Nov 1, 2007

Man's Best Friend

Today is dedicated to the best dog in the world.

Katie Joy

Nov 1997 – Nov 2006

Katie was and will always be my dog! I do not believe in cloning of any thing but this is one friend I would love to have back. Just mentioning her name brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. She was my friend. She always knew if I wasn’t feeling well. She also seemed to know when I was pregnant with the kids. She would lay on or near my stomach as much as she could as if she protect the babies. I remember the day we brought her home from the pound. She was so small that she could sit in my palm. We had no idea who big or small she would be but we fell in love with her instantly. Katie became my baby and stayed my baby till she died. She filled a place that was left empty when our first son was stillborn.
In the years that followed she became the protector of our children and playmate as well. When we brought Jaron home for the first time she jumped into my lap and smelled him, licked his nose and would laid down next to him on our bed. She never left his side. She loved him as much as we did. She loves all the kids. When we brought Kristofer home she was the same way and when the twins came home for the first time she would go from one to the other smelling them. I think it confused her as much as it confused the boys as to why we had two babies instead of just one. Katie was a true friend, protector and companion. If I could have her here with us today it would make everything perfect. Instead she is, I believe, in heaven keeping SeanPatrick company like she kept us company.

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