Feb 18, 2008


A friend of mine gave me some wonderful perfume called Amazing Grace and it is a product of a company called Philosophy. On the box you will find this statement...

"How you climb up the mountain is just as important
as how you get down the mountain. And, so it is with
life, which for many of us becomes one big gigantic test
followed by one big gigantic lesson. In the end it all
comes down to one word. Grace. It's how you accept
winning and losing, good luck and bad luck,
the darkness and the light."

For some reason this statement really struck me as interesting. Does life all boils down to grace? Yes I believe it does. The Bible tells us that it is by grace that I am saved. It is through Jesus' death on the cross that broke the bonds of sin for all that will believe in Him. Easter is coming early this year. In most cases Easter comes in April this year it comes early and falls in March. This year I hope you will take the time to worship the creator of the universe. He alone created the mountains and if He has a mountain for you to climb then He will be present to see you up and down that mountain. Hold on to Him ad you face the mountains in your life and remember it all comes down to one word...GRACE!

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