Sep 19, 2007

He cut you tummy, Mommy

It is sooo good to be home! I am so glad that my surgery went as planned. I have to tell you, if your doctor asks you if you want a happy shot say "YES!" It took the edge off of me as I went in for surgery. There are two things that throat is super sore from the "soft" tube the anethesisologist put in for breathing and my tummy naturally. Thank you Jesus for being with me and healing me through my doctors hands!

When I got home the kids surrounded me, all except Kris. He seemed to be upset with me. Eli's first words were I want to see your cut! So once I was able to lie down I showed the kids. They were so funny! Eli said, "wow he cut you tummy Mommy and you didn't die!" Sara gave me a hug and wanted to kiss my booboos. Jaron wanted to know if it hurt when they cut me and said he was glad I didn't die and then got tears in his eyes. Kristofer later came in and laid down with me to watch a movie. I asked him why it took him 4 hours to come in and see me. He told me, "I don't every want you to go away like that again! I missed you and thought you died." When I showed him the incisions he said, "Cool, gross and does it ouch!?" He then said, "Ok Mommy I pray for you and put his hand on my tummy and prayed, " Jesus thank you that Mommy didn't die and make her boo boos get better so she can take me to Mc Donalds."

This surgery has been a life changing event. God created my body whole, healthy and perfect. Now, despite the fact that you can live with out the gall bladder I am no long whole and it is my fault for not taking better care of the only body He has blessed me with. Sean and I have already made changes to our diet with more to come. As soon as my knee is healed (and that might mean more surgery) then there will be more changes in our exercise life styles. I believe there are reasons for everything I think this is the biggest wake up call for me I have ever had. Guess surgery of any kind will do that too you....

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