Sep 7, 2007

Milestones met today!

Today Jaron reached a milestone in his young life! He not only lost one tooth but in a matter of seconds he lost two of his bottom teeth! YEA JARON!
He has been waiting and waiting to loose one of his teeth. What is really funny is that he had just read the book, "Parts" by Tedd Arnold. The story is about a little boy who is fearful of everything and he is fearful that his body is falling apart and it leads up to this....


You forgot?

To tell me teeth fall out??

And when they do, some brand-new teeth

Will soon begin to sprout?

My hair, my skin, and everything-

There's nothing I should fear?

So all of me is normal. Whew!

That's really good to hear!"

If you haven't read this one to your kids you should! It's really funny.

What's even funnier is "Even More Parts" By Tedd Arnold.

So now Jaron is waiting for the tooth fairy to leave a reward behind for reaching this milestone!


Will add pictures later!

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