Oct 7, 2007

We're gonna get married and have some kids!

On the first Sunday of every month we have a fellowship dinner after the first service. It is always fun and full of good food. Tonight Kristofer showed interest in one of the little girls at church. Yes our 5 yr old has fallen madly in love with a little blond named Koreena. She is a cute blond haired brown eyed 5 yr old. She is in his kindergarten class as well. He was a sweet gentleman with her. He pulled her chair out so she could sit down and then he went and got her and himself a piece of cake. It was like watching teenagers trying to impress each other! Just on a smaller and much younger scale!
Tonight the older boys were teasing him. He didn't care he stated matter of factly that "Yes I love her! I think she is beautiful!" Then later that night after she had left Jaron asked her do you really love Koreena and he said very boldly with a HUGE smile, "Yes I love her. Some day when we get older we will get married and have us some kids!" Just smiling away. Every adult in the room just lost it. The way he said it was too funny! So proud and full of smiles!
Now the night would not be complete without Sara trying to kiss Jordan, another 5 yr old little boy who comes to the church and is also in Kris' class. Sara has a small crush on Jordan, she bats her eyes at him and tries to sit close to him all the time. It's sweet!
Now Mom and Dad are thinking slow down you two! Sean said he we wanted to pass out when Kris said what he said. Had he seen Sara try to kiss Jordan he might have! I am just really happy to see Kris reaching out to others! Sometimes because of his SID he seems to be in his own world most of the time. Sometimes so much so that it takes us a while to pull him out of his world and into ours. So to see him actually showing an interest in someone else other than family is GREAT!

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Michele said...

Kids say the cutest things- Glad to hear Kris is reaching out- it is a day by day process -
Love ya