Sep 25, 2007

Super Star Kid

Today Kristofer came home excited! He was wearing a Super Star
Crown and was carrying his Kristofer book. You see in his
class for the last 24 days each child has been a Super Star.
At the beginning of the year Kris had to fill out a couple
of fact sheets about himself.

What his favorite color is: Orange
Favorite Pet: Ferret ~ "Uno"
Who his best friend is: Jaron
How old he is: 5
What his favorite activities are:
swimming and making mud balls
Then on his day he gets to share it with the class.
Each child practices writing his name on the dry
erase board and then they write his name on a piece
of paper and draw a picture of Kristofer
hence the name "Kristofer Book!"
Let me tell you something, Kristofer was so excited
about his book! He was so happy to share it with us
today! He tells me;
"I'm a Super Star cause
I am super just the way I am!"
He was beaming from ear to ear!
So today I have to thank Ms Robertson for
creating a wonderful way to lift up my son and
his classmates! He seemed to walk with his chin
lifted a little bit higher today!
Thank you Ms Robertson!
Teachers do make a world
of difference in a child's life!

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