Feb 13, 2008

Snow Days...Storms of Life

Well for those that care our kids have another snow day! Tomorrow our kids get to spend Valentines Day at home with us. The roads are still very covered with ice. We are hoping that tomorrows fore casted highs of 48 will actually break through some of the ice. The problem is that we are also suppose to get some strong winds as another storm approaches. Which means if the ice doesn't melt quickly more tree branches are destined to break.

So where do you go to when life throws a storm your way. Are you easily tossed in the wind or do you have a solid foundation to hold on to? I go to the rock of my Salvation Jesus Christ when life's storms blow my way. I have found that in the years and seasons of stormy weather that my foundation has been strong and God has seen me through! It may not have always turned out the way I wanted or planned but He has always been faithful to give me grace to weather the storm and accept the outcomes.

Today has been a bit of a storm for our Kristofer. He has been very jumpy, touchy and in need of deep pressure. So how do you know he needs deep pressure...he is running full force into things and isn't stopping. He crashes into the couch, his brothers, the wall and me. So what is a mom to do who can't just get up and stop him...I grab him and basically sit on him. Let me explain...this morning while Sean was digging the car out of the ice...literally it took him an hour to get the ice off the windshield and then another hour and a half to get the car out of the icy ditch.

Anyway while he was doing that I was trying to balance our checkbook and pay some bills. Kristofer who would not stop jumping on his brothers despite their pleas and continued to crash into everything. I called him in to our room and he proceeds to jump on our bed near my leg, at full force as if the bed was magically going to turn into a trampoline and launch him into outer space.

SO what did I do, I pulled him down to the mattress and proceeded to squish him with pillows. When that didn't calm him I told him to lay behind me and I would lay on him. I "squished" him into a pancake as he was giggling with glee. It took a few times of "squishing" him but finally he calmed down and I could feel his body finally relax. Once he was relaxed then he just wanted to snuggle. I asked him if the squishing helped and he said, "oh yeah!" Now if we could get him to tell us what he needs with his words instead of his actions.

The day progressed and then another Hurricane Kristofer appeared out of no where. He had played most of the day quietly after that episode this morning until he realized that the sun was going down. Then started the screaming, throwing things, and the biggest tantrum I have seen in a while. All due to the fact that he could not find his shoes so he could go outside. You seen he had started the process this morning of wanting to go out in the snow. But because he chose to not put his shoes where they belong he spent more time searching for his shoes and just got distracted and started playing. I spent over two hours trying to find his shoes this afternoon the whole time he was screaming and crying. "I want to go outside! I want to go outside! I want to go outside!" Finally Sean and Jaron came home and he was distracted enough to give up the obsession of going outside.

I think that is one of the hardest things we deal with with Kristofer. We never know what he will become obsessed with and how he will react. The fact that his school schedule has been completely messed up doesn't help. Kristofer lives on his schedule. Its not something that is written down per say but he knows, two days off 5 days of school. This has thrown him for a loop. Plus the fact that it hasn't been the safest weather for him to go out and make a snowman in. I stand on God's promises of healing for Kristofer and know one day he will stand before a congregation and give God the glory for healing him. Sensory Processing Disorder not only affects him but our whole family. For us a small windstorm can come and blow through but we have a solid foundation and know that in the storms we go to the Rock for it is in Him that we find peace and when He speaks, "Peace be still" all things become calm.

I challenge you to go to the Rock for your peace! Jesus is there waiting to hold you and calm you so that when the storms of life have swept through you will be standing strong in the end!

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Michele said...

I am so with you all on this blog and MArcus- We will keep praying for one another and God will prevail.
Love you