Nov 22, 2008

Not just another day for us!

I am still under the weather. I thought I was better but then I was hit yesterday again. I think this time may be food poison but I am not sure. All I know is I hurt and I am so tired o being sick. I have offically lost 10 lbs over night just from beingsick. Dont worry I am making sure to stay hydrated.
On another note, 11 years ago today our first born son was born. SeanPatrick is in heaven having a grand time with Jesus and is great grandparents and grandpa. Each yer I think this year will be different, th pain will not be there, but it is. The ache to hold him one more time is always there. The what ifs, the wondering what his personality would have been like. The why it had to happen. All still there, never goes away.

SO today I say Happy Brithday SeanPatrick Egene Kelly, my precious little angel! We love you baby boy! We will always love you! Want to read more about our baby boy? Click here.

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