Feb 5, 2008

Super Tuesday


Regardless of your political, religious or personal beliefs, today is a huge day in history. I never in my life thought it was possible to see a women running for president or even a black man. I was told so many times growing up, you can do anything and one day you will see a women in the White House. Well despite the fact that I do not agree with either of those two candidates it is amazing to me to see this. What a place in history America is in!
Today is Super Tuesday...most of the states will be voting. Mine is one of them. If I can persuade any of you to get out there and make your vote count GO VOTE!!! I am so tired of hearing people bashing our President. He may not be perfect but lets face it does he really have that much control when the House and Senate have to approve what the President proposes? Honestly if you want to make a difference VOTE! If everyone would stop and think about each President we have had I guarantee that each one has had ton of criticism~ Not a single president we have had has been perfect. Oh, some stand out for their courageous stands or what they took our country through, but all have been criticised.
GO VOTE! Your vote does count! Just remember the hanging chads in Florida and yes at that time we were living in Florida. We were the brunt of many jokes but I voted then and I will vote this time!


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