Oct 10, 2007

Fall is in the air!!!

We awoke this morning to wonderful crisp fall air!
The temp was 50 degrees and the high is only
suppose to reach 70 today. Later this week we are
suppose to have highs in the low 60's!
AHHH fall is here!
The leaves are starting to change. Some have
actually lost all of their leaves. The picture above
is from last year. It was taken just down the road
from where we live now.
I love fall! I love the crisp air, the falling leaves,
the variety of colors all around and of course all of
the pumpkin patches! Fall is one of my favorite seasons.
It is why I love the northern states. Florida can not
compete when it comes to fall!
In a few weeks Sara and Eli's pre-K class has a
pumpkin patch field trip that is open to the whole family.
It is actually on a pumpkin and apple farm which
will be lost of fun for the kids. When we lived in
Florida we would go to a local church that sold
pumpkins for missions. It was so much fun to go
and take pictures of the kids sitting in the midst
of the pumpkins. This year shall prove to be even
better. I have been told that it is a wonderful
farm and the kids will have a great time!
So be looking for those pictures at
the end of the month!


Michele said...

Can I come see fall- you are truly blessed to have the ability to see all of God's wonderful seasons-
HAve a good one

Missy said...

YES! You can come and stay with us any time! The kids would love to have someone spend the night with us! It would be fun!!
We are blessed and we know it!