Sep 24, 2007

Pushing Buttons

Why? Why? Why?
Please, can someone enlighten me as to why
children seem to enjoy pushing buttons??
Not just computer buttons...
Sara loves pushing and clicking on every button
she can on the computer causing the computer
to almost shut down on me! I think it is as
stressed as I am today!
No....they know when Mama is hurt
and can't catch them! They know how,
when and what buttons to push!
They know what limits to break
and if they have the opportunity ~ they do.
Let me tell you something, just because our
kids are PKs (pastor's kids) they are not perfect!
We don't expect them to be and thankfully our
church body doesn't expect them to be either!
But today I sure would have appreciated it
if my children would have obeyed me a little
bit more. I guess to be honest they were
just being kids, having fun and enjoying the
last days of summer. They had a grand time
playing in the hose, making mud puddles
and spraying each other.
Then it started ~ mud fights.
There was mud flying everywhere. Now
understand, I was outside enjoying the fresh
cool air and sunshine while they were playing.
It was ok, I don't mind the mud. They are
kids and a bit of dirt comes with the territory!
There are too many parents out there that
do not allow their children to enjoy
sensory fun such has dirt, mud and even
finger painting! But that is another
tangent I will address at a later time!
Nope what started as fun turned into a battle.
Not just against each other!! No Sara & Eli
decide to include Mama into the fun against
my will! Now on any other day I would have
joined in ~ but lets remember it has only been
6 days since my surgery, I am wobbling around
on crutches (due to strong pain killers last week I did
not use crutches & now that I'm only taking Advil
I realize just how much my knee hurts again~ouch!! )
Anyway, my wonderful, loving, sweet, energy pack,
double mint twins began throwing mud at Mama all
the while giggling. The more I yelled the more they
threw. Then came the hose! By the time I got into
the house and away from them I was covered in mud
and was soaked to the bone. Thank goodness I had
sense enough to hide my stomach from direct hits!
I sent Kris and Jaron out to stop the madness.
Then it was to the showers for all 4 of them.
My stomach is screaming, my back is swearing
and my knee is past forgiveness!
Oh, JFYI ~ Sean is at work and my Mommy
flew back home today.....
With out you here I would never had gotten
through the last week and Sean would never
had been able to take those extra shifts!
Those extra shifts will help us out greatly!
And Thank you God for giving me the chance to
be a mom even if I am not perfect!

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Michele said...

I am so glad I am not alone when it comes to those kinda days- I hear you - I feel for you- I know what those days are- just remember you are not alone
Love you