Feb 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Memories

Instead of going into all that mushy stuff about today I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and share a lovely VDay Memory! But before I do that I have to share...I DID IT! I finally did a SLR (straight Leg lift!) This is a huge step forward in the process of healing for my knee! What a great VDAY gift!

SO my favorite VDay memory is from 1997. It was our first Vday asa married couple. Sean was a reported for the Morehead News (paper) in Morehead Ky and was also the pastor for Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship ( college ministry of the Assemblies of God-reason and how we met!). Anyway he had just done a very nice article about one of the owners/president of a local bank. A very nice and well to do man. He wanted to treat us out for dinner and told Sean to pick a night that we could go to dinner. It wasn't that he wanted to take us out to dinner he wanted to send us to dinner on him. So Sean picked Vday night. We went to a VERY expensive restaurant that was at the top of a very large bank in Lexington KY. I have no idea what bank just that it had a wonderful view of the city.

We instantly felt out of place....you know the movie Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts is sitting in that very fancy restaurant unsure of what fork to use...that was what it was like. It was a 5 course meal. I can't tell you what we ate its been so long ago but I can tell you it was delicious. Have you seen the movie, Princess Diaries when they eat the sorbet all at once. Well we had that experience too. Oooo it was so cold! We sat amongst very wealthy business men and woman that night. Both of enjoyed that night and when we talk about it laugh! It was the best Valentine's Date I have ever had! It was fun to feel pampered and treated like royalty as well. No one knew that we were living in a shoe box of an apartment or that we could have never afforded to be there that night! When we were leaving we picked up a brochure that listed the costs of the evenings dinner. It was a prepaid event and it was $75 a plate. Which means it cost $175 for us to eat dinner that night.
Now I am not sure if the food was that great to cost that much but the experience alone was well worth it. We made sure to send a thank you note to that nice man. It is and will always be my favorite Vday memory!

I hope your Valentine Day is a memorable one and that you take the time to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you!

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Angela said...

Our first Valentine's Day was in 1997 also... though that marks our last time as a couple without kids...we'll just say V-Day was memorable, but not printable that year. :)