Sep 3, 2007

A Great Man!

Today I just want to take time to tell you about a
great man! That man is loving, strong, faithful,
honest, caring, he's a good provider, a gifted writer,
a fantastic father & husband, my best friend.
If you truly get to know this man, you will know
his love for history-specifically WW2history,
his wacky sense of humor and his love for God.
You'll learn more in 30 minutes about the Bible
than spending time reading the Bible on your own.
He is called, "the Bible scholar" by some,
Pastor by others, Seany by his family,
Daddy by his children and Honey by me.

Let me introduce you to my husband..Sean.

You see I am very proud of him. He is such a
strong man of faith. When I have doubts he is
there to listen and encourage me the
best he can. He does his best as a father too.
He plays with the kids and tries to
spend time with each one.

Which with his crazy schedule is very hard
to do. He has two primary jobs, one and
the most important is his position as Pastor
of our church. The 2nd is a secular job.
But he also is a substitute teacher and also
subs for the janitorial and grounds keeping
dept. of the local schools. He has gone
above and beyond to provide for our family.
No one can accuse him of
being lazy or not trying!

Sean has two different honors. The first is a
Masters degree in Communications and has
over 25 years of experience as a reporter for
newspapers and a magazine. The other honor
he has is being a licensed Pastor through
the Assemblies of God.
You might ask - well why not get a job at a newspaper?!
Let me tell you he has tried!
It has been difficult because when we moved here
3 major factories closed with the first 2 months.
Jobs here are extremely hard to find unless you are
willing to be a truck driver.
There are high demands for that type of job here.

Sean does a fantastic job as a pastor! With all
pastoring positions you sometimes meet opposition
against change but we are seeing many
strides in that area. Sean is a gifted writer.
He has his own blog...
called The Observer's Desk. He writes his own
newsletter called The Observer as well.
He has a wealth of info. stored in his head.
If he reads it he retains it. I only pray my
children get that gift! He is so smart you want him
on your team when playing Trivial Pursuit!
Now don't get me wrong no one is perfect! I am far
from perfection and so is he. But you know what
even if I could go back 10 1/2 years ago knowing all
that I know today I would stand at that alter
in Venice Assembly of God and confess my
undying love for him and repeat the same
vows I did 10 1/2 years ago!
Would I hope that things would be different
this timearound? Maybe, but if they were then
our marriage may not be as strong as it is now.
So many things might be different if I changed
anything, so I'm not sure I would change anything.
Well maybe two things, one being that
our first son would be with us and then there's
being a better steward of everything!
Don't we all need to be better stewards!
My husband, may not be the perfect man for
you but he is the perfect man for me
and the perfect father for our children!

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