Sep 8, 2007

Nervous...frustrated...just plan ole bored!

Ok, I am so tired of having all these crazy things happening to our family...ME!
First off I why did God make moles??? Honestly what do they do but feed the local cats or let me restate that, all they do is give the local cats things to play with and leave on my back porch. I hate moles. It was due to a hidden mole hole that I first injured my right knee. Just a sprain but I haven't taken time to let it heal. Instead, me being a know it all, decideits fine take some tylenol and ace it, it'll be fine. Should have gone to the doctor! That was in June!

On Aug 4th I have a gall bladder attack that was so severe that I head to the ER. Later to learn that it is full of gall stones and then I head to the surgeon. The surgeon says, "It is too full to let go, could cause major problems, it has to come out." Ok surgery! I really don't care what anyone says that this is a simple routine surgery. To me any time a doctor has to put you a sleep to cut you open is not routine! Anything can go wrong! I never do anything simple...never! I always have to do things the hard way..why is that?? So yes, I am scared and fearful that either I won't wake up or I will wake up with a major incision. I am not scared to die...I know I will be with Jesus and my son in heaven should htat happen. I am just not ready to, I have so much more I want to do in my life plus I have 4 kids and a husband that desperately need me here. I do not want a big incision it means more healing time! And I have 4 little kids at home and Sean works mostly at night!

Then naturally as things would have it I decide to be cute and walk over some stupid nut called a gumball. Gum...sticky..this nut is not sticky! I slip and mess up my right leg only this time bad! Thank you Jesus that I do not have a chipped bone! I can't thank Him enough for protecting me from that. But the CAT scan did show extensive arthritis damage. Ok, no surprise there, I have aches and pains, in all of my joints I figured it was arthritis and take aleve or tylenol arthritis when needed. So now I have to go to a orthopedic doc. I have no idea what he is going to suggest. I am hoping just strong meds and or a cortisone shot in both knees. Remember I have bursitus and probably arthritis in the left knee too!

In anycase I have this lovely brace on my leg that keeps my knee from bending. YEA! If you have ever had to wear one you understand if not try strapping a stick to your leg so you can't bend it and then try going to the restroom...if you are lucky you won't fall in and if you are really lucky then you won't be stuck sitting there till someone can come help you up! Do you get the picture... It's not a pretty picture either way!

"Time keeps on ticking ticking ticking into the future" who was it that sang that? All I know is that surgery is coming faster than I want it too.

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