Oct 2, 2007

"It slipped out of my teeth and went down to my tummy!"

The title says it all! Last night Kristofer came to me and said those exact words. I just looked at him, my initial response was "What?" He then handed me one of two of my wrist watch batteries! I had put them in a cup in my craft closet at the top! I thought they were safe there...I was wrong!
All kinds of things went through my head as I tried to get him to tell me when this happened. The story of when and where changed with each question the only thing that stayed the same was how the battery slipped down and is in his tummy. I just kept thinking about a friend's little boy, Jonathan. Jonathan was 3 and got into his mommy's medicine. I watched this little boy go into seizures while holding a newborn kitten in my home. His mom took off to get his dad and I was left with this small little boy who was literally close to death. It scared me so bad. It was just a year after we lost our little boy Sean Patrick. I swore I would never go through something like that! Thankfully and his parents will give all the glory to God he is alive and well and a very smart young man now.
So I being a calm parent...not! Called Sean and then called poison control. Ok Poison control was of no use! The guy just kept saying is he choking...well no! Kris at the time was laughing and screaming in delight as he and his brothers had a pillow fight! Trying to get him to just sit and not move is like trying to tame a wild mustang! So after many different phone calls we finally talked to the pediatrician and was told not to worry. It will pass. We just have to check the stool! Oh yea! Can we just say "GROSS!"
Sean told Kristofer this morning that he was going to have electric poop. Which he and Eli thought was funny. Tonight we took our family to church for prayer night. Usually its just Sean at church for prayer of Tuesday night. Actually he always says "there was 4 of us, The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit and me." We have decided that from now on he and I will go to prayer and the kids can join us at the end. They play in the nursery. Eventually we are praying that other members of the church will join us!
Anyway, we had all the kids come and we prayed for each child and they prayed for each other. It was soo sweet to see them really praying for each other. We prayed for Kris and we prayed he would "poop" out the battery. Which sent Eli and Sara into giggles! If there is one thing I have learned from this it is this: NEVER under estimate your kids and their curiosity! Kris told me he just wanted to see if it was hard!

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Leah said...

ha ha. This reminds me of the time when Jaron played in the ant pile! I was so scared!