Feb 1, 2008


So this morning we woke to a winter wonderland. Last night we went to bed with ice cicles hang from the roof. This morning we have a snow covered porch and a beautiful scene of snow everywhere. We are guessing at least 4 inches fell while we slumbered.

The kids were so excited. The boys were the first up and as soon as they could get dressed they were out the door. Sean shoveled the drive way so he knew where the ditch was so he could get out today to go to work. The boys had a blast throwing snow balls, foot tracks int he snow and just marveling at the sight of snow.

Sara was the last to rise up this am. She came running out of her bed room saying, I am so cold. When she looked out and saw the snow she was running back to her room for clothes. She is more like her Momma. Lets look at the snow and enjoy it from the warmth of the house. She was out for less than five minutes and wanted to come back in. The boys spent about 45 minutes out in it.

Eli came in saying his feet were popcicles. Kris said his fingers werejust too cold. Jaron stayed out the longest. He created his first snow rex (pictured below).

Had Sean not had to work and not stuck in the house with gimpy leg we would have taken to our friends house, Barbara. The has a field of hills that they could have had a blast on with sleds. Maybe tomorrow we shall see.

Stay warm people!

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