Feb 26, 2008

Video game junkie

Ok I have to share a few pictures I took tonight of our little video game junkie. At the ripe old age of 4, Eli loves to play video games. What is even more amazing is he really doesn't know what he is doing but somehow can get past stages of the game that Jaron who is 7 has to repeat a few times on occasion.
Right now Eli's favorite game is Ben 10: Protector of the Earth. WE just go t this game for Jaron as an early birthday/reward for being such a great kid. Jaron is such a helper and is my right hand man when Sean is not here. I get tons of comments on how much of a helper at school he is and what a great kid he is. Guess we are doing something right with him despite there are times at home that he just pushes our buttons.

Anyway about Eli. He is so funny to watch as he plays the game. When Accelerate is the character he stands and runs in place fast like the character does.

When he is Fourarms he acts and says tough things like:"I'm gonna punch you out!" He does sound effects as well. It is absolutely hilarious to watch!

Kristofer loves to watch but doesn't want to even try to play. Not sure why I think the whole controller thing scares him because he has such a hard time with his fine motor skills.

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