Oct 31, 2007

Migraines.....Can anyone spell relief....

Ahhhh it is quiet and peaceful in my house right now...finally!
All I hear is the fan and the fish tank. Everyone (the kids) is sleeping. Thank goodness. I have had a terrible headache today and my knee well its in so much pain that Tylenol has not helped! The PT says its all part of the strengthen and healing process...I am beginning to wonder though. I know I did way to much today! To many flights of stair climbing getting ready for our big party tonight!
Sean got called in to work tonight and tomorrow night. I know he was
looking forward to the extra time off this week but we are grateful
too that God is supplying for our needs! Honey if you are reading this tonight or tomorrow, I just want to publicly say once again
"I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU for working so hard for us!"
Today is Halloween. It is a tough day for most Christian parents. Do you let your children trick or treat or not. If you grew up following the traditions of dressing up and going out for candy this night brings back happy childhood memories for many. I know it does for me. But as a Christian and as a Mom I find it hard to allow my children to go through the neighborhood asking for handouts. Since we know for sure there are some drug dealers and addicts in our neighborhood we have no problem saying NO! But even still if our neighborhood was the safest in the world I am not sure I would let them go out.
There are so many myths out there about Halloween. In fact if you write me I can send you info on the truth of Halloween via the research my husband has. Some people call this night satan's night. Honestly NO night is his because he did not create day and night. The Bible clearly states God created day and night! No, satan owns nothing and as far as I am concerned Halloween is just another night to celebrate my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
So tonight instead of going door to door we held an alternative party at the church. "Light Night - Jesus is the light of the World" party. The kids that came had a grand time playing a variety of games. We watched "The Roach Approach ~ The Mane Event!" Lesson on standing up for what you believe in. We have a TON of candy! We have enough candy in our house now to fill 4 shopping bags! Then we went on a hay ride through town, out in the country and past an old abandoned log cabin. The kids loved it!
Eli was the most excited! He thought it was fantastic to be sitting on the hay looking up at the stars. It was chilly but oh so much fun! It's been a long time since I have been on a hay ride. The first time for the kids! We are considering doing it again at Christmas time if the weather permits and go caroling.
So now it is quiet, my head is still pounding but not nearly as bad. I did take pictures of my kids all dressed up(but my camera stinks and they turned out all fuzzy)....We had King Eli (dressed in his tux from my sisters wedding), Queen Sara (in her flower girl dress), MnM Boy-Kris was dressed as a bag of MM's and had a yellow MnM as a mask, and GB-Jaron has Godly Boy. He created his own costume. They had a blast, ate way too much candy and are now crashed out in their beds.
So tonight we celebrated Jesus and the freedom we have in Him.

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