Feb 7, 2008

Teaching Children the Importance of Prayer

Sean and I are huge advocates of prayer. Yes we are Christians and that should be a daily part of our lives but for many Christians, time gets in the way and they just don't make it a priority in their daily walk with Christ. One of the biggest things we have always done with our kids is pray with them. Not just at dinner time or bedtime but when ever they seem to have a problem. We started praying with them as babies. Always saying a night time prayer over them as well as when they were sick. As each of them grew our prayer time has changed. We make it a point to pray with them before sending them to school (on most mornings..occasionally time gets away from us) and definitely at bedtime. But there are other times as well. Such as when situations of illness arise, bad attitudes, school tests, sports (games) and other times as well.

One of the biggest times this week was on Tuesday night. We were sitting in the hall due to the tornado sirens and warnings on the tv as well as outside were going off. Thankfully our area was spared from those storms but I can tell you the fear in our house was very real! Our oldest, Jaron, was terrified. Oh he had lived through a variety of hurricanes in his short life but this was different. A tornado has so much uncertainty and he has seen the devastation they make on tv. So he was scared, shaking and crying scared. His little sister ran to her room and gathered all of her teddy bears and placed them around Jaron and told him, "Its ok, my teddies will protect you!" It helped him a little but you know what helped him the most?! PRAYER! Sean and I prayed with the children for safety and peace. Then Jaron came and got in my arms and I pray for him again. After the urgency was over Sean took Jaron aside and talked and prayed with him some more. I am sure that we will have more times of waiting out the storm in the hall or bathroom or even the basement of our church. But one thing you can be assured of we will not be waiting out the storm alone...the Bible tells us that where two or more are gathered He is there. When we pray He comes and is there. Does that mean that we will always be safe...no. Sometimes God allows the storms of life to come and occassionallythat may mean devastation follows but we rest assured on the fact that our feet are planted on solid ground and that our God is a big God and He will see us through the storm and will help us rebuild if needed. Storms are times of growing for Christians. If we hold fast to God's word and promises and trust He knows what is best for our lives then through the storms we shall see the rainbow!

The following ex cert is from a recent newsletter I received from "Hearts at Home". I thought it was great! Take time to pray with and for your children. No matter what they need it !

15 Things to Pray for with Your Children

1. Pray with thanksgiving that this child is part of your family.

2. Pray for your child's safety, and for the safety of

all children going to and from school and during their school day.

3. Pray for your child to have a keen awareness of

God's presence throughout the day.

4. Pray that your child will be willing to work hard to

make the most of the gifts and abilities God has given her.

5. Pray that your child will be a blessing others.

6. Pray that your child will find pleasure in learning

and accomplishing new things.

7. Pray that your child will find good friends.

8. Pray that, in working on any special projects, tests,
or challenging assignments, your child will be able to
master the necessary skills and information.

9. Pray that your child will make wise choices and good decisions.

10. Pray with thanksgiving for the blessing of a good education.

11. Pray for children that may be causing problems

for your child or others at school.

12. Pray for your child's future spouse.

13. Pray that God will show your child one that needs a friend.

14. Pray for your child's teacher.

15. Pray for your school's principal to be a Godly leader.

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