Oct 5, 2007

You can't have my friend!

Yesterday I heard the best statement from Eli when I went to pick him up at school. "You can't have my friend!" he said to Sara. Why you might ask do I think its a great statement...Well because Sara and Eli are twins! They have shared everything from the start of life. Eli has always been passive to Sara's dominate personality. Yesterday he asserted himself without hitting, biting or kicking his sister! YEA ELI! You use those words!
I learned from their teachers that they behave so well at school now. Sara plays with the girls in the home center, art center and book center. She loves playing house, cooking and doing art projects. In fact they have to usher her out of the art center so other children can have a turn. Which doesn't surprise me! She has been the one out of 4 kids to color on almost every wall we have. Thank God for Clorox Color Erasers! Right now her favorite thing to draw is teddy bears and mice and self portraits.
Eli has been playing with just the boys. He has so good buddies, Mick Jagger (yes that is his first name!) he comes to play with the kids 2-3 days a week. He lives down the street. Eli also likes playing with Andrew and a few other little boys. He truly loves going to school. He primarily plays with the cars, trucks, trains and planes in the block center, book center and listening center. He likes art but its not his favorite thing. In fact Eli is the 1st of our three boys that truly enjoys cars and toys of the like.
I am proud of them that they have separated themselves and have found their own sets of friends. Sometimes twins tend to stick to each other and that is what they did for the first month of school. I am so happy that they have become individuals and can play with others without needing each other exclusively. The teachers shared the only time they even look for each other is when they are on the play ground. That is when the kids are being picked up at the end of the day.

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