love for him and repeat the same
vows I did 10 1/2 years ago!
Would I hope that things would be different
this timearound? Maybe, but if they were then
our marriage may not be as strong as it is now.
So many things might be different if I changed
anything, so I'm not sure I would change anything.
Well maybe two things, one being that
our first son would be with us and then there's
being a better steward of everything!
Don't we all need to be better stewards!
My husband, may not be the perfect man for
you but he is the perfect man for me
and the perfect father for our children!

Sep 1, 2007

Troubles and worms in the pockets

Well, the 2nd week of school is over. The twins had a great time this week in pre-K. Jaron has realized that 2nd grade is going to be harder than 1st grade, lots more homework. Kristofer has started therapy; OT, Speech and he has resource daily. I talked to the teach at length yesterday after sending in a letter. What I really wanted to know was if he has started the therapies or if she knew what was going on concerning that. But what I found out is that Kristofer is having a bit of trouble in class. Nothing huge when it comes to bad behavior thankfully! But he has a difficult time concentrating on the task at hand, this is something I am completely aware of. Honestly if he doesn't have someone to help him stay on task he forgets what he is suppose to be doing. I had suggested an aide for him during the IEP meeting and they didn't think that was necessary. I may have to push for it if things don't change. Ms Roberson wants to give it a few more weeks before we go that route. Right now she has the speech therapist, OT and resource aide coming in daily to help Kris and another student so she doesn't need the aide. We'll see though. In the mean time I am going to find out what Kris' rights are concerning and aide in the class.
The teacher has moved him away from her desk hoping that in the new area-which is less congested-he will be able to feel more comfortable and be able to concentrate more. She has said that as long as she or the resource aide is there keeping him on task he does well. But as soon as they walk away he stops what he is doing and starts daydreaming or goes into his own little world. He is always thinking about stuff. It's hard to know how to help him.
He is also taking things. Stealing is how the teacher put
it but I don't believe he realizes that what he is doing is wrong. He knows better than to take things that do not belong to himself. He has been sticking small items, such as counting blocks, push pins, small objects into his pockets. Now his class is aware of it and they immediately tell Ms Robertson. What I think is really funny is that she told me that the other day Kris was messing with his pockets and she thought he had taken something so she asked him to take it out of his pockets. SURPRISE!! WORMS-2 long slimy earth worms in his pockets. That's my boy!! She said it was the first time she has had a student put worms in his pockets! Kris asks me all the time if he can have pet worms! This doesn't surprise me one bit!
Ms Robertson is such a sweet heart. She understands that Kris has some issues and she is doing her best to help him. She has two special needs kids in her class this year. She hasn't had special needs in her class in over 5 years.
I am completely dumbfounded as to why he is taking things. What was I suppose to say, other than sorry. We have talked to Kris about the issue of bringing things home from church and school before. For some reason he gets it in his head if he plays with something that it becomes his.
Any suggestions as to why???
Ugh! I hope things get better and not worse!
I mean its not terribly bad just a little concerning...