Feb 12, 2008

QUESTION: What killed the dinosaur??



Yesterday i wrote about the storm that was coming in. Well we woke up to a cold house ( electric was out for about 4-5 hours) and a icicle world of wonder! It is absolutely beautiful as well as saddening to see all of the broken trees that are down. Our small little country town has half of the people with out electric and half with. We are lucky enough to have gotten our electric back. In Marion where we go to do our shopping at is even more covered from reports from friends who live there. The kids have had a blast today! For four Florida born babies they sure do love the ice and snow! They have stated I wish our cousins in Florida could see this! SO make sure you call your kids in to see these pictures, for those of you in Florida...we miss you and although these are amazing pictures we sure would love to be laying on Venice beach soaking in some sun!

Some of these icicles hanging from our roof measure 6-12 inches long!

Just one of the many icicles the kids have played with today!

Two of my favorite pictures of the day...
what is suppose to a clothes line is a icicle line instead!

This is almost a two foot icicle that was hanging off the house!

Close ups! See all that ice, this is on the small maple in our front yard!

These two close ups are from the branches that now lay in our back yard!

The next two pictures are a before and after shot of the once beautiful tree we have in our back yard. The first is a fall picture from Nov 2006 when we were voted in and accepted as the new pastors of the church. The second picture is what is left of that tree after the ice has had its way with it.

More pictures of the now very sad tree in our back yard. We had a nice swing set in our back yard that another family had blessed us with. You will see in one of the pictures what is left of that swing set.

My once beautiful potted plant is now a ice plant. There is a plate of ice surrounding
it on top and then the bubbles of ice that formed down the side of the pot.


Anonymous said...

Better you than me!! Stay warm!

Love, Becky

Leah said...

Poor tree!
It is pretty, though.