Sep 5, 2007

My little girl....

I have been reading my posts and I have said
so many things about the boys that I feel as if I
have neglected myprecious little girl. She calls herself
the princess, the boys call her the beast. She may only
be 3 but her PMS modes are already working.
She is a princess of drama. Everything
turns into a dramatic experience with her.
Sometimes her actions are just like her
Aunt Nennie in Fl! Then other times Sean
says she is just like her Auntie Caitlin in NY.
All we know is that she is a
promise from God fulfilled.

You see in January of 2003 Sean and I were
praying aboutwhether we would have any more kids.
We were happy with just the two boys. I will be honest
we did want a little girl but what we wanted more was
God's will for our lives. So we started praying for an
answer. It was during a revival service we were having
at our church that God showed me a pictured of
Sean holdinga baby girl and I distictly
heard her name...Sara. It reminded me of
another time right after loosing our first born son,
SeanPatrick, of a vision of ourfuture family.
Of Sean playing horsey with 3 boys and I
was holding a little girl all arounda
Christmas tree. That dream came true
just a year later.

So when we found out I was pregnant I just
knew we had a girl. At that time I never dreamed
that there would be two babies growing inside
of me. I should have known though, I had numerous
dreams of having two babies aeach time a boy
and a girl. When I would look at pregnancy books
I always looked at books for multiples.The whole 4
months before we had the ultra sound God was
trying to show me to prepare me and
I didn't listen. I guess that is why I laughed
when the ultra sound tech said,
"How do you feel about twins?"

Here she is sunning herself under the lights
in the NICU at Sarasota Memorial Hospital
We should have known that she would be so
head strong!She was that way in the womb, refused
to turn aroundand came bottom first - she was so
anxious to come that she practically pushed Eli out.
Well maybe that is not exactly what happened
but they were born 7 weeks and 5 days too early.

Mommy holds Sara for 1st time, all 3 1/2 lbs of her!

Sara is a bright, confident, amazing little girl
that loves her brothers, animals, ponies
and dollies. She loves to play in the mud
while wearingher prettiest dress and
riding her bike with the boys.

She likes to aggrivate her brothers
just as much as she likes playing with them.
She brings us all joy and without her our family
would not be complete.

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