Sep 26, 2007

Good news!

Today I got a call from Kristofer's OT, Jennifer. She wanted to let me know that Kris has not been receiving individual therapy due to not have the prescription from the doctor's office yet. Isn't that nice! I called the doctors office twice in within the last month. Both times being told they did send it out. Well Jennifer and I both agreed that if she doesn't get it by Friday she would call me. All I have to say is the doctor's secretaries (they have 3) had better get it done this time!
Needless to say though Kris has been benefiting from group therapy in the class because another child recieves therapy. She told me Kris is doing well. She has seen a few things other than his fine motor skills that he needs to work on though. But over all he seems to be adjusting. I shared a bit about what he does at home and how or what we do to help him get what he needs. She was very encouraged about that. She wants to talk with me at lesat once every two weeks to let me know what is going on in school and so she knows what is going on at home.
Thank you God for placing an OT in Kristofer's life that cares about him both at school and at home! YEA! That is great news! Also from the way she talked she thinks he will probably continue to recieve OT till at least 3rd grade but it depends on how he improves this year and next. I am so happy that we have a system here that does help! I know it is God moving on his behalf and I also know it's because we push every button and knock on every door to get him what he needs!
Just like I told my friend Michele, God knows what kind of Mom our kids need that is why He gave them to us! Thank you God for Kristofer and having the confidence in me to do what is best for him!

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