Jun 29, 2010

Our New Baby

Sometimes in life you make mistakes and there is no reset button. A few months ago after many months of discussion my loving husband took our dog Izzy to a shelter on my birthday. Which made turning 40 even harder. But we had been discussing it for months, were trying to find a good home for her to no avail. Some of you may be wondering why, well there really isn't any good reason...giving away a pup that is part of the family is always difficult. But it really boiled down to her size and my injuries. She was and is a great dog! She has been adopted from what I have been told :) She was just more dog than I could handle to be honest. She was constantly hurting me, not meaning to remember she was the size of a lab but thought she was the size of a teacup pup. But after the last injury to my ankle and Achilles tendon (that is still giving me issues), Sean decided he had had enough and was not about to wait any longer. Well its been almost 3 months and our other dog, Bentley has been a mess. He misses Izzy terribly, is always looking for her and has just been a sad pup. Yes dogs do get sad! I have witnessed it many times. After spending time in Florida and he was able to play with my parents two dogs...Peggy and Reggie....I realized what we needed to do for Bentley. He needed a play mate.
Now I do fully support my husbands decision but honestly the weeks after she left and even now i miss her terribly. She was a good dog like I said but just more than I physically could handle...my knees are very grateful but my heart has been sad since she left.
So I have been searching for a playmate. Well yesterday I found one. Meet the newest addition to our family...This little guy is a mix. His momma is a Maltese mix and the owner believes his father was a black and tan duchsand. Regardless this little guy has captured all of our hearts! Bentley wasn't sure of him at first but now just loves the little guy. :) He is young! Younger than I thought. I thought he was like 8 weeks old but after looking at the ad I responded to again, I have realized that he is only 6 weeks old. Of which I am saddened by. When we had puppies last year we did not let them leave till they were 8 weeks old, believing that they still need to be with their momma for another two weeks. Either way this little guy is ours now. We will be setting up his first Vet visit but in the mean time we have to figure out a name for him.
Right now we have a list that has about 20 different names on it and when our oldest son gets home for his friends house today he will add his favorite names and we will start the process of narrowing them down. I was at first fond of Charlie but since spending more time with him I am just not sure anymore. I think having the kids help name him will make it easier. Or I can hope.

Jun 24, 2010

Our Florida Vacation

just a few pictures of our time in Florida. We had such a blessed week with family and friends. It was so great to see my nephew Kurtis graduate!

This little turtle was just swimming along the rocks seen in the pic below. Took us all by surprise. It was a true blessing to see. First time we have EVER seen one in the wild.

Jun 1, 2010

Summer has begun...

and boy is it hot! Today the first day of June and we are already seeing temps in the 90s...which is unseasonally hot for our area. We have two more days and we will be heading south to FLORIDA to see my nephew graduate from high school. He is the first of the neices and nephews to graduate so its a pretty big deal. Actually I am amazed at how many graduation ceremonies places have now days. There are preschool graduations, Kindergarden graduations, elementary school, junior high and then high school graduations. Goodness I dont ever remember any of these when I was in school. Well except the high school one.
Anyway, so today I have a bunch of things to get finished before we head south for our very long car ride...15-16 hours...ugh! Lately we have been enjoying going to Ferne Clyffe State Park. Through one area of picnic spots there is a creek that runs through it. It is a dry creek meaning there is only a few spots that have water in them, it more than likely was started as a drainage ditch that quickly grew into something more but then again it is full of river stone so who knows. Either way in some areas it is absolutely beautiful. I always forget to take my camera when we go but this past Friday we were finally able to take Sean with us (the kids and I). Sean has never been there so it was a nice treat to show him around.