Feb 17, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

Today when I was getting dressed Kristofer came in my room and climbed up on my bed. He said he wanted to rub my back. As he was rubbing my back he asked if it made my knee feel better. So sweet. Then he says as he is poking my back..."Mommy when I grow up will I have sprinkles on my back?" At first I was like huh? But then I realized he meant my freckles. I told him he might have some already so I checked and counted 8 little freckles. He was so cute. I told him he had them and he was so excited about it. He said really loud, " I have sprinkles on my back! YEA!"
My kiddos have been sick specially Sara and now Eli has a cold as well. Eli was being so pitiful. I asked him if I could help make him feel better. He said, so sweetly, " I want Deedee to come make me better!" It was just so pitiful. So we called Grandma Deedee and he told me he felt so much better just by listening to her voice and talking to her. Sometimes we want mommy, daddy or even better..our grandmas!
Then later tonight Sara and I were talking while she was drawing pictures. She said she was drawing pictures for her Aunt Nennie. Then she says to me, oh Nennie has a boy ... I said you mean Uncle Neil..He is her husband. She says, "oh yea, and pauses and then says why doesn't he have hair? It was so cute.

Update: Tomorrow marks my 4 weeks Post Op date. I am doing so much better. Over the weekend I was adjusting my leg to get comfortable and something popped. It didn't hurt but the next morning I had pain I haven't had in a while. I could figure it out but today I realized it had to have been the way the brace was laying against the outside of my leg when I was sleeping. It feels so much better. I am even seeing an improvement in my ability to stand when taking a shower without the brace on. It is still very wobbly but I can tell a difference in the strength. I am so hopeful that the doc will release me to start ROM and be more weight bearing. We shall see. I will post on Tuesday about what I am told after my appointment. The incision is looking really good. It is not the best closure. It looks like a terrible sewing or stapling job. Definitely not going to look pretty with shorts even a swimsuit. All well as long as I can walk without it giving out and not be in pain I will be so much happier.

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