Sep 1, 2007

Troubles and worms in the pockets

Well, the 2nd week of school is over. The twins had a great time this week in pre-K. Jaron has realized that 2nd grade is going to be harder than 1st grade, lots more homework. Kristofer has started therapy; OT, Speech and he has resource daily. I talked to the teach at length yesterday after sending in a letter. What I really wanted to know was if he has started the therapies or if she knew what was going on concerning that. But what I found out is that Kristofer is having a bit of trouble in class. Nothing huge when it comes to bad behavior thankfully! But he has a difficult time concentrating on the task at hand, this is something I am completely aware of. Honestly if he doesn't have someone to help him stay on task he forgets what he is suppose to be doing. I had suggested an aide for him during the IEP meeting and they didn't think that was necessary. I may have to push for it if things don't change. Ms Roberson wants to give it a few more weeks before we go that route. Right now she has the speech therapist, OT and resource aide coming in daily to help Kris and another student so she doesn't need the aide. We'll see though. In the mean time I am going to find out what Kris' rights are concerning and aide in the class.
The teacher has moved him away from her desk hoping that in the new area-which is less congested-he will be able to feel more comfortable and be able to concentrate more. She has said that as long as she or the resource aide is there keeping him on task he does well. But as soon as they walk away he stops what he is doing and starts daydreaming or goes into his own little world. He is always thinking about stuff. It's hard to know how to help him.
He is also taking things. Stealing is how the teacher put
it but I don't believe he realizes that what he is doing is wrong. He knows better than to take things that do not belong to himself. He has been sticking small items, such as counting blocks, push pins, small objects into his pockets. Now his class is aware of it and they immediately tell Ms Robertson. What I think is really funny is that she told me that the other day Kris was messing with his pockets and she thought he had taken something so she asked him to take it out of his pockets. SURPRISE!! WORMS-2 long slimy earth worms in his pockets. That's my boy!! She said it was the first time she has had a student put worms in his pockets! Kris asks me all the time if he can have pet worms! This doesn't surprise me one bit!
Ms Robertson is such a sweet heart. She understands that Kris has some issues and she is doing her best to help him. She has two special needs kids in her class this year. She hasn't had special needs in her class in over 5 years.
I am completely dumbfounded as to why he is taking things. What was I suppose to say, other than sorry. We have talked to Kris about the issue of bringing things home from church and school before. For some reason he gets it in his head if he plays with something that it becomes his.
Any suggestions as to why???
Ugh! I hope things get better and not worse!
I mean its not terribly bad just a little concerning...

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