Feb 8, 2008

18 Days Post Op.

So today marks a small milestone for me post surgery. I no longer have staples or steri strips on my knee. I do still have my wonderful brace and will continue to have it for another 4 weeks or more. Depends on what Dr Morgan says when I see him on the 19th. He may change it to a different brace. I have had a terrible reaction to the glue on the steri strips. It shouldn't have surprised me cause I had the same reaction when I had gall bladder surgery. But this time I have small blisters surrounding the incision. It hurts! It burns! In fact that is where most of my discomfort comes from other than my back. You can see the lovely staple holes. Sara says I have pokey dots.

You would never know how much not being able to walk correctly will affect your back but it does. I sure could use a nice massage! But what I really want is to be able to walk!! I also long to be able to get behind the steering wheel and take a drive. I have been in this house for two weeks straight and I am about to go crazy. I will be getting out on Monday and if I can talk Sean into it, I plan to head to Wal Mart and do my own shopping I don't care if I am in the wheel chair! I look forward to getting out of the house even if it only means going to the hospital for the testing. Oh, guess I should explain that. I am on coumadin (blood thinner) to stop clots from forming. I have to go for an ultrasound to check and see if I have clots. If the test is negative I can stop taking the medicine that day. YEA that is what I have praying for.

This adventure has been very trying on me emotionally and physically. It is difficult to sit back and watch my husband do all the house work. I think he is learning just how much I do do in the house daily. I have learned how to vacuum, sweep and mop the floors while in the wheel chair. It's not easy and it takes me about 3x the time to do it but at least I can help. It's hard on the kids too. They are use to me coming in and helping get them to bed and I haven't been able to do that. I plan to start to try this weekend. Now that I am getting around much better with the walker. It doesn't take long to get tired being that I can't put much weight if any on my surgery leg.

I have a few exercises that I am to do daily or more if possible. Two of the 5 are very difficult. One of them I can not do at all. My quad muscle is just not working right. It is so frustrating to know I was able to do 90 leg lifts the night before the surgery and now I can't even get my leg up on the bed without Sean helping me or me pulling on the brace to lift it up. I feel great and want to get out there and go but my leg is holding me back! It is so aggravating!

When I go to see Dr Morgan (pictured to the left) I am hoping he will say ok you can increase the weight bearing and start range of Motion (ROM) exercises. At least then I will be getting farther.
I am looking forward and no that is is only a season. Right now my favorite saying is, " This too shall pass, if it doesn't then God will see me through it!" Oh how true this is! I am holding on to the promises of God and I know I will be back to my old self and able to walk without pain or crutches soon!

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